Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • Hi all. I wasn't a GAF member for that long... my account was created around February of this year iirc, and approved a couple of months later. But I used to lurk before that, and started posting in the EZA OT regularly recently. Really bummed out about what happened, but hopefully the community can stick together somehow. I really enjoyed the EZA thread and found the community pretty welcoming and nice. I'll try and be more active here now. I made an account here some time ago but never got around to posting.

    On another note, I actually found out about EZA through neogaf last year.

  • Was a poster on neogaf for 7 years. Sad to see it go. Mostly frequented the OTs and such, hope those can live one here in some fashion. My go to site when bored at work. Gonna start posting here more.

  • sup brode

  • NeoGAF led me to EZA as well yeah. I stopped browsing and using OT a long while ago but Gaming side was my primary source of video game news. As far as participation goes, I seem to rarely have interesting points of views so engagement isn't what I'll miss, but I did try to make my enjoyment of EZA's content known over there and will try to do so constructively around these parts as well.

  • Yup. I've always meant to start posting here but doing two forum communities at once is difficult. So, heya guys.

  • I always meant to post here more!
    At least the allies have our backs,

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    I know that I am a little late to the party.

    I want however to wish everyone very welcome to the EZA forum! As others have said, be friendly, be understanding and most of all, have fun! if you need assistant, feel free to contact me or any other of our lovely mods! <3

  • Also checking in.
    GAF was basically my no 1 source for everything internet discussion. TV, gaming, movies, us politics etc. Ugh, hope it comes back in some form/another form.

    Also, GAF's mobile version was basically top of its class in performance, utility and design. Bummer.

    Very happy to visit here moreoften in reagrds to the Allies.

  • I've been lurking since the GT days but I decided now's probably the best time to become more active since GAF's gone. I went by Adam_Roman there too. I've always been a big fan of how controlled EZA's been with deciding to venture into politics as little as possible, and the focus on love and respect. It's always made me feel welcome even as someone who didn't participate much.

  • @dramaticslowmo Hit up General Gaming, got a gaming screenshot thread stickied there.

  • MrMette on NeoGaf. I only used it for EZA (after GT shut down, I was trying to find more info on it and found the NeoGaf thread), but still somewhat weird to see it shut down. Although it has been some days since I checked the EZA thread over there, so I didn't know about the shutdown until I saw a youtube video about it.

    I have an account here since the forums opened, but I hardly ever used it. If NeoGaf is gone, I will probably check this forum more.

  • Here. Such a shame that the owner is a pos.
    There is no other forum where you can find enough people with interests in more niche games.
    I also learned about GT/EZA from Neogaf. So there is that.

  • Yup. Well, I was originally from the GT forums before they went down, headed over to GAF, then just found the Easy Allies actually do have a forum. So it's kind of like returning home.

  • Yep, I'm from Gaf as well. Macka there too. I wasn't super active in the Easy Allies thread and only really posted in Nintendo game OT's though. As draining as that place could be at times with all of the political talk - it was always a great resource for news and leaks. That's going to be hard to replace.

  • NeoGaf was great for gaming news, which is what I pretty much used it for. I'd post, but not much. Discussions there could become pretty toxic and threads would go off the rails into an overly political void. Not to mention if you have differing opinions, you'd get dumped on by many of the users there. Basically just gonna miss it as resource for news.

  • Lot's of new faces here! If you are planning to stick around, make sure to check out the Forum Charter for the official guidelines. If you're so inclined, you should also post in the Introduction thread to make it easy for everyone to get to know you and earn some reputation!

    Didn't really check in much of Gaf myself, but it is hard losing a place you frequent a lot, especially so suddenly! Hopefully some of the community will figure out a way to revive things or create something new that is somewhat comparable. The EZA forums are great if you enjoy a more laidback community though!

  • Yeah, I'm here, too. Been here since the beginning, but I guess I might end up posting here more if GAF truly is finished. Well, unless I find some other internet hangout that eats my time the same way that that place did.

  • Hullo
    Also the below is very disappointing if the games i an thinking about are allowed to be discussed
    @Torigasa-Reta said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    Unlike on Gaf, discussions of certain japanese games don't get banned, also we at least try to respect other's opinions.

  • @sn00zer_neo said:

    Also the below is very disappointing
    @Torigasa-Reta said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    Unlike on Gaf, discussions of certain japanese games don't get banned, also we at least try to respect other's opinions.

    How so? I mean there is a "Keep it at least semi-sfw" policy so it's not like people'll be posting pics of "Tentacle Hentai Simulator 2K18" but what's wrong with not having a "You're not allowed to talk about this game, period" rule?

  • @ChaosBahamut I dont want to veer off topic as I understand this is part of a larger ongoing discussion. i guess the question is more why discussing them is welcomed, because the list of gaf banned games was two or three that I know of (Criminal Girls, Hatred, Senran). So I guess as a mod why do you feel these games should be allowed to be discussed given their content.

    I personally think those games in particular have an easily drawn line between acceptance because something is different versus accepting something that is abhorent and sfw doesnt necessarily mean acceptable.