Favorites new Videogames characters of 2017

  • @michemagius said:

    I prefer the Conductor

    Man, he's like my second favorite. Good taste. Actual SPOILERS for people who haven't beaten World 2 completely below.

    I rigged that world so Conductor would win by intentionally getting a score of just 8 in the second DJ Groove level, but when I saw the bossfight of the world I felt like I had screwed up and accidentally made Conductor the bad guy, which I imagine wouldn't have happened if the other guy won instead. They just flip roles depending who wins right?

  • @Mbun

    Yeah, whoever wins the Bird Movie Award is who you fight in the final act. Had I known that I would have let DJ Grooves win.

  • Makato, the Doctor and the Reporter from Persona 5

    Kiyru and Majima from Yakuza 0 and Kiwami

  • I really liked Aloy from Horizon and Futaba from Persona 5. Also Yakuza 0 Majima is best Majima! :P

  • 2B, 9S and A2 (NieR Automata)
    Kat and Raven (Gravity Rush 2)
    Futaba, Ryuji and Makoto (Persona 5)
    Senna (Hellblade)
    Chloe and Nadine (Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy)

  • Out of all the games I've played which released in 2017, its Aloy that is most memorable to me. She's one of my favorite game characters ever, and the best part about Horizon.
    I haven't played Nier Automata or Persona 5 yet, I'll get to them eventually.

  • If I was female, I'd be 2B for Halloween every single year.

    I loved her costume, I loved the voice acting, and I loved how you watch her world views get spun upside down throughout the game. Damn I loved Nier Automata.

  • @DIPSET said in Favorites new Videogames characters of 2017:

    I loved how you watch her world views get spun upside down throughout the game.

    That was mostly just from all the upskirt camera angles.

  • I haven't played much of the games released this year, but the character I liked the most of the few games I have played is Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • So far, my favorite has definitely been Hestu from Breath of the Wild. I love the weirdo characters from the Zelda franchise, be it Tingle, the mask salesman or Guru-Guru, the weird windfall guy.

    The dance for the korok seeds, the maraca shaking that makes me think of Samba De Amigo, and that all too familiar crack of confetti all contribute to an iconic character that is one of many that defines Breath of the Wild.

  • Magilou-Tales of Bersia. I'm not usually into comedy relief characters but I have to say I laughed out loud on a few occasions with some of her dialogue. Great voice acting for her as well.

  • @FutureCorpse I haven't played Berseria, but I've heard a few of her skits and I love her already

  • @bard91 Honestly it was the characters that made the game for me great chemistry between them all.

  • @ACardAttack I have to say I haven't heard anyone say they liked the reporter from P5.

    For me it's :
    Makoto from P5
    Majima and Kiryu from Yakuza 0
    Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn
    2B from Nier Automata

    I think though that only Majima and Kiryu are ones I loooooove. The rest were great in their games, or had creative designs.

  • Entire cast, yes entire cast (ok maybe not entire but most) - Persona 5
    Urbae Urbosa & Princess Riju - TLOZ BOTW
    Cuphead - Cuphead
    Chloe & Nadine - Uncharted The Lost Legacy
    Twintelle - ARMS

    I have lots more 2017 to play.

  • Not necessarily "new" but the best two characters in 2017 (that are new to me) go to Kiru and Majima.

    The entire cast in this game is very very good, but these two brought so much intensity and drama to the characters that put them over the edge while also being somewhat rooted in Earth to sell the gritty crime story. Hats off to their actors and praise to the animation team at Sega. They sold these characters so well.

  • i haven't really played that many new games tbh. I did like the new character in the third season of Walking Dead if that counts

  • I'm all for Zelda main casts but I gott REALLY attached to some NPC's - the horrible cooking lady I'm very fond of. From the black smoke in the distance to the way she was so infuriated with your indecent rude behaviour in actually bringing, y'know, REAL FOOD ;D

  • Makoto and Aloy are definitely up there for me.

  • @Inustar

    I really like her, she has a really good social link, she is flawed, but that is part of why I like her