Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • Hey guys, just checking in if anyone is here from NeoGaf? I post as Mikey jr. Of course it's a big crap show over there, but I often post on the EZA NeoGaf thread.
    Just wanted to say hi. Love EZA, so I need somewhere to post with my allies.

    Any general rules here I should know?

  • Unlike on Gaf, discussions of certain japanese games don't get banned, also we at least try to respect other's opinions.

  • It's gotten pretty slow around here, but you and your friends that are jumping ship from neogaf are more than welcome to join us.

    Just leave your political opinions at the door. We discuss VIDYA here.

  • Ha, I wasn't going to put it as harshly, but yeah. Just be respectful of others and you're fine. Whether you're playing Her Story or Peach Beach Splash, it doesn't matter.

    You should also have an appreciation for Gundams and Nihon Falcom games. Those are just my rules though. :p

  • Heh, thanks guys.

    Where do you specifically talk about EZA though? Can't find it.

  • @Mikey-Jr. You can try the shows section? There aren't really any specific mega threads like the one on Gaf though.

  • @Minamik Yeah, I was kinda looking for something like a GAF equivalent we have there.

  • @Mikey-Jr. Well you could try to open a thread like that and see how it goes with the mods, don't worry, they won't ban you for that.

  • Hey Mikey. Yeah I guess I'm moving here permanently. Still in shock over everything.

  • Yeah, go ahead and give it a shot.

  • I've been at both for a long time, but I rarely post on GAF anymore. Was RiverKwai there.

  • @TokyoSlim Is it bad that I feel like I remember that name just from lurking a few years?

  • @Minamik I dunno. Probably not. I was pretty active there for a minute. It just got to be too fast for me. I'd comment in a thread and then go to work and have like 100 pages of comments happen in 8 hours sometimes.
    I still lurk occasionally.

  • Yeah, looking for a new place to discuss video gamey news. Shame this place isn't a bit busier... but hey, maybe there'll be alot of people of have the same idea.

  • It's a real shame, I've been lurking on GAF for years but never was able to register due to it not liking my ISP's email domain. All the more reason to post here though.

  • I just came over here. I've had a busy weekend and haven't been on Gaf. I've been posting over there since the late 90s.
    I'm wondering where the community will migrate or what will happen.

  • Go ahead and start creating threads and such in here as well as in General Gaming. The more topics the better.

  • Well i am from GAF. I been watching the boys since early gametrailers stuff. I dont ever post about political or anything in GAF because im not from the states and noticed stuff just got you banned anyway.

    Its sad because forgetting this whole incident the actual community was great especially if you were in an active OT.

    Oh well i will try and make a home here. Probably should have a long time ago anyway.

  • Im still shocked of how Gaf just got destroyed only in few hours.

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