Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • Shellshocked and confused, but here I am. Love the Allies and their tone of upbeat enthusiasm and thoughtful criticism. Happy to be a patron, and to discover these forums. Some of you may know me from GAF (I imagine a few folks from the Shenmue threads must be on here? Like Huber, we on Shenmue GAF put GREAT effort into making Shenmue 3 happen big).

    Anyways, if this is the end of GAF I'll miss the up to the minute news and the great OTs. There are other things about the site I won't miss... but it was definitely something unique in the gaming industry.

    What a weird day!

  • Slash3584 reporting!

    Was a GAF member maybe for 3 or 4 years and even before that I spend a lot of time lurking.

    Sad that it's gone buty lately I was just there mostly for gaming leaks/rumors and of course the great little community at the EZA OT.

    Hopefully most of the people there come here too!

  • Was a former member but still lurked. Been trying to follow the chaos that has ensued but keep getting error messages on the site.

  • I lurked on NeoGAF but never really posted. It was a useful site for news and to see what a good portion of the core gamer community was responding to. But yeah if you dig into any thread over there it quickly becomes a shit show.

  • admin

    Welcome everyone. I definitely hope that GAF isn't gone for good. (I was at least lurking there before the Neo) I don't expect these forums to be a real replacement in any sense, but hopefully you can find a place here to feel at home and have some civil discussions.

  • @Lilalaunebaer said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    From Gaf and was Lilalaunebaer there too.

    Will probably make my forum home here now. Kinda sucks since i got all my gaming news from there, but if what happened with Tyler is true, i definitely see why the mods there left. Weaksauce of him to take his ball and go home though.

    Anyway, L&R EZA community.

    Honestly don't know if it was purposefully pulled down before they were hammered. Servers were being hit hard before they buckled and was loading like it was E3 conference night, so may have pulled it down to stop that from happening before this alleged "statement" comes out.

  • Hey everybody.

    I've been lurking in the EZA OT on GAF since EZA launched. Always went there because the community felt much more alive. The discussion kept flowing much better compared to other EZA communities. It would be seriously great if someone from the OT 3 began a similar thread here. Just a general thread about all things EZA related. I think it's something that's really needed around here. Then I would also start posting and stop lurking :)

    In regards to all the political stuff. Can't we just get along. It's okay to have different opinions. I think this could be a possibility to inject some new live into the forums here on this site.

  • @Bloodworth said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    Welcome everyone. I definitely hope that GAF isn't gone for good. (I was at least lurking there before the Neo) I don't expect these forums to be a real replacement in any sense, but hopefully you can find a place here to feel at home and have some civil discussions.

    Cheers blood. While it may not be a direct replacement could also be a good opportunity to take in some members and also some of how they ran the forums in regards to OTs and the like?

    Speaking of, is there some form of online communities in here for specific games? Just was getting into the GT Sport online gaf community and now thats gone would love somewhere to be able to add friends, compare times etc.

    I know it sounds stupid but i get the same feeling i did the day gametrailers shut. It was a part of my everyday life and has left a hole.

  • Long time lurker and EZA fan here, really weird what's going on there.
    I think the allies positive look on gaming and everything related is something more people should strive for.

  • @Bloodworth Thanks for the warm welcome Blood. I do fear that even if GAF came back, it's going to be a shadow of itself from this point forward. I know I would now personally feel uncomfortable using it, I'd much prefer if someone else just straight-up made a new hub for that community (NeoNeoGAF, I suppose)

  • Glad we still have this place to fall back on. Feeling sickened by what has come out on Neogaf and disappointed in myself for not seeing the signs sooner.

  • I'll be joining here too, then! ;)

    Let's go Allies!

  • @Gaming_Groove said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    It's a real shame, I've been lurking on GAF for years but never was able to register due to it not liking my ISP's email domain. All the more reason to post here though.

    Kind of a similar situation here. A couple years ago, I tried registering not realizing that A: you had to use an ISP/educational/work email, and B: it took many months to be approved. Neither of these things were spelled out at the time, and the latter still isn't. I used an uncommon free email, figuring anything besides Hotmail and Yahoo would be fine. Six months later, I get rejected. I then fired off an email to support calling them elitists because you had to be "in the know" to register properly. I tried registering again with my ISP email, but it didn't work. It's possible that my entire ISP is blacklisted, but given the strictness they're known for, I truly wouldn't be surprised if they had a method to block me for calling them out (username/gamertag/IP/cookie match).

    Doesn't matter anymore. The place is (was?) so big, most of what I wanted to discuss has already been brought up by others. I used the name/avatar I was planning to use on GAF here as a consolation.

    EZA has a good sized following on GAF, so hopefully we'll see many more lifeboats coming up to our shore. ^_^

  • Man it's crazy how the biggest gaming forum can disappear in just one day, and i'm pretty sure nobody there saw it coming.

  • Ya. Kinda like the smaller scale here. God knows I spent way too much time on GAF.

  • Posted as Tsosie there and clearly as Tsosie here. I have been away from these forums for a while. Looks like I am coming back now. Still need to figure out where to get my gaming news from, but I have no intentions of joining a new gaming community right now.

  • I've been lurking on GAF for many years, as it simply was the best gaming news aggregator out there. Also really loved the sales discussion topics. Never bothered to register though because of the awful moderation team that just shutdown discussions for not agreeing with the hive and banning users for "wrongthink".

  • Lurked on Gaf for longer than I care to remember, was great way to find loads of gaming news quickly and in one place.

    Will miss the screenshot and gif threads if it's gone for good.

  • Can't say I ever posted on Neogaf or lurked there either. Whenever I did see what was going on there it rubbed me the wrong way, between how it made just signing up a total pain in the ass and how people would get banned if they went against the grain. It's like, I know not everyone here likes the Senran Kagura games, but I'm not about to be warned or banned for saying they're fun and you should give them a try here, you know?

    Either way if I'm gonna be 100% frank I'd been hearing rumors of their site leader doing the things that everyone's been talking about for years now and I'm not sure why it's only now blowing up.

  • Another GAF refugee. Hopefully something new pops up, but I'm not hopeful. Any new site will need near enough the exact same moderation policies of GAF, as anything less tends to result in an utter shitshow if and when membership scales up. Fortunately, I'm a part of a couple GAF community discord channels. If any ex-GAFfers aren't in on any of those, make it your aim to join one ASAP.