Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • EDIT: Troll

  • @Hasney But how do we know that's actually them :/

  • Thx for keeping us updated hasney.

  • @dmax3901 Been verified from the Discord and the account is followed by other ex-Gaf mods who kept their original Twitter account.

  • Wow, a lot certainly happened over night. This thread has been busy. I'm hoping for the best for ResetERA. I know a lot of gaffers just want to continue discussing with the community they know and love.

  • @Hasney oh snap! I woke up just in time!

  • @dmax3901 Besada had been in the Discord since stuff hit the fan. When the Discord is ready to launch ResetERA they'll let us know in an announcement.

  • Looks like @dmax3901 was right to question it. Even though it's followed by other ex-staff, it turned out to be a troll. Wonder how that happened.

  • So what's the deal here? I just googled resetera and got directed to a 4chan thread where they used a bunch of nazi pictures and slapped the resetera logo on them and said "The new site launch tomorrow, lets get ready for them". Huh? Why is this so political all of a sudden? Why are people trying to stop the new attempts to restart GAF and what's the deal with the nazi references? I don't get any of this. Maybe it's better to just let it be dead and not have to deal with the trolls and political nut jobs.

  • There will always be people who'll take issue with something and make it as difficult as possible to start that up. I wouldn't be expecting a quick fix for a new Gaf.

  • Typical gamergate/alt-right stuff.

    Neogaf was a pretty progressive and liberal board. Now all the salty racists, sexists etc. that got banned for being what they are, are havin a laugh. That's it.

  • It's really odd, I was on GAF for large chunks of every day, but since it's been gone, I'm not missing it nearly as much as I thought I would. These EZA forums are acting as a very cosy home for my forum activities, I don't know if I see myself jumping from here to ResetEra in a hurry!

  • I hate to be a negative voice in all this...I understand that people just want their community back. GAF was like lightning in a bottle though. I don't see it being recreated in any meaningful way anytime soon. I feel like those that are trying are grieving for the loss of their community. I really miss it already, but I personally am not going to get my hopes up that there will be an acceptable successor in the near future.

    That being said, I'm more than happy to hang out here with all you beautiful people. =)

  • Hello. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I was Zonar on on neogaf. I posted very very infrequently but I'm really liking the love and respect vibes. I think I'll hang out here for a while until things work itself out. I miss neogaf way more than I thought I would but I want to say thank you to everyone here and I appreciate the welcoming arms. I went to several different message boards and they're full of people that just hate neogaf. Also thank you Blood. I know you are a super busy guy and don't really have time to comment but you are anyway and for that I appreciate you.

  • @jaggafredde I would prefer if we didn't let the trolls and Nazis win. It will definitely be tough to get past them though, so we'll see.

  • Yep, I'm from Gaf as well. Probably been visiting that site for 5+ years now and until yesterday had no idea who Tyler Malka even was. Place was fantastic for having thriving, mostly excellent/passionate communities in basically every medium you could think of (EZA threads especially) and I apparently just didn't feel compelled to ever read/participate in all the apparent drama that was going on behind the scenes. So yeah, this whole thing blindsided me when I read about it yesterday morning (I was out all of Saturday).

    I'm optimistic Gaf isn't gone for good. It obviously sounds now that there was some insanity always going on behind the scenes, but the guts of that forum/user experience are unmatched in my opinion. Like anything on the internet, there were some truly bad things there, but the good overwhelmingly outweighed the bad, in my opinion. Just wild how much gaming history has happened on that forum and it to be gone in an instant just blows my mind.

    Sucks. I've mindlessly clicked on my NeoGaf bookmark like 10x today just out of habit totally forgetting it's down and then immediately bumming myself out.

    Excited to check this place out in earnest as I'm a day 1 Patron and always felt kind of guilty I've largely ignored this website until basically right now.

  • So..... Ummmmm.. is up.

  • @Mikey-Jr. And down again :/ 502 rather than 503 this time though

  • I noticed GAF was partly back up (you could see the website) but still said it's down for maintenance on the front page but it's back to 502 Bad Gateway again now.

    With a lot of people leaving, not wanting to support Evilore, it will be interesting to see if it really comes back or if anyone will return at this point.

  • @Tregard said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    @Mikey-Jr. And down again :/ 502 rather than 503 this time though

    I think evilore is going to bring it back though.