LTTP: Chrono Trigger

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    Here we are, the end of the SNES trilogy of games I needed to play - (Posts on A Link to the Past & Super Metroid).

    Just to start this off, while I'm very aware of the JRPG, it's only of the last 4-5 years that I've started completing them. I've completed the likes of Final Fantasy IX, Persona 4 Golden & Suikoden and in particular I hold those last two very highly. So on to Chrono Trigger!

    Art design/Animations - I've loved all the art in the SNES games I've played. They all have such wonderful and colourful sprites. Similar to Super Metroid, I feel it really helps set each area apart. All the locations are impressively detailed. Also I could not believe there was actual anime in this game. That was truly amazing and I loved it. Each clip was so beautiful and if they were ever to remake the game, remake it exactly like that.

    Combat - For me, the weakest part in turn based JRPGs is the combat system. I always find that the battles usually drag and just end up being a few people attack and one person defend while you deliver 1000's of points worth of damage (very prevalent in the FF series). While Chrono Trigger has some similar problems, I feel that overall it's a much more entertaining system. Positioning is taken into account which I like. Battles are a lot shorter and animations are very swift. It reminded me of the Suikoden battle system which is easily my preferred turn based system. The other thing I like is certain enemies actually do require some strategy. Things like what is effective, who needs to be killed first. These things helped to keep the system far more entertaining for me personally.

    World/Traversal - Oh I loved this! I didn't realise I'd be going between timelines until I booted up the game. Seeing the world you're in change over such drastic times is beautiful. I love that you see certain events, you see lands move apart, drastic weather changes. All of these add to make a really epic journey through the game. I like these types of world maps too where you have that isometric view of the map and walk around. Also, no random enemies, love that! The further you get in the game, you actually get your ship and that unlocks even more to do. There is a wonderful sense of progression as you fly and land in new places, interact with the people there and discover new quests to do.

    Story - Usually a time travel story would really bother me. I hate it when time travel is done badly and Chrono Trigger does do time travel badly. However, the characters and general story are so charming that I'm willing to forgive the obvious plot holes in the game. Things make no logical sense but it's really cool when you go from one timeline to another to see the affects of your decisions. Things like the Northern Ruins, the sun stone, the forest.. these are all really cool moments I think that flesh out the characters and really deliver some emotional moments. So yes, it's nonsense but it's damn good nonsense.

    Soundtrack & design - Very little to say here bar it was beautiful. The themes all feel really iconic and impactful, the battle music is that perfect blend of short energy driven music and never felt repetitive. The sounds effects are all really well done. The monster roars, robo computing, the slashes and clanks of weapons when they connect. I've really grown an appreciation of the sounds used during the SNES era.

    DS Version - Just a small shout out. I didn't play the original but it feels like the DS makes some very nice improvements. Having the map and all other information on the bottom screen gives the main screen a wonderful uncluttered view. It was like being able to turn off the HUD in a game.

    Overall - Like with the other games I've gone back to, I highly recommend Chrono Trigger. If you like JRPGs and have somehow missed this, it's a no brainer. It's easily up there as one of the best JRPGs I've ever played (Not a huge list, but a significant one). The characters are all interesting and unique, the setting and environments you go through are memorable and the soundtrack is wonderful. If you have a platform to play it, then do it!

    And that's probably it for my lttps, hope people have enjoyed reading them. If I was to do another, it'd be after the SNES period and if I was guessing, it'd probably be Suikoden 2 so we'll see.

    Edit: Oh I forgot to mention I only completed the game once so I do have all the NG+ stuff to do and I can totally see myself playing more. If I do, I'll post it on here.

  • Nice write up. It great to see that people can still appreciate the classics. Did you get Magus? CT has like a dozen endings so theres plenty of replay value if you're interested. Do you have any interest in the "sequel" chrono cross? It'd be kinda neat to play them back to back.

    By the way, I just got a bunch of jrpgs through the psn sale myself (FF4,6, 9, chrono trigger, suikoden 2). I haven't played through them since they launched so I expect it to be quite the nostalgic trip.

  • @RockDoctor I did get Magus. I didn't actually realise there was a possibility of not getting him so that's cool!

    Ya I've heard about the multiple endings and even the ending you get seems to leave a few new questions so I reckon I will get back to it but I do want a little break from the retro run I've been on lately.

    As for Chrono Cross, I never really thought about it but if I can get it on Vita (EU) I might just check it out. That said it'll be a while as I do have a few vita games I want to get to first.

  • @tokeeffe9 I feel like Chrono Trigger aged so well... and nice things you wrote there! I am curious, why did you dislike the time travel nonsense that much?

  • @Crono It's not that I disliked it. I'm usually someone who hates time travel stories in general as usually there are gaping plotholes. But with some things I'm willing to just have fun with it like Back to the Future and the same applied to Chrono Trigger. Instead of nitpicking why only one thing changed due to an event, I just went with it.

    Just on time travel, I'm a big fan of stories where whatever happened happens. So I've always liked movies like Twelve Monkeys, Primer... which do their best to tie it up.