Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • Honestly the new lack of transparency for the modding team makes me wonder if there are no mods anymore.

  • Looks like there will be more bannings with the new topics popping up

  • As expected the forum is bedlam. I don't really know what they expected and I don't see how it will ever stop.

    EDIT: Also holy shit the responses in the thread where EvilLore posted that are SAVAGE! This is so surreal.

  • Yeah, some real account suicides going on. People with like 30k posts.

  • They're just acting in a way their teacher taught them to.

  • @Mikey-Jr. Yeah kinda stupid tbh. Oh well glad it's back. EzaGaf is a good place while Gaming forum gets sorted out.

    Hopefully things die down in a day or two. Kinda worried about the invisible mods since it can lead to abuse but last ones were getting personal attacks.

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    Looks about right

  • @Carmichael
    I'm sure there are, although not as many as there used to be. Anyone being a mod right now would have to defend why they are still supporting the website, were they completely transparent about the mods. No one wants to deal with that crap, especially now that the forums are likely going to pretty chaotic for a while.

  • An kind of update on the new resetERA?
    I also just noticed that I don't have access to a "valid" email address anymore. :(

  • His statement is deeply troubling. The fact that he starts of by trying to discredit her accusation is a problem. An accusation that originally didn't mention him by name...that doesn't benefit her in any way and makes her the target of further harassment. He makes vague claims about evidence and witnesses. He has a history of troubling behavior that he does not deny. He makes it sound like struggle to just say what happened, taking the better part of a week to make a statement about it.

    I don't know, maybe my perception is colored by my own personal experiences, but his statement is effectively void of substance, and I'll be happy to never hear from or about him again. I think I'm done with this thread. I'm just going to enjoy this community and put GAF out of my mind for the foreseeable future.

  • I just asked them to end my account just so I wouldn't change my mind. I've been there since 2005 and loved being there most of the time. But I can't support the site after this incident, it's really not that important.

  • @ISee said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    An kind of update on the new resetERA?
    I also just noticed that I don't have access to a "valid" email address anymore. :(

    Likely to launch within 24 hours, admin team mostly sorted. That's about it right now

  • @Japanmanx3 yeah i was hella suprised when i sae one of the edited posts where by none other than m0dus. Disgusting and i quickly deleted those themes made from my playstation. I too would be to embarrassed to say im a mod.

    But anyway the place is gone. It will stay. The old timers will die down and be banned. New people will come but the charm and general aura of the place will be dead. Gone will be devs, who knows if any of the allies will post, among other journalists. John from Digital Foundry i have been told is moving on. It will be a shell of its former self.

  • Damn gaf is crazy right now, so many accounts suicides, all the communities will suffer because of this shitstorm unfortunately. It's gonna take a while for things to get back to normal(if ever).

  • Well, I checked in on the site, and most of the key oldtimers are MIA, plus every thread is attacking Evilore. I just can't see a path to anything resembling it's old form, so I'm done with it. Barring epic news that they get an exclusive on, this is officially the last NeoGAF thread I ever read.


    In hopeful news though, this forum seems to have a somewhat similar vibe to NeoGAF in terms of OTs/news reporting. Will be keeping an eye on it.

  • Invisible mods is an awful idea honestly, you need to be able to hold regulation accountable. The rest of the changes seem valid in an attempt to restore GAF, but I think the lion's share of people have flown the coop for good

  • Hi folks, Acquiescence here from NeoGAF. I flew pretty under the radar to be honest, but a couple of gaffers will probably recognise me from the avatar.

    What's funny is that three weeks ago I was banned from the site. My ban is due to lift tomorrow and if I return then it'll be to a scene of total pandemonium. It's amazing how much can change in such a short span of time! I was banned by Roboleon for "console wars" in a thread where the topic literally revolved around console line-ups and competing systems, and many people in the thread were making comparisons between the three main platforms, so I don't know why I was singled out. For the first time in my over six years of being a member, I was going to pm one of the veteran mods to contest such an arbitrary and selective ban that I felt was done so by clear bias. Now, there aren't any veteran mods left - if there are then we don't know who has remained - and Roboleon isn't even a mod anymore (every cloud has a silver lining I guess). Like I said, it's crazy how things can change so suddenly.

    Anyway, I've been something of a fan of Easy Allies since the GT days. I feel like this is belated and I should've joined the community yonks ago. Don't know why it took this long.

  • @Acquiescence Hey Acquiescence! You always were a friendly face around GAF for me. Stunned to hear you were banned for such a petty reason, you never seemed the type!

  • @Acquiescence Yeah the bans has been strange for a long time, some obviously deserved it but what you describe doesn't seem like a valid reason.

    Now that my account is ended I can speak freely.

    I got my first ban when openly doubting the Kinect success after my first play test. I wasn't rude or anything, I simply thought the reports after the launch would be about how it didn't work properly (which it didn't for me) rather than how awesome it was.
    Apparently that was a too unpopular opinion at the time.

    My second ban was the strangest one, by Evilore himself ironically. I made a thread where I asked if I should buy the PS3 or 360 version of Skyrim. Pretty soon the thread were filled with PC talk and I eventually asked people to talk about PC elsewhere since I didn't have a PC at that time. Evilore stept into the discussion and thought it was okay for the thread I had made to go off-topic...
    But that didn't help me one bit so I edited the OP and asked PC people to take the PC talk in a PC thread instead.
    "You don't make the rules of a thread just because you started it."

    First board I've ever been to where the thread creator can't decide what the talk in the thread should be about.

    As usual every ban ends with other users on the mods side mocking the banned members and applauding the harsh mod style. Disgusting attitude.

  • Hey, @Acquiescence ! You're the first GAF refugee that I recognize! :)