Video Game Music

  • As you'll see/hear, if you so choose, I like a great deal of not only the original tracks, but remixes and other takes as well from my favorite games. In addition, there are one off tracks that I can't help but be excited to hear, even if I haven't played the games in which they are from. Finally, there are tracks where they might be the best thing from the games, as the games themselves are not all that great.

    Ascension to Cosmo Canyon
    Black Wing Metamorphosis
    Cid's theme (FFVII)
    Cry of the Planet
    Dearly Beloved
    Dr. Wily's Castle theme (Mega Man II)
    Final Fantasy IV theme
    Final Fantasy VII theme
    Halo: Combat Evolved theme
    Hope Runs Deep
    Lunatic Moon
    Memories of Waves and Light
    Never Forget
    Return to Cosmo Canyon
    Roxas's theme
    Shinra Corp.
    Short Skirts - I really don't understand why it's called that
    Simple & Clean
    Still Alive
    Still Alive - String Quartet version
    Valley of the Fallen Star

  • @Sazime I love the Advent Children soundtrack as well

  • My tastes in video game music tend to go two ways. The first being music I can jam to, and whimsical orchestrated music. What I mean by music I can jam to is music that sounds like what I have on my iPod (yes I still use one of those). I find that often video game music sounds a lot different then the type of music you play in your car when driving or the stuff you hear on the radio. That's not bad, video game music often does it's job of setting the tone well, it's just not often that I want to listen to Town A's theme when I'm in the middle of my hour long commute to school. I like video game music that sounds like it was composed purely for the enjoyment of the listener, not just to set the tone of an area.

    In that regard my favorite soundtracks that have music with this quality are:

    Persona 1 (Highly Underrated Soundtrack)
    Persona 3 (and P3P) (My Favorite Persona Soundtrack)
    Persona 4 (and Golden) (Heaven is my favorite song from any video game ever.)
    Persona Q (Another Highly Underrated Soundtrack)
    Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Say what you will about the story but P4DAN's music is godly.)
    Persona 5 (Meguro really flexing his composing skills in this one.)
    Basically anything Shoji Meguro has ever done.
    Space Channel 5 (The first rhythm game I ever played.)
    Space Channel 5 Part 2 (My favorite rhythm game ever made.)
    Katamari Damacy (Simply put, the most wonderful random Katamari of musical compositions.)
    We Love Katamari (This soundtrack just brings me peace.)
    Me and My Katamari (This soundtrack is just a collection of songs from the previous Katamari OST's, I only put it on here so I could add more Katamari music.)
    Katamari Forever (Remixes of all the best Katamari songs. So good that I actually took time to learn how to sing Sayonara Rolling Star.)
    Mario Kart 8 (My favorite Mario Kart OST.)
    Skullgirls (Skullgirls deserves more love not only for how well it plays and how good it looks but for how awesome it sounds.)

    The other type of video game music is one's that invoke a sense of whimsy. Usually, but not always orchestrated. I think something that's been lost a little in the past years of gaming is the joy of losing yourself in a world you could never go to in real life. And having that world be strange and wonderful. These soundtracks invoke that feeling in me.

    Super Paper Mario (So nostalgic for me. I just want to jump in and live in Flipside.)
    Ni No Kuni (No real surprise that Joe Hisaishi created a soundtrack that is positively magical.)
    Okami (This OST just fills me with so many emotions.)
    Super Mario Galaxy (The music is a real big part of my first truly wonderful platforming experience.)
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I didn't think anything could ever match Gusty Gardens but I was wrong.)
    A Hat In Time (The Moon Jumper may have been cut from the game but his theme is still my favorite song in it.)
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Just imagine how incredible this OST would have been if it had been recorded with actual instruments and vocals.)
    Bravely Default (My favorite non-Persona battle theme.)
    Mother 3 (It's a real shame that most western gamers haven't experienced Mother 3 or it's awesome OST.)
    Animal Crossing: Wild World (The first game I ever played on DS at age 8 and it has stuck with me.)
    Animal Crossing: City Folk (Always put's me in a good mood.)
    Pikmin 3 (The only Pikmin game I've ever played, and while the game can be stressful at times the music is just so chill.)
    Journey (The music in this game is so unspeakably beautiful. It should have won that Grammy.)

    Also the Donkey Kong series. I've never played any DK games, but I love their music.

    DK Music Orchestrated

    That's all of them. At least all the ones I can think of. Most of these are games I either played early in childhood or very recently since through ages 10 to 18 I wasn't really allowed to play games at full volume at home and most of my gaming was done on handhelds at school so I couldn't really play them with the sound on. As a result my appreciation of video game music is fairly recent. I can remember loving the Animal Crossing: Wild World soundtrack as an 8 year old, but I couldn't really appreciate how good it actually is until now.

  • Game OST's have to do something pretty interesting for me to consider listening to them outside of playing the game. I do really like the Dragon Quest OSTs as far as more conventional scoring goes, however.

    Some favs: Moon Remix RPG Adventure, Chulip, Evergrace, Drakengard, Katamari Damacy, Enemy Zero, Jet Set Radio, Chulip, Lack of Love, Giftpia.

  • @michemagius I must say I think I loved 90% of those tracks you posted, the taste is impeccable! For me a game that is terrible ignored for its music would have to be The world Ends With You (A game terribly ignored on all accounts not just the music).

    I remember reading years ago that music was such a big component for this game it took up a quarter of the memory on the DS cart. I think my favourite track overall is 'Three Minutes Clapping'


    The opening pysches me up so much. The soundtrack even got a nice little remix of sorts when character from TWEWY ended up in dream drop distance, with the twister twister remix being my favorite.


    The horns, the vocals the R&B beats just makes me wanna dance!!

  • Thunder Force gives me life. Every track has so much power and makes you feel like a badass. It completely matchs the tone and style of the game which is just as important. I'm dreadful at the series having only recently become a fan but this music is jaw-dropping. I wish I had played this as a kid but I didn't own a Megadrive. They just don't make music like this anymore.

    Besides that I really enjoyed Stewboy's soundtrack to the Doom Wad Ancient Aliens. Just so unique and has so much personality compared to many other Doom wads. It helps set it apart from the pack when you play so many generic buttrock or recycled game tracks. Helps that Ancient Aliens was my GOTY but the music definitely contributed to that.

  • @JamboHyland95 I've been dying to play The World Ends with You! I just love the aesthetics and I love any excuse to pull out my DS. I've also heard really good things about the music and based on the song you posted they seem to ring true.

  • It's late and I can't be bothered to look up links to all of my favorites (nevermind how I'll definitely forget some) but Hideki Naganuma is my favorite video game composer by far and generally speaking music in that style is my wheelhouse.

    That and acoustic tracks. Pretty hard swing in the other direction I guess but that's just my preferences.

    @michemagius TWEWY is the second best DS game and one of the best games ever in general.

  • @michemagius If you have a big enough phone (Android or iOS) I'd try get that version! The art is crisp and clear and free from all pixelation and the soundtrack sounds a lot clearer because there's no compression. Also the games mechanics suit the phone really well.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am obsessed with this track from Tropical Freeze at the moment.

    Youtube Video

    And I haven't actually played the game! It's been in my backlog for years, but now I'm hoping it'll be re-released on the Switch.

  • If you like orchestral music, I highly recommend Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy. Arranged and orchestrated by Katsuhisa and Takayuki Hattori and performed by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra in 1989, it's an incredible work. Keeping in mind that all that existed at the time were the NES titles, and that pieces like Prelude didn't even have an official melody, the arrangement is incredible. Scenes V and VII are my favorites.

    Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy

    I'm a big fan of the use of leitmotif in games, and Uematsu is a master of it. It's becoming something of a rarity now that music is a more balanced part of a game's presentation. In years past it was probably the most direct way to convey the mood of a scene and the personality of characters before voice acting and 3D animation were common. I'm happy to hear it when it is used still...Toby Fox in particular did a great job using it in Undertale.

  • @Gaming_Groove All of Distant Worlds is on youtube, too! Really great overall, though I don't love some of the arrangements. The orchestral version of "You are not alone" really falls flat for me, especially given that it's probably my favorite track in the series (so pumped about its recent resurgence in this community). I feel like orchestral versions of old video game music tends to fall into the trap of going big, like they're finally showcasing what the composer really meant for the song to sound like. They lose a lot of the charm in inventiveness of the music that way, IMO. Still, those FF7 tracks are godly with a full orchestra. The arrangement of The Bombing Mission completely blew me away.

  • There is a Swedish guy named Jonas Tunander that did 2 really good albums with covers called "Bitpop Vol 1 & Vol 2". You could freely download them from his website before but they are gone now but both albums are on YouTube. I recommend them for some easy listening.

    Bitpop Vol.1
    Youtube Video

    Bitpop Vol.2
    Youtube Video

  • @naltmank I actually went to see Distant Worlds in Singapore last weekend and I agree, Bombing Mission sounded amazing! Also very fun to "sing" One-Winged Angel along with everyone in the crowd. It was my second time seeing them and hopefully won't be the last!

  • @Light You have great taste my dude.

  • I made a post earlier today about Persona 2 and realized I neglected to post about the music of P2 here. Unlike the rest of the series Shoji Meguro was not the composer for Persona 2, he was the director. He did a bunch of re arrangements for the PSP re-release and I love all of those but the original OST is really great as well. I prefer the soundtrack to Innocent Sin but Eternal Punishment is very good as well. They both suit their games' respective themes, I'm just more drawn to IS's upbeat tone. These are some of my favorite tracks:
    Maya's Theme
    Boss Battle
    Map Music
    Ginko's Theme

    I also noticed that I neglected to make a separate entry on my list for Persona 3 Portable. Portable has some exclusive tracks that you can only hear while playing with the female protagonist and they're honestly some of my favorite songs in all of Persona. More people need to play P3P and experience the FemMC Route because it's honestly the best way to experience Persona 3's story. Here are some of my favorite tracks from the FemMC Route:
    A Way Of Life (Whenever I'm playing and this song comes on I just start singing along.)
    Time (It's such a feel good song.)
    Wiping All Out (Possibly my favorite Persona Battle theme, it's at least tied with the MaleMC's.)
    Sun (This song always makes me dance in place while I'm playing.)
    Tender Feeling (This song isn't a bop like the others but whenever I hear it it just reminds me of Shinjiro's Social Link, which by the way is reason enough to play FemMC's route, and I get all emotional.)
    Danger Zone (It's a good song but honestly it stresses me out because I always remember the boss battles that I was horribly under-leveled for when I hear it.)
    A Way of Life - Deep Inside my Mind Remix (Still a bop, just a little more chill.)
    Soul Phrase (Such an epic opening. The only Persona OP with a male singer, so it kind of sticks out but I love it all the same.)
    Youtube Video

    Seriously just go play P3P's FemMC Route, experience the great music and improved story/social links, romance Shinjiro, just do it, then come back and talk to me about how Shinjiro is now your favorite character. I need more people to talk to about him.

    I also feel the need to add more Katamari Music. The three songs I listed in my last post were just not enough to encompass the truly god-tier soundtrack that the Katamari series has, so here's some more.
    Katamari on the Funk (The glorious height of funk in the Katamari series. FUNK IT UP.)
    Gin & Tonic & Red Roses (I just wanna dance when I hear this song.)
    Lonely Rolling Star (The most famous Katamari song and for good reason.)
    The Moon and the Prince
    The Moon and The Prince - LEOPALDON MIX (This song makes me want to go to a rave.)
    Sayonara Rolling Star - Yuri's Mixx (I think I posted this before but I'm posting it again because it's my favorite Katamari song.)
    Everlasting Love + You Are Smart (A mashup I never would have predicted to work this well.)
    Katamari On The Funk - Señor Coconut's "Katamambo!" remix
    Katamari Dancing
    Bless My Stars
    Chill Tracks
    Katamaritaino (This song transports me to another plane of existence.)
    Cherry Blossom Color Season
    Que Sera Sera (Maybe the most romantic song in a video game.)
    Lonely Rolling No More
    Cherry Blossom Color Season - fanfare mix
    Bluffing Spirit
    Katamarity (This one rides the line between chill and bop.)
    Baby Universe
    Heaven's Rain (Mentioned it in my last post but I'm doing it again because it's that good. This song will bring you inner peace.)
    Katamari Songs That Are Beyond Definition
    Katamari of Love (The best ending theme of anything I've ever played. The cheesiest of cheesy 80's style ballads but still so epic.)
    Shine! Mr. Sunhine (You never knew you needed Katamari gospel music but you do.)

    Ok that's it...for now.

  • @michemagius Thank you!

    alt text

  • The Last Ninja - C64
    This is so much nostalgia for me! Easily the game I've played through the most times, it's not like it's the best game ever but the music is heaven for my ears and it only takes about 45 minutes to play through it so I'd advice anyone who hasn't played it yet to try it and look at a walkthrough if you get stuck just to understand what's the deal with this game get a sense on how perfect the music is. It's quite amazing that these tunes comes from hardware from 1982. Musician - Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees.

    Last Ninja 2 - C64
    The sequel is great too, same gameplay and great music again even though it's another musician - Matt Gray.

    Turrican - Amiga
    Chris Hülsbeck shows why he's one of the best musicians in gaming. Just click the link and sit back and enjoy.

    Turrican 2 - Amiga
    Chris Hülsbeck again, delivering what possibly is the best video game soundtrack ever. The game is amazing too so if you haven't played it yet, do the listening while playing through the game. Enjoy! :)