VGSquirrel Videos

  • Hey guys, my name is Darin and I've been a fan of GT/Easy Allies for quite some time now. I'd say I discovered them back in 2006 or 2007. It was before Super Smash Bros. Brawl was releasing and I was trying to find out everything I could about the game. Upon that I discovered the website and found myself going there almost every day. I'd say what I watched the most was Top Tens, the Retrospectives, Pop Fiction, Reviews, The Final Bosman, their Game of the Year content, and all of the ScrewAttack stuff (VGVs, Top Tens, & AVGN).

    I was so happy to find out about Easy Allies when it was announced and that they would be continuing their legacy. While I can't say I'm able to watch all of the content, I always enjoy what I do have the time to watch and I'm so glad for their success.

    While I realize most websites I've used in the past have basically transitioned to focusing on YouTube channels, there's one aspect of the sites that I really miss and that's the focus on user-generated content. I discovered quite a few bigger YouTubers by watching the "user-submitted content" on websites like ScrewAttack (which is now just a section on the Rooster Teeth website) and GameTrailers (which now directs to the YouTube page). For example I discovered JonTron, Game Theory, and The Gaming Historian all on ScrewAttack & Game Trailers. I loved discovering new creators at the time and it's neat to be able to say that I watched them at the start of their YouTube careers.

    I actually started releasing my own content in July of 2016 on my YouTube channel "VGSquirrel" but I began work on my first video in the Fall of 2014. However, due to some family stuff and other life-issues, I was working on it sparingly. However the first thing that came to my mind when I started was "Oh, I'll post it to YouTube, Game Trailers & ScrewAttack" Then in the Spring of 2016 it seemed like both websites went down. After that I haven't really known where to share my content since. I would like for like-minded individuals to be able to see my content as I do put dozens of hours of work into it.

    Now I've discovered the Blog Section of the Easy Allies website and I figured "Hey, what better place to share my work than with the spiritual successor of GameTrailers?" So here I am making this blog post.

    So, I'm going to post a few of my favorite videos that I've made so far and I'll have a brief text section explaining some of the significance of each one. Anyway, I hope you can check them out. :)

    Sonic Mania - Acorny Review by VGSquirrel
    (My most recent higher-production video)

    Pac-Land - Acorny Review by VGSquirrel
    (My first review)

    Game Feeder - Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles
    (Part of my "First Impressions" series where I have a different friend on each episode and they get a "taste" of a game of their choosing. This one is a personal favorite)

    VGSquirrel - 1 Year Anniversary
    (My most personal video, where I go in depth on everything leading up to the point where I recorded that video)

    VGSquirrel - Top Ten Video Game Intros
    (My first video. Intros, get it? Heh. Warning there is a sad moment at the end)

    Game Feeder - The Incredibles
    (My most recent upload)

    Anyway, thanks again guys and I hope you enjoy. :)