Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • Looks like I'll have to get some more info about reset era from the FFXIV FC

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    Cool, if ResetERA will be a proper replacement. I don´t know what i´ll do at work today. Will i have to actually work........

    If someone could send me an invite to the gaf discord, would be much appreciated. If it´s cool, just kinda wanna see the process and what people are thinking. Guess there are no PMs here but a chat? Anyway, can´t wait for "gaf" and the community to come back.

    Chat's just a different name for PMs.

    Yeah, that's what i thought. Thanks.

  • I wasn't online over the weekend and missed all the drama till late Sunday night. Reading up on some articles, twitter messages and screen-caps left me a bit speechless and a tiny bit sad. Checking NeoGAF for gaming news was part of my daily routine, especially at work and it surely will be missed.

  • @Japanmanx3 Interesting, I guess it could be said like etcetera or just Reset for short? I think it'll work.

    Here's hoping the foundation it's built on is up to the task, both technically and spiritually.

  • Pretty bummed out about the GAF situation. What a mess.

    I've been lurking at that site since 2012, and finally registered last year. After a years time, I still couldn't post, and when I asked about it, I never got any reply from the staff.

    Despite that, I still went there everyday for gaming news.

  • Ok some trolling drama is happening now atm. This is still a wild ride guys.

  • I hope evillote gives the site over to someone like duckroll or bishop. Was having severe GAF withdrawal today.

    Kept instinctly going to neogaf at random points. Been browsing it so long it's like muscle memory now lol.

  • @Japanmanx3 What's going on? I'm so out of the loop D:

  • @Tetsujin seems like a rogue mod was involved on the discord. Head of the discord went scorched earth on the mod team. Got new mods now. Still progressing as planned. It won't be easy. Many don't want us to come back it seems. Lots of splinter discords have been hijacked by trolls.

  • @Japanmanx3 Trolls are gonna troll I guess, it's just so vindictive who in the hell would sneak into a discord to stop a community reforming, lol. Pathetic. These people need lives.

  • Old gaffer here too, I've been using GAF for news and discussions for more than 10 years, maybe 15, and I honestly have no clue how to find something similar anywhere else. There was a forum forming the other day called geonaf which quickly got up to 1000 new members over like a day, thought that would be the new GAF, lots of old members were there, but it's gone too now. No idea what happened. I heard something about a hack job. I don't get why people don't want GAF in any form back, it was the owner who was bad, some members too obviously, but most of us was just genuinely interested in gaming.

  • @DemonSwordsman said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    I hope evillote gives the site over to someone like duckroll or bishop. Was having severe GAF withdrawal today.

    Kept instinctly going to neogaf at random points. Been browsing it so long it's like muscle memory now lol.

    Totally agree with that last bit lol

    I doubt that Evilore will give the site away, he'll probably try to sell it and I think it would cost way too much for any normal person to afford it. We probably have to hope someone starts up a new site instead or find a new home like this place. Whatever happens I think the GAF as we know it is gone now, end of an era, the moderation was definitely weird at times but I still loved the place. RIP

  • Yep, sad to see it go the way it did, but I love EZA so plan to be on here a lot more from now on.

    I'd return if it comes back under different management but only then.

  • Welcome fellow Gaffers!

  • To give people an update on the "haps", there's two forums being proposed right now.

    AFAIK, I think ResetEra has more steam behind it right now, but worth keeping em peeled on both areas.

    Someone quite prominent on NeoGaf also launched the Super New Awesome Gaming Forum on forumbee. Don't bother with this, seemed to have a lot of hate threads up, some even started by mods so even if it wasn't meant to be malicious, it quickly spiralled (and it's down with a 503 itself now)

  • Looking through Twitter, the link above is the official Reset Era Forums account. There's two others and other accounts registered trying to co-opt the name already for alt-right messages, so just be careful out there.

  • admin

    Yeah I think one of the challenges is going to be account approvals. While it certainly wasn't perfect, GAF's approval process kept out the most obvious troublemakers. Trying to re-establish and bring everyone back at once is going to be rough.

  • Yup. I think whatever launches is going to be a mess for quite a while. They will either approve accounts too slow to get the volume of topics needed or too fast and let everyone in. Just searching for resetera on Twitter shows a lot of leaked conversations from the Discord chat and people planning to raid "and kill it once and for all", so will be interesting to see what the moderation team do.

  • @Hasney Just checked out ResetEraforum and there is also one called ResetTheEra and they are saying the Forum one is a fake and ResetTheEra is the real one, also there is no posts on the Forum one. Any clue which is the real deal ?

  • @Yautja_Warrior is the real one. If you look at the top retweet of ResetTheEra calling the forum one fake and look into his account that was created over the weekend, you'll see the alt-right troll co-opting I was talking about.