Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • Ya. Kinda like the smaller scale here. God knows I spent way too much time on GAF.

  • Posted as Tsosie there and clearly as Tsosie here. I have been away from these forums for a while. Looks like I am coming back now. Still need to figure out where to get my gaming news from, but I have no intentions of joining a new gaming community right now.

  • I've been lurking on GAF for many years, as it simply was the best gaming news aggregator out there. Also really loved the sales discussion topics. Never bothered to register though because of the awful moderation team that just shutdown discussions for not agreeing with the hive and banning users for "wrongthink".

  • Lurked on Gaf for longer than I care to remember, was great way to find loads of gaming news quickly and in one place.

    Will miss the screenshot and gif threads if it's gone for good.

  • Can't say I ever posted on Neogaf or lurked there either. Whenever I did see what was going on there it rubbed me the wrong way, between how it made just signing up a total pain in the ass and how people would get banned if they went against the grain. It's like, I know not everyone here likes the Senran Kagura games, but I'm not about to be warned or banned for saying they're fun and you should give them a try here, you know?

    Either way if I'm gonna be 100% frank I'd been hearing rumors of their site leader doing the things that everyone's been talking about for years now and I'm not sure why it's only now blowing up.

  • Another GAF refugee. Hopefully something new pops up, but I'm not hopeful. Any new site will need near enough the exact same moderation policies of GAF, as anything less tends to result in an utter shitshow if and when membership scales up. Fortunately, I'm a part of a couple GAF community discord channels. If any ex-GAFfers aren't in on any of those, make it your aim to join one ASAP.

  • I never even lurked there, my Twitter timeline constantly gives me a best of. But already in the GT days when Gaf was a respected forum by the industry I thought they are elitists that I want nothing to do with. Now they are one of the most hated echo chambers banning even industry officials for simple disagreements like Tom from Xseed who was there to defend Xseed's passion for japanese niche games and localizing the Senran Kagura games properly.

  • @Bloodworth thanks blood.

    I'll give gaf a few days. If it's really gone, I'll create a thread on here to try and continue the gaf thread to a degree.

  • Very much a lurker on gaf. Mostly used it just to check out the first page of news and read the EZA megathread.

    As others said, welcome to the forums everyone!

  • Yep. This lurker on Gaf awoke this morning adrift on the ocean with no way of getting his gaming news. In time something must surely take it's place since where else can I and others go on a Thursday/Friday to see the reaction threads on the release of a great game (this week, I hope, Mario Odyssey). It worked as a good aggregator site too with links to all sorts of things. This is needed and useful. Anyway, happy Patron that I am, my ship has landed at these shores for the time being. At first glance it seems like a gentle, kindly place. I will kick my shoes off at the beach and relax here for a bit before gently exploring. L&R.

  • Thought of making an account there back in the day. And prior to GT closing. Seems like I was indeed better off as a lurker. Apparently there was some really shady cult like culture. That was allowed and encouraged to thrive. As any opposition was shunned and banned.

    This whole, hill to die on thing. Is indeed not something that happens here on EZA. So it will be an adjustment for Gaf refugees here. As this place is much more toned down. Not that there weren't members at Gaf actually capable of a casual discussion.

  • I was Maligna on there...

    Where do I get up to the second gaming news now?

  • @-Jak- Such hostility. It was a community, not a cult.

  • Banned

    Which death is sadder, Neogaf or Visceral Games? icryevrytiem

    And Jak, refugees? Here? BUILD THE WALL!

  • @Mikey-Jr. Welcome!

    This applies to everyone, but there's no set standards or formats to follow on what you want to make for a thread. The only problem here is that things can move really really slow lol.

    A majority of threads never stay relevant here but maybe with the new ppl conversations will pick up a bit. I look forward to that because while I love that it's easy to be part of a conversation here as opposed to NeoGaf which moves at lightening speed, some topics don't get the attention they deserve. With that being said these forums are very fluid and self evolving which in my opinion seems to be self regulated quite well with the philosophy of Love and Respect. 90 percent of the time anyways lol.

    Anyways welcome again to everyone. I enjoyed reading NeoGaf for many reasons, but it was such a poisonous dictatorship of an administration that you couldn't help but laugh at how absurd they were at times. Hope you can all fund enjoyment and healing in these forums.

  • @Roberto-Larcos I did end by saying there were people at Gaf capable of a casual discussion. Just because we have a disagreement or see things differently, doesn't make me "hostile". If you still feel that way, it's cool.

    To elaborate, banning people for speaking out, nuking threads. This "is this the hill you want to die on". The ridicule before all facts are out references. This may seem normal to you and others who frequent Gaf. But this section (and I do mean a portion) of Gaf, is indeed cult like. I will also say, that from what I've seen. The overwhelming majority of Gaf, were not fans of Evilore's reported actions. So that was good to see.

  • @Matt-Humphrey said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    I was Maligna on there...

    Where do I get up to the second gaming news now?


    Nothing really opinion based. Not sure if you can even make your own opinion tile. Regardless, you can sort by console if you want. And the stuff that is "hot" bubbles to the top.

  • Yeah - I don't know what's going on and I had my issues with the site but overall I enjoyed it for a few reasons.

    1. Gaming news
      It was pretty much the best place to find up to date news.

    2. Having so many members (that were somewhat vetted) means that someone would know the answer to a question and would reply quickly.

    3. GIFS

    Will miss it if it's gone. Anyway - maybe this is an opportunity to actually be productive (or maybe it's an opportunity to find another community)

  • @Art said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    Which death is sadder, Neogaf or Visceral Games? icryevrytiem

    Well, Visceral Games provided me with joy.

  • I remember one of the last threads I made on GAF was about Xbox Live membership, and the conversation very quickly spun away from the original topic, due to the title being misleading. The mods refused to change the title because they didn't think the thread was worth the effort. Just as an insight to the environment.