Open World games that capture the sense of emptiness

  • im not the biggest fan of open world games as their great for the first 25 hours or so but after a while becasue of their design i just get burnt out and bored. The only open wor;d game that hasnt made me feel this way was witcher 3 because instead of a random NPC giving me a quest to go kill/loot/grind for a item that said npc and his quest had a story Arc and it was enough to keep me engaged in that world and i think its the first open world game i completed the main story of.

  • @Winter-sMirage I totally get your argument. An empty environment can absolutely set the right tone for a game if it is used well. But there are a lot of ways that you can evoke feelings of isolation, loneliness, or desolation without resorting to wide empty spaces. Silent Hill 2 managed to make me feel alone and lost without having a huge game map. It just takes some creativity and time to think of other ways that you can establish the same vibe. Additionally, the large game maps that people complain about are the ones in Mafia 2, Burnout: Paradise, or Shadow of the Colossus. They are the Ubisoft titles that fill their maps with countless fetch quests and collect-a-thon trinkets so that their maps don't look as empty as they actually are.

    But at the end of the day, I don't think the main problem is actually with the games themselves but rather how their size is advertised and marketed. I can't even count how many press releases I've read where publishers or developers brag about how much bigger their game world is but fail to mention what we can actually do in that world. Every once in a while we'll get a Witcher 3 that uses their open worlds wisely, but most of the time the space they create is just for the sake of having a large space. I feel like we're back in the "Bit Wars" all over again were people care more about numbers than content.