Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • @ToonLink said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    @Hasney It was showing up for me on mobile a few minutes ago. On desktop it shows the under scheduled maintenance message now, though.

    Edit: When it showed up on mobile, I couldn't see any posts, though. And there were no Gaming/Community, OT/Community sections.

    Yeah, mobile skin looks like that when there's a message up quite often.

  • @Hasney Ah, that explains it then.

  • @Keith-Stat. Great post I was kind of the same, avoided the drama but had so many great gaming discussions. Worst thing for me is all the post history that is gone, I think I was posting there when Dreamcast was hot, it's a lot of history there that is gone now. And all those long going threads, the threads full of love for Commodore, Raspberry Pi, the racing comparison threads, the hype threads for Switch, BOTW threads, etc. Zap. All gone just like that. It's a huge loss. :(
    And I guess that'll all be gone if a new forum starts unless they somehow get Evilore to save and send them the old data base, which is unlikely.

  • As a long time GT and EZA forum goer, just going to say welcome to the new transplants, if your looking for some kind of news discusion we have a thread going in general gaming. General rule of thumb here is to respect everyone's opinion on everything.

    Here is said news thread.

    Kinda hard to call yourself progressive when you censor, ban, and edit anyone with a different opinion. I mean hell when Gamergate was in full swing I remember that a mass amount of people were banned just for wanting to have a discussion. I mean hell your so called progressive site banned Boogie, one of the nicest people on the internet just for saying something like "Maybe we should have a discussion about this after all"
    Also I find it funny how there are people trying to blame this on GG, when it all boils down to the actions of a single disgusting human being, one who was one of the biggest supporters against Gamergate.
    Anyway all im going to say here on the subject as this was just meant to be a welcome message to gafers finding their way here., DM me if you want to continue

  • I'm new and posted in the gaf thread from time to time. Poking around looking for a home.

  • @DMCMaster People were banned for supporting gamergate, which is a hate movement. Not for "just wanting to have a discussion". If sexism and hate are the kind of 'opinions' I have to respect to be on these forums then it is probably not the right place for me.

  • @Carmichael Don't worry, everyone here is against sexism, discrimination, hate etc...
    If there is anything people are uncomfortable with, just flag the post and we'll look into it.

  • @DMCMaster Not every opinion deserves to be respected. I think this is a flawed line of thinking. Some views are hateful and bigoted and need to be called out.There are some issues where there is no 'middle ground' or 'both sides'.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well this influx of GAF people has bumped up the activity around here a bit.
    Someday, one of you may even surpass me as the most prolific poster on this forum!

  • @Torigasa-Reta Mod Note - Stop this 'you people' now

  • @Torigasa-Reta Umm, no? 99% of the games I play are Japanese in origin, I took Japanese courses in University, and watch more anime than is healthy. Heck, NeoGAF as a whole leaned heavily on Japanese games. I just don't support hate speech and harassment and that's what GG is, it has nothing to do with Japan.

  • One thing I'm gonna miss is the OT's that people made. I may try something like that around here at some point, but I don't think it'll be as organized or high quality as some of the guys over at GAF put together.

  • @TokyoSlim Definitely give it a shot, the OTs were some of the most useful posts on games out there. I'll miss them greatly.

  • About the hating. The thing is, you can't fight hate with hate. Hate feeds hate. Just ignore the hateful people instead and post about stuff you love instead, and don't be rude because whatever you're discussing it's very unlikely that the discussion will get better afterwards. I read this somewhere: A spoken word is like an arrow, once you've said it you can never take it back, it's already flying towards it's target. Insults or compliments, it's up to you to choose which type of arrows you want to be remembered by.

  • Im a gaf refugee as well. This was the first place i wanted to feel like a new home. Becuase the allies have felt like family for years.

    Love and respect, robdraggoo

  • @jaggafredde I think sometimes on GAF, people couldn't always distinguish between people who were genuinely uninformed and those who were stealth trolling, so yeah I think sometimes the negativity and dogpiling was unproductive. It's not wise to just ignore harmful views, though, in my opinion. Better to have an intelligent discussion than to just ignore it. You don't have to throw around insults to make your point. Even if the person on the other end doesn't want to listen, others may learn from it.

  • @ToonLink Exactly. You can't fight hatred by ignoring it, it only grows more rampant if you do.

  • Y'know, this whole ResetEra thing made me realize that Siliconera consists of the two words "silicon" and "era". In all these years, it somehow never clicked with me that it isn't just a weird made up word with "silicon" in it. :P

  • Yeah, not sure if it's supposed to be pronounced like "etcetera" or what.

    Looks like the confirmed admins so far are Nibel, Shinobi062 and ZhugeEX. Seen some tweets congratulating Emily Rogers on a spot too, but her Twitter is private and been unable to confirm other ways.