Anyone here from NeoGaf?

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    @Acquiescence Yeah, it certainly felt like mods had very different definitions of what was worthy of a ban. I don't plan on posting there anymore unfortunately, I think the atmosphere has been swept away entirely. I've been looking at the outcome today on the site, and it doesn't feel like GAF anymore, y'know? I may well post a bit on ResetEra once that is up and running, but in the meantime, here seems comfortable enough! :)

    I'm ready to write it off as well. But that being said, what made GAF GAF were the news, leaks and industry insiders. Say that they come back when the water's less hot, when the usual bout of collective amnesia happens and people might come back by force of habit. I really hope something as informative starts and takes hold in a cleaner, saner place though.

  • Also coming in from NeoGaf. Decided to give the official EZA forums a shot since I don't feel comfortable going back and supporting Gaf anymore even though it's back online. So hola everyone!

  • Nice to see all the new (familiar?) faces. Welcome, everyone. o/

  • i was there some times ago. it was the most populated community since i don't use reddit. i guess now it's on discord and hope the forum will pick up some people

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    @DangerMouse Hi DangerMouse, good to see you too bud. Almost didn't recognise you without your awesome Kat avatar. ;)

    Thanks, yes I love that image as an avatar. :)
    I finally just found my folder where I saved it in a number of different sizes late last night but was busy all day so hadn't gotten to see which size works best in this new forum style, I think one of them will center well so I'll be switching soon lol. ^_^

  • @Acquiescence I was never a member, just a lurker, and even I feel like I've seen that avatar before, lol.

  • Looks like Off-Topic Community has been reinstated?

  • @dmax3901 hmm, an attempt to lure back some members?

    Honestly I'm glad to be out, I'm already happier now that I've been out for just a few days :)

    Still undecided what do to with resetera. Maybe a smaller less frantic board is better for me. I think it'll be good for the industry though if devs are aboard too. But I've had discussions with some of the supposed mods and it's not like they're unbiased, stuff like that might hurt the discussions I think unless they manage to take a very hands off approach. We'll see what happens. Those I don't know might be biased at another direction though so maybe it sorts itself out, the mod discussions behind the scenes might be wilder than those on the board. ;D

    Biggest loss so far for me has easily been a frequently updated channel for news. Haven't found a replacement for that yet.

  • @jaggafredde Yeah didn't realize how much I depended on GAF for news. Felt like I have no clue what's going on in gaming these days.

    Hopefully if resetera is the thing it gets the juicy news and leaks that we used to get on gaf

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    @jaggafredde Yeah didn't realize how much I depended on GAF for news. Felt like I have no clue what's going on in gaming these days.

    Hopefully if resetera is the thing it gets the juicy news and leaks that we used to get on gaf

    Yeah, it really feels weird suddenly feeling like I'm catching so much less of the news and announcements. Especially since I don't really use twitter as well.

  • @DangerMouse Yeah it's not easy to get the juicy bits and smaller news. You should start a Twitter account though, I'm not socializing I just follow the official channels for the big three and some devs I like etc, just so I'm not completely out of the loop for the big news at least. It's cool to know that the big guys might read the response you write to their posts too, that used to be the case on GAF too but I think most devs left that place years ago because of how toxic it was.

  • Article from polygon with some information about neogaf and resetEra.

    Polygon - Inside former NeoGAF members’ mission to build a better alternative, ResetEra

  • Hey guys,

    I think this topic has been great for all the new members who've visited due to the issues on GAF however it's obviously changed a bit from the title of the topic.

    So please, create new topics more specified to the discussion you want, like the previous post discussing the polygon article or if you want some kind of long form general discussion topic, go for it, like we have with That's News.

    So with that, I'm locking the topic and hope newcomers enjoy creating and discussing conversations with all the great long time members!