Anyone here from NeoGaf?

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    @sn00zer_neo Why would anyone want to discuss those games anyway?

    Even if you take away the BIG TITTY MILK MONSTERS they're boring and shallow games in general not worth talking about and will be forgotten on their own.

    Banning them only makes people want to talk about them. Just learn to ignore it and don't get upset at everything you see.

  • Dmax3901 over at Neogaf with the Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead avatar. I've been with GT since The Final Bosman first started and have been an EZA patron since Day 1.

    Lot of the same weird, kinda unfair hostility on here aimed at gaf as I see elsewhere on the net. I'd be interested to see what exactly all the people complaining about the 'hivemind' and 'groupthink' were actually banned for. It's always like "if you don't agree with what they think then you get banned" then it turns out that you were just being a dick and were shown the door.

    For me Gaf was the most progressive place on the internet with zero tolerance for any bigotry, which given the state of Twitter, Reddit etc is something absolutely worth upholding. Not saying the accusations aren't messed up, and if true I'd be happy to see Evilore go down, I just wish the ship didn't also have to sink.

    Hey... are we allowed to swear on here?

  • @dmax3901 Depends on the context. Calling someone (ESPECIALLY a fellow EA user) a "fucking loser", no dice. Calling the Bed of Chaos a "fucking cheap boss" (and it is), aye. Any racial/sexist/homophobic/etc slur though, that'll earn your account a nice tactical nuke.

    If in doubt,

  • @ChaosBahamut Awesome thanks.

  • @dmax3901 I agree with you there, I have seldom seen someone complain of an unfair ban be able to prove that they weren't just being a jerk. There was the whole admin who was banning people off the books thing though.

  • @sn00zer_neo I personally don't think any form of discussion around a game unless it's producing some form of hatred or toxicity should be banned. If someone wants to talk about those games why should anyone be allowed to stop you. Either there are like minded ppl who want to discuss it with you or there isn't and the thread slowly trickles off. If we are talking about progressive, then ppl should be able to talk about those games in a nature manner.

  • @Art I get what you're saying, but I think phrasing it with "Why would anyone want to discuss those games anyway?" sort of betrays the point you're trying to make.

    If discussion of those games is allowed then we shouldn't imply that those engaging in such a discussion are somehow wrong for doing so.


  • One of the most egregious bans I remember seeing was for Tom from Xseed for debating his views on whether or not the ages of fictional characters matter or something like that. I remember being surprised at the time, because other than having views that might throw some people off, he was being very respectful about it.

    And all this was in some weird thread where people were angry that some in-game message board for that Akiba game had one person calling another a "trap."

    Whatever the case, he's the last person in the world I'd call a jerk. I think that colored a lot of people's views of Neogaf in general, which is unfortunate because it was one mod's decision to ban him, not the users as a whole.

  • @Carmichael @dmax3901

    You typically wouldn't see ppl complain of unfair banning because their not there to let you know.

    I also think many ppl have been unfairly banned If you take ppls personal accounts into consideration ir even read through the persons threads to see why they were banned. NeoGaf deserves a good chunk of the criticism it gets. Their mods were over zealous.

    Another thing about Gaf was that hatred was always met with hatred. News of someone being outted in the industry would be met with lots of hostility from ppl there that would say vulgur things but their hatred and bigotry was allowed because it was directed at the hated. I personally like reading NeoGaf for many reasons but had to take breaks because if the negativity.

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    @Gaming_Groove Torigasa-Reta doesn't actually discuss those games. He's just saying it to get a rise out of you guys, but he is a massive weeb. I'll give him that.

  • @Art Oh I wasn't commenting on Torigasa-Reta, I was just saying your point is stronger without that particular sentence.

  • @Minamik It's difficult I suppose without having the thread/posts to look over, and I don't want to derail the thread, but if the implication was that fictional characters can be any age and do adult things without repercussion I can see why he got banned lol. Also calling a transgender person a 'trap' is definitely offensive.

    @CGamor7 I get how too much negativity can be exhausting, but you can hardly blame people for being angry at sexual predators and neo-Nazis and the like.

  • @sn00zer_neo Because they are games like any other else, approved by Sony, approved by the ESRB and because I am a big fan of them and by Ai I will I talk about them if I feel like it.

    @dmax3901 Yeah I'm sure Tom from Xseed's ban was justified... oh no, no it wasn't, all he did was defending his awesome company and you people disagreed with him, so he had to be removed.

    @Art I don't discuss those games?

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    @Torigasa-Reta Quiet you!

  • @Art fite me on discord.

  • @Torigasa-Reta Kind of an unfair approach and not very convincing either.

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    @Torigasa-Reta I would never fight you. We're the bestest of friends. You and I.

  • @dmax3901 Regardless of his views, I don't think he did anything deserving of a ban. It's this kind of thing that makes people think that gaf is just a giant echo chamber where if you go against the grain, you get banned.

    And a localizer's job is to be as faithful to the original script as possible, not to mollycoddle people. Don't shoot the messenger and all that.

  • @dmax3901 to clarify negativity, I mean as a whole across all of gaf, not just the fighting hatred with hatred I talked about. But there's negativity in all forums. Just that one had a very large audience of ppl so it was in your face more.

  • @Minamik I mean what you call "going against the grain" I call "breaking the rules of the forum". If the echo chamber is filled with people saying "fictional underage girls doing adult things in games is weird" then I don't see a problem.

    @CGamor7 Certainly, one of the things I love about EZA is their general positive attitude and willingness to give things a chance despite their flaws.