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  • I feel like this thread was very timely because it reminded me of my love for Space Channel 5, and it's music. Then Last night the allies actually played it and came to the correct conclusion that it is in fact "the greatest game ever made" (JK it's just a lot of fun.). But it made me want to post some more tracks from the two games.
    Original Game
    Evila: Attack of the Perfect Reporter
    Getting To The Truth
    Space Ship Trapped in the Galaxy
    Space Ship: Strut
    Coco Tapioka the Huge Dancer
    Spaceport: Introducing Ulala
    The Reporter From Space Channel 5
    Mexican Flyer
    Part 2
    Mexican Flyer - Big Band Version
    Space Elementary School Band
    Pursuers in the Sky
    Eyes Shining In The Dark

    I think we all can agree that the pure power of Strut is strong in this game and that the dancing is groovy as all get out. We need a Part 3, or a remake of the original. We need something from this series, it has so much potential. Also, if you haven't played these games go out and try them. Fair warning though, the controls are really janky and unresponsive in the ports of the original, so you might want to spring for the DreamCast version.

  • Nier's soundtrack was pretty much the only reason I endured the game through all four endings.

    Youtube Video

    Best soundtrack I've ever heard in a game, coming from such an otherwise mediocre title. A real shame.

  • Youtube Video

    This is the best theme of a game i have played

  • Here. Have some more sick-nasty Persona Beats. This time, the best of Persona 4. Overall I prefer P3, but P4 is home to my favorite video game song of all time and some real stand outs.

    Pursuing My True Self (It's a Persona OP, you know it's good.)
    Signs of Love (Something about this song makes me feel like I'm at home. Persona Home.)
    Your Affection (I just want to bop along.)
    Reach out to the Truth - First Battle Version (Man I wish this was the version they used for all of the battles.)
    Specialist (I don't have much to say about this song other than that it's good and that I'm transported to P4 Happy Times whenever I hear it.)
    Heatbeat, Heartbreak (I feel like this song is criminally underrated among the P4 soundtrack. It's so melancholy but you just want to groove along when you hear it.)
    Reverie (Gosh now that I've listened to the song I just feel sad and nostalgic. But in a good way.)
    A Long Way (You really feel the power of what's to come during the section of the game that this song plays.)
    Nevermore (I'm in my college's library making this post and fighting the urge to cry while I listen to this song.)
    Electronica In The Velvet Room (So good, I just want to dance.)
    Heaven (There you have it, my favorite video game song of all time. It's just so perfect. So melancholy, yet hopeful, and so catchy. It's like the j-pop embodiment of the feeling you get on your last day of high school, when you're saying goodbye to all the shitty teachers you met, all the good ones, and all of your friends. It's over, and that's good, but you're going to miss it.)

  • Nights Into Dreams is my favorite game of all time, so here's two remixes of Dreams Dreams posted without context (mainly because I can't remember what the context for the first one is off the top of my head.) And while I'm at it, my favorite stage theme from the game, Suburban Museum.

  • sorry to be 'that guy' that brings an 8 day old thread back to life but video game music is one of the things i'm most passionate about. i have a very distinct memory of the first time i realized holy crap video games have amazing music...i was playing secret of mana and got to the antlion...once the boss music got to the triumphant movement i just pulled up the ring menu and left the game on in my room for a good 45 minutes.

    i have also been recording video game music at home for a number of years. if anyone is interested you can find my recordings for free at i finished up two recordings earlier this year.

  • Ok. The thread is back, and I have yet to do a post on what is tied for my favorite sound track of all time. PERSONA 3. All persona sound tracks bow before its mighty funk. Other OST's quiver in fear at it's powerful aura of righteousness. Jk jk. I just really love this sound track a lot. And when I say Persona 3 I mean the tracks that are found in all versions of the game, not just FemMC's route.

    Here are my favorite songs!
    From Vanilla Persona 3
    Burn My Dread (Just the most amazing opening ever.)
    Want to Be Close (Ah, all the promise of a fresh start. It's almost as if impending dread isn't lurking just around the corner.)
    Unavoidable Battle(It's real hard not to feel like a badass while listening to this.)
    When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars (I just want to walk through the city listening to this.)
    Iwatodai Dorm/Station (Other sound tracks wish they could create a track this groovin'.)
    Mass Destruction (I played FemMC so this song hasn't gotten old for me yet and I just dance along whenever I hear it. Lotus Juice is a god.)
    After The Battle (This little after battle jingle shouldn't be as funky and fun as it is. I can't help but dance when it plays.)
    Master of Shadow (Quite frankly I find this track unsettling but it really sets the mood for a boss battle.)
    Paulownia Mall (Ooh, I feel the groove in this one.)
    Calamity (The one "panic" song in a game that I always listen all the way through. That piano is so good.)
    During the Test (If they played this music during tests in real life I would look forward to them.)
    A Deep Mentality (I was surprised that the fanservice dungeon had such awesome music.)
    Changing Seasons (Gosh what a great song. I feel so good listening to it.)
    Tartarus 6 (With each block of tartarus you unlock another layer of the music is added until you end here with this hauntingly beautiful track.)
    The Battle for Everyone's Souls (My favorite final boss theme of all time. God, what a phenomenal song.)
    Burn My Dread Last Battle (A very emotional last stand.)
    Memories of You (Persona ending songs always make me cry but this one especially does a number on my emotions.)
    Blues in the Velvet Room (This is actually just a bonus track on the OST, but man is it awesome.)
    Tracks From FES (The main reason to own FES)
    P3 FES (The visuals for FES's OP are pretty lame but the music is BUMPIN'. Lotus Juice is god tier.)
    Blind Alley (Shoji Meguro you clever bastard. How do you make such amazing music?)
    Mass Destruction FES Version (You didn't think Mass Destruction could get better, then it did.)
    The Snow Queen (A remix of one of the best songs from P1 that you can play in FES.)
    Maya's Theme (A remix of THE best song from P2 that you can and absolutely should play in FES.)
    Heartful Cry (A key reason to play The Answer.)
    Persona (What I believe to be a remix of a song from P1, and a damn good one at that.)
    Time Castle (A remix of a great song from P2.)
    Brand New Days (Oh Look, I'm sobbing again.)

  • I'll post my full list when I get some free time, for now though
    Youtube Video

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