Halloween Gift Give-Away!

  • Hey everybody! In my family we give gifts not only on Christmas/Kwanzaa/Birthdays, but on pretty much every holiday. St.Patrick's Day (what can I say, we're Irish and it's a big deal), Valentines, Easter (we're very Catholic it's a big deal), The Fourth of July, etc. But the biggest gift giving holiday outside of Christmas /Kwanzaa/Birthdays is Halloween! I'm not sure why that's the case, I think it's just because we're all spooky people who like to pretend that we're witches for a day. In any case, we always give each other gifts on that day, not typical gifts though, usually books on magic/mythology or magic related items like spices or cauldron cups, or just spooky movies. Halloween themed stuff.

    I'm feeling a little generous today and thought I'd spread the joy of Halloween gift giving to the allies. I can't send any of you a magic book or a bundle of sage but I can give you something to help you get in the Halloween spirit.....Anime! Hear me out, it's a tradition of mine to watch horror/fantasy/otherwise spooky anime leading up to Halloween (Another, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mob Psycho 100, Soul Eater, Durarara, Natsume Yuujinchou, etc. This October I'll be watching The Ancient Magus Bride.) and I thought I should spread the anime.

    So here's what I've got:

    • I will purchase ONE 1 month Crunchyroll Premium Membership Gift and send it to someone. I just need your email so if you get chosen message me with the email you want to use.
    • I have THREE 48 Hour Crunchyroll Guest Passes that I want to give out. The oldest one expires November 2, 2017, the second expires December 2, 2017, and the third expires January 1, 2018, so you'll want to use them by then. Let me know how soon you plan on using the Guest Pass so I can give you the one most appropriate to your usage. I can send you a URL for the Guest Pass or send it to you via email so message me with which one you would prefer.

    So, how do you get one of these 4 gifts? That's simple, tell me what you plan on watching or reading while using them and I'll pick my favorites. My #1 favorite gets the 1 Month Premium Membership Gift, and my 3 other favorites get the 48 Hour Guest Passes. With both you'll be able to watch anime and dramas without ads and read manga, the only difference is the length of time that they last. Sorry that the selection method is so subjective, but I want to make sure that people who really want this stuff get it not just who got here first, since people are on the forums at different times of the day. I'll wait 2 days to look at all the responses and decide who gets what. If not enough people show interest I'll give away the 1 Month Premium Membership and however many of the 48 Hour Guest Passes have been claimed and then give the rest away when interest is shown. But I'll only wait until Halloween because what would the point be after that.

    I'm honestly not sure how many people on here will be interested in this, but I still want to give something to the forum that has given so much to me. So, Happy Halloween!

    Also if you want to give something away for Halloween, feel free to post that here!