Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • I won't miss the dogpiling for sure, liking the EZA forums quite a bit so far!

  • @DemonSwordsman I had something like 15-20k posts and asked for an account nuke. Not worth being associated with the forum anymore.

  • @Acquiescence said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    I was banned by Roboleon for "console wars" in a thread where the topic literally revolved around console line-ups and competing systems, and many people in the thread were making comparisons between the three main platforms, so I don't know why I was singled out

    I got banned as a Jr (so, permabanned) for something like 3 years ago on my first account. So at least you weren't the first one.

  • GAF is dead. The people sticking around don’t seem to be a nice bunch. I only really used it for the NFL thread anyways. We got ourselves a nice little discord now. For gaming discussion I think I’ll keep it here.

  • @Tregard There likely isn't an invisible mod. Its probably just Evilore now. And he needed a cover story. Would make sense to nuke Off Topic if so. As he just has to monitor one section.

    There were a few bannable posts (in Evilore's eyes) on his statement thread that were missed. A potential sign that its really a one man show. And thus he can't keep his attention span to look out for the details. He'll probably find a few mods out of the holdouts, who are looking past his behavior. Still, the bans and sudden nuking of communities in off topic with limited registration. Will cripple poster numbers. Along with sexual assault history/allegations, that will kill ad revenue. So Gaf is either way, on a direct course to irrevelency.

  • @Acquiescence I got banned for two weeks this month due to...fighting racism. Within the same day, others were being banned for making racist rhetoric in the JonTron/Hat in Time Thread.

  • Seeing GAF become a cesspool of inconsideration for women, minorities, and even the mentally ill (in less then 24 hours) is one of the most depressing experiences in my life and I'm currently living that experience.

    6 years of my life, dedicating my time there...all I can do now is fight barbaric opinions and say my good-byes until the new message board is up.


  • @Tregard Hi Tregard, thanks for the words. You were a chill, positive dude and I appreciated your presence on the site.

    Truth be told, I racked up quite a few bans in total. Averaged about one a year from 2011 onwards. Two, which I got early on, I clearly deserved, but the others were arbitrary and just petty as hell to ban anyone over. The latest one though, that had me irritated enough to want to dispute it rather angrily to one of the more reasonable mods (shame I won't ever get the chance now). You just know there's a point when the mods get their own personal agenda and just ban you simply because they want you gone for good. Just look at those Beseda private message pics floating around on the web to see what I'm saying.

    Sorry if I sound overly bitter. Do you plan on posting on NeoGAF still or are you avoiding it for good? The community is massively fractured now it seems.

  • @Oscillator Well that makes me feel weird haha. Maybe I wasn't as low-key as I thought.

  • @ChucklesBrown That's exactly why, even though NeoGAF is in almost ruins right now, I still feel compelled to post on there. Because the old moderation team has disintegrated and maybe the new one is more level-headed and not so eager to get rid of people for trivial reasons.

    I'll never forget being banned two weeks for taking the piss out of Matt Lees hair in one of his Youtube videos.

  • I've posted on GAF so infrequently that I've been a junior member since 2008 - I guess it will stay that way. After taking a glance at the stuff being posted there now, particularly some of the responses to the mental health thread, I can't see myself going back.

  • @Acquiescence Hey man, good to see you.

    Yeah, I agree, it's extremely fractured which is the real part to be missed in this sort of vacuum. All of the really helpful people both in games and off-topic, the gathering of people thanks to time was pretty special for covering all manner of games from global developers with so many international members, and deep dive posts on tons of games even decades after release from old posters (like someone had just discovered Snatcher for example and the thread was getting deep into the game again and its development), plus all of the off-topic stuff that each built up regularly returning communities.

    For a tiny example, like how the TV threads could go on indefinitely with people helping each other find the right set etc. for both games and movies, and setup and calibration problems. Normally you'd only get that on a TV or electronics forum but there were a ton of cross-media savvy people on the forum who could combine what you'd get on a TV/electronics enthusiast forum with a focus on PCs and console heavy usage. Likely due to timing with the forum growing with those people as they branched out into the working world.

  • @Primethius said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    @DemonSwordsman I had something like 15-20k posts and asked for an account nuke. Not worth being associated with the forum anymore.

    Good to see you.

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    I've read a couple of the posts some of you made that were long time members. I myself was way too intimated to even browse through NeoGaf. I just heard a lot about it from various gaming news outlets. Mostly from Gametrailers towards the end when they closed. You hate to see something like that happen to such a huge aND influential community. All I have to say is if you plan to stick another here on the EZA forums or just wanted to stop by and try and reach other NeoGaf members. It's fine by me, wither you stay or not.

    Love and Respect

  • GAF truly is dead. Seems like the people left are not the ones that made it great. Seeing BruceLeeRoys post about quitting was the final nail in the coffin.

  • @DangerMouse Hi DangerMouse, good to see you too bud. Almost didn't recognise you without your awesome Kat avatar. ;)

  • @DangerMouse Hey! Good to see ya. Same to the other gaffers as well.

  • I made an account here ages ago but haven't used it that much. Just glad the forum has a dark theme.

  • Would it be possible to get an invite to the EZA GAF Discord? I never had a GAF account but I was always lurking in the EZA OT. I totally understand if it's "GAF members" only. Just thought I would ask :)

  • @Acquiescence Yeah, it certainly felt like mods had very different definitions of what was worthy of a ban. I don't plan on posting there anymore unfortunately, I think the atmosphere has been swept away entirely. I've been looking at the outcome today on the site, and it doesn't feel like GAF anymore, y'know? I may well post a bit on ResetEra once that is up and running, but in the meantime, here seems comfortable enough! :)