Anyone here from NeoGaf?

  • @Minamik I mean what you call "going against the grain" I call "breaking the rules of the forum". If the echo chamber is filled with people saying "fictional underage girls doing adult things in games is weird" then I don't see a problem.

    @CGamor7 Certainly, one of the things I love about EZA is their general positive attitude and willingness to give things a chance despite their flaws.

  • @Minamik I really know nothing of Tom's ban, so I won't comment on that, but as to your second point:

    I wouldn't say that a localizer's job is to stick as close to the script as possible, or else we would have awful literal translation everywhere. A localizer's job is not just to translate, but to localize, which means making the script and the game work for the new audience and hopefully retaining the spirit and culture of the original.

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    I know people are going to have different viewpoints on GAF and some of the things that happened there, but let's try not to get bogged down in rehashing old arguments.

  • Hey all. Another ex-Gaf member here. It's crazy all the things that have happened in the span of a few hours. Quite frankly I felt a little lost not being able to go to the EZA community thread. I'm disappointed in all that transpired, but I look forward to getting to know the forums here! I've been wanting to get myself registered here anyways.

  • NewGAF is being launched tomorrow, according to the Discord.

  • I'm from Gaf too (same nick and same avatar), I've been here for a while following the ex-GT crew. I don't post much here because the Xbox related news (which interest me the most) are almost non-existent and usually barren.

  • @Roberto-Larcos said in Anyone here from NeoGaf?:

    NewGAF is being launched tomorrow, according to the Discord.
    can you send me an invite to the discord group, please?

  • @LordBaztion I can't, unfortunately. It's ultra locked-down right now, due to Voat / Reddit / Twitter trolls. I can ask a server mod, but can't promise that anything will be done. I only got in as I was part of the MinecraftGAF Discord chat.

  • @Roberto-Larcos Don't wory, just let me know when the new forum opens. Thanks

  • @ito007 Well then welcome to the madhouse.

    We don't bite. Much. ;)

  • @Carmichael That's why I said their job is to be as faithful to the original as possible, not to translate it word for word. Their job is to deliver the director's creation in another language, not to make decisions about what is and isn't appropriate.

    Like Huber so lovingly puts it all the time: "Creator's intent"

  • @Bloodworth

    Thanks Bloodworth, I had an account here, but never used it much, guess it's going to change. I already see some familiar faces.

    However I do think that NeoGAF is gone for good. There is an archived version here and mods/members are already working on a substitute, however NeoGAF as we knew it is dead.

  • @Bloodworth thanks for the openness Blood. I've been with GT/EZA since high school. Was on the Patreon and Twitch sub from day 1. On GAF we celebrated when you guys pulled through. There are memebera of GAF working hard to bring a new site up as soon as tommorow. Hopefully the outlook is brighter. But for now I'm happy to truly embrace the EZA fam on their own forums. At least I can still look forward to E3 and Nintendo Directs and Sony Conferences with you guys.

  • @Japanmanx3 Can you share any details on who's spearheading this new site? Without strong moderation/account approvals I'm worried it'll fall apart real quick.

  • For people asking about gaming news we use this thread. If you don't like the forums style you can change it in your user settings in the pagination section.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @dmax3901 Some old mods, some help from open critic, and volunteers are in the mix right now. That's pretty much all I know. I'm in the Discord but it's been a busy day so that's all I can say. But they secured resources and have a framework. More info to come soon.

  • @Japanmanx3 Ok cool, sounds more legit than I envisioned. This shit still has me reeling, lol.

  • @dmax3901 I have a vacuum in my heart. I joined GAF in like 2013. The last major community I was involved in to that degree was the Nintendo Power forums. GT crumbled and thankfully EZA rose like a Pheonix from those ashes. Iwata died. So much has happened in my, nay, in our gaming history and whether people know it or not, GAF was there for the majority of it. I was there when the Xbox One was revealed. When CBOAT was a god amongst men. When Ntkrnl gave up the goods. When Banderas was the king of Gifs. When Mario 3D World made huge swaths of people eat crow. It can't really be stated enough. The industry had to acknowledge GAF. And many embraced us wholly. To say it's sad to see the way it's abruptly spiraled into oblivion is the minutest of understatements.

  • Welcome all! Hope to see you all in Twitch chat or Discord!