Anyone here from NeoGaf?

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    I am Fou-Lu over at Neogaf. I am honestly in shock over the potential loss of that site. It has been my main source of gaming news and discussion for 10 years. No matter its flaws the size of the community, quality of OTs, and level of discussion was/is second to none in video games. The loss of the Essential RPG, EZA OT, what JRPG are you playing, and various game OT threads are a huge blow for me. Plus the amount of love for lesser known gems was a beautiful thing. Say what you will about its 'far-left' leanings and heavy handed moderation, but it kept out the GamerGate crazies quite efficiently. I can't see anywhere replacing it effectively.

    Yeah, lots of info is gone. I would always punch in "(name of game) NeoGaf" and I could read past threads about the game, or I could even bump it when it was a year old, and someone would ALWAYS come in and answer my question.

    Reddit is cool, but it's not the same. Thats not really a forum.

  • I did read that OpenCritic said they'd create a site to take in people from Gaf, but not sure how that will turn out.

  • @Minamik OpenCritic were big fans of GAF, but they'd alienate a ton of their fanbase if they tried to make anything similar to GAF.

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    Your new home is at

    Enjoy it before mods with a power complex ruin it.

  • @Roberto-Larcos I read that it'd be a separate site, but yeah, I'm not too sure on any of the deets or if it's all just rumors.

  • @Art At the end of the day, home is wherever you hang your hat. :)

  • Hope NeoGaf does come back. if you don't want to participate anymore based on morals, then I am 100% behind you. No problem there.

    But I don't think 1 bad apple should spoil the entire bunch. There lots of good and helpful people on there.

  • @Matt-Humphrey Most news items hit /r/gaming on Reddit pretty quick. Maybe just stay out of the comments

  • For the Japanese side of news, I used to look at Siliconera a lot. Don't know if that'd help anyone's news fix.

  • @Art Looking at some of the threads there, I'm going to have to say no. Thanks for linking it though. Might be someplace others will like.

  • I also remember some site that was made by former gafers called Slaent or something like that, but I don't know what it's like.

  • I used to look some gaming news there. I've tried to register, but had the same problems as many others and got rejected. I will miss the many excellent OP's in the games section, but the OT there was really toxic.

  • Hi all. I wasn't a GAF member for that long... my account was created around February of this year iirc, and approved a couple of months later. But I used to lurk before that, and started posting in the EZA OT regularly recently. Really bummed out about what happened, but hopefully the community can stick together somehow. I really enjoyed the EZA thread and found the community pretty welcoming and nice. I'll try and be more active here now. I made an account here some time ago but never got around to posting.

    On another note, I actually found out about EZA through neogaf last year.

  • Was a poster on neogaf for 7 years. Sad to see it go. Mostly frequented the OTs and such, hope those can live one here in some fashion. My go to site when bored at work. Gonna start posting here more.

  • sup brode

  • NeoGAF led me to EZA as well yeah. I stopped browsing and using OT a long while ago but Gaming side was my primary source of video game news. As far as participation goes, I seem to rarely have interesting points of views so engagement isn't what I'll miss, but I did try to make my enjoyment of EZA's content known over there and will try to do so constructively around these parts as well.

  • Yup. I've always meant to start posting here but doing two forum communities at once is difficult. So, heya guys.

  • I always meant to post here more!
    At least the allies have our backs,

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    I know that I am a little late to the party.

    I want however to wish everyone very welcome to the EZA forum! As others have said, be friendly, be understanding and most of all, have fun! if you need assistant, feel free to contact me or any other of our lovely mods! <3

  • Also checking in.
    GAF was basically my no 1 source for everything internet discussion. TV, gaming, movies, us politics etc. Ugh, hope it comes back in some form/another form.

    Also, GAF's mobile version was basically top of its class in performance, utility and design. Bummer.

    Very happy to visit here moreoften in reagrds to the Allies.