What was your first exposure to your favorite games/series?

  • I had an 8 hour shift today where I was basically told to sit at a desk and greet people as they entered my store. That left me with a lot of time to think, and as per usual my mind wandered in to the realm of video games, specifically my favorite ones, and my history with them.

    There was a point in all of our lives where our favorite games or series were completely unknown to us. When you did first encounter them? And where? What made you decide to give them a shot, or did you pass on them initially?

    My 3 favorite games/series are Pokemon, Persona, and Okami. I can remember how I became acquainted with them all fairly well.

    The furthest back my love of any of these series goes is with Pokemon. I have pictures of a two year old me playing with a MewTwo bath toy and watching the Pokemon anime with my cousins who were a little older and very in to Pokemon themselves. My first clear memory of being interested in Pokemon is from when I was 5 years old and my cousins, who had decided they were too old for Pokemon gifted me a literal bucket of Pokemon cards. I made my parents count them all for me and there was like over 1200 cards in the bucket. That was the real beginning of my love of Pokemon.

    The next oldest for me is Okami. The first console my parents ever bought me was a PS2 Slim for Christmas when I was 7 years old. They didn't fully understand what was required to use a gaming console at the time and failed to purchase controllers or a memory card. My cousins informed them of the need for controllers eventually but never a memory card. That plays in to the rest of this story. Because I lacked a memory card I just assumed you had to beat games in one sitting and thereby gravitated more to games that weren't very long. Primarily DDR. But one day I was in a Target, where all of my important gaming moments have taken place, and I saw this really cool box, for a game that I called "Ookmu" as I had trouble reading the font used on the box. My mom got it for me as a surprise for my 8th birthday and thus began my 11 year love affair with Okami. I basically just played the first hour over and over again for a few years until I stopped using my PS2. When I was in high school and back in to gaming a pre-owned copy of Okami for Wii caught my eye and I started playing again. It wouldn't be until last year however, when I played the HD version on PS3 that I would finally beat Okami and it would be cemented as my favorite adventure game of all time.

    My most recent introduction to a series I love is Persona. As I previously mentioned all of my important gaming moments have gone down in a Target. I was in high school, and had recently started playing games again. Even more recently I had started to watch anime again, and in my gaming/anime circles I had occasionally heard the name "Persona" thrown around. Mainly I had heard how complicated the story was and how many games there were in the series, or at least that's the impression I got because neither of those things are really true in regards to the Persona series. Maybe SMT on the whole but there's only 6 Persona games and their stories are all pretty self contained. In any case here I was in a Target, looking for a cheap 3DS game to pick up and play on an upcoming school trip. One box caught my eye. A box so stylish, so chic, so cute, that I couldn't help but take a closer look. That game was Persona Q. It was on sale for $25 and that was a deal I certainly couldn't refuse. But I thought back to all the things I had heard about Persona, and Persona Q was such a strange title, I was torn. So I did the only thing you can do in that situation, I googled it. I found out that Persona Q was a crossover of Persona 3 and 4 and that it was the most recent game in the series. With this new information I decided it would be best to play one of the older games before picking up Q. I watched the first few episodes of Giant Bomb's Persona 4 Let's Play and was sold on the series. So sold in fact that I went out and bought a refurbished PS Vita so that I could play P4 Golden, and the rest is history.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles is my favorite game of all time and I first heard about it the day it released in 2012. I knew it was a big JRPG on Wii that was GameStop exclusive but besides that I didn’t care.

    I saw a few weeks later it was beginning to skyrocket in price and that piqued my interest so I started looking into it after it had sold out. After GameStop ordered the second pressing was when I finally got my copy for $90 (totally worth it by the way even though it’s much less expensive now). I didn’t end up finishing it until the 3DS release though.

  • I first heard of Persona with the Persona 3 review in GT, it grabbed my attention so I got a copy, and ever since it has been my favorite series by far.

  • A bizarre story...
    My favourite game series is Mass Effect (that I now need to specify is just the original trilogy)
    Owning only Playstation I never played the original. Once I got a PS3 I looked for games to get and people recommended ME, so I bought ME2 and played it. Well I did for an hour or two, and never got into it and forgot about it.
    Later when ME3 came out there was a demo for it. Now elsewhere on here you'll see me write about my love of demos, and this is why, because I played the ME3 demo and adored it. Not entirely sure why I liked it more than 2, probably an immediately more gripping start for someone with no knowledge of the series, or maybe I liked the combat better. In the end though j bought ME3 and played it all the way through. With a new love of the characters I went back and played 2, and then I played 3 again being able to bring my Shepherd to both games. AND THEN I bought the original game on my PC to play it.
    So in the end I played Mass Effect backwards. And then forwards 😊

  • For my favorite two games, I discovered them from the same source at different times, in completely different places. And for three other franchises, it simply was eye-catching happenstance in a store that would lead me down life-long loves of great games.

    In the seventh grade, I lived far from where I'm from (a stupid decision in hindsight), but out of that I made a close friend. I was at his house one day and he briefly played Final Fantasy VII. Now why he played it, I can't remember, but he was on board the boat leaving Junon. So all I watched him play was the brief story sequence from starting on the ship up to the Jenova fight. And I was captivated. I grabbed my own copy and have adored it ever since.

    Later on, I moved back home, but the same friend was kind enough to spend a week visiting (And this was four states away mind you). He brought along with him Final Fantasy X. He started a new game, and played all the way to Kilika with me watching the entire time. He stopped and had to make a store run, but I really wanted him to play more. Some time after he went back home, I found myself in Wal-Mart, saw a copy for $20, and have adored it... well, ever since.

    One day, before meeting this friend (about two years ago if memory serves), I was outside at school sitting at some stone tables during recess or P.E. or whatever it was called, and overhead a couple friends discussing a bizarre series of events from moving a teddy bear to an adjoining chair, making sure to pick the proper presents, and how to navigate a forest. I was so confused and intrigued, I asked them what they were talking about. "Kingdom Hearts" they said. And so, walking through, you guessed it, Wal-Mart, I saw a $20 video game with a kid holding a key like a sword with Donald, Goofy, and a couple of other people. And it blew my freaking mind. I asked for it, got it, played it, loved it, and.... you get the point.

    Walking through a Sam's club is not really something I've done a lot. As a matter of fact, I only ever remember being there once. And just inside the door was a bargain bin for games. At the top was this a weird looking cat guy with a giant rocket launcher and a robot on his back. Ratchet & Clank is probably the one story on this list where I had never heard of it prior to seeing it, and buying it strictly off of the box-art, both front and back. Lifelong fan ever since that day.

    Finally, I was gifted an Xbox 360 for my 16th birthday. Later that day, I was taken to GameStop and it just so happened there was a buy two get one free sale. Now, the two games I bought turned out to be games that I fell out of really quickly. SoulCalibur IV because it had Yoda on the box (because I was an uninformed consumer who fell for the "Popular character from a franchise you love is our game. Buy it!" marketing) and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Decent from what I remember, but played it only once and thought, "Nah, this isn't for me."). But in walking around, trying to figure out what game they were letting me have for free, I picked up a black and red cover with some pissed off guys on the front and remembered, "Oh, this is that game that has that chainsaw gun isn't it?"

    Suffice to say of the three games I walked out with that day, Gears of War turned out to be the one I not only enjoyed, but would go on to be my favorite Xbox exclusive franchise. Sorry Halo.

  • My first exposure to Dark Souls was watching a review of it on GameTrailers.

    I hadn't owned a video game console since 2002 with the PS2. I had basically stopped playing video games for a decade after moving to Asia. I had so many other distractions in my life that I never considered buying an Xbox 360 or PS3 (despite still following gaming news).

    My friend ended up leaving Shanghai in 2013, and he gave me his Xbox. I was pretty stoked as I had a ton of different games to play that I had missed out on. But there was one game that always lingered in the back of my mind. I re-watched Ryan Stevens' review of Dark souls, and say screw it, it may be super tough, but I've got to try it. It looked so up my alley, so I went out a bought it.

    Because of that GT review, I bought the game, and ended up buying a PS4 for Bloodborne. It awoke my love for video games again, and I've never looked back.

  • As a life long Nintendo fan, I originally thought my post (first ever on this site!!) would be about the Legend of Zelda series; however, back in 2010 a series new to me came in and stole my heart: Dragon Quest.

    When I was in college I worked midnight shift at a gas station. I had a lot of downtime and was allowed to play my Nintendo DS whenever things were slower between 1am-5am. I got a lot of solid gaming done and I burned through a lot of the bigger RPGs on the system. I remember this was in June when I was on summer break from school. I stopped at Gamestop one day to pick up a cheap DS JRPG to grind through during a block of midnight shifts I was coming up on. I picked up Dragon Quest IV and decided to give it ago and I was immediately hooked. I loved the challenge, polish, music, and how great it felt compared to a lot of modern JRPGs at the time. It took me a week to beat that game and I was craving for more.

    At that years E3 we learned that Dragon Quest IX was releasing that July, roughly a week after I finished Dragon Quest IV. I went to Gamestop again and saw there was another Dragon Quest game on DS (V) which I bought immediately. I bought it and gave myself a week to compete it before DQIX and I passed the test with flying colors. That game was even more amazing than DQIV and it is now one of my most favorite games of all time.

    I spent the rest of the summer putting 300 hours into Dragon a Quest IX and by the time I returned for my final fall semester of classes, Dragon Quest has dethroned Zelda as my favorite games series. I proceeded to play DQIX for months until DQVI’s DS port came out and I played that as well. The following summer I pulled out my old PS2 and bought a used copy of Dragon Quest VIII and spent and entire summer with it. I played that game daily after work and finally beat it with a final time of 72 hours. It instantly became my most favorite game of all time.

    The rest of course is history. Square Enix proceeded to ignore Dragon Quest in the West for nearly six years. The last year has been like gaming heaven for me with the release of Dragon Quest VII and VIII on 3ds and I am greatly looking forward to Dragon Quest XI on Switch.

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    Love this thread! so many cool stories!

    For me a lot of introduction to games have been thanks to friends or my brother.

    With Pokémon it was because my older brother had bought Pokémon blue (yes Im that old) and he wanted someone to trade with. I was thinking It could be kinda cool and I thought I might as well give it a go. I ended up absolutely loving it and spent so many hours in it. Later I bought Silver when it got released and spent a pleanty of time in there as well. After my two big adventures though I felt quite filled up with Pokémon so I havent really given the series much chance since, even though I still wont admit that any pokemons are good after gen 2 ;)

    Another series which I still love to bits are Final Fantasy which I had seen my brother play now and then of part VII. sure it was cool and all but didnt really understand it that much. Until I took some of my brothers money to go and buy Final Fantasy IX. This made me fall in love completely, such a great story, world, characters, music! I was in love and nothing ever beats 9 in my eyes. Even though I have since gone back and played through the older games as well. This also gave me a better understanding of 9 and the whole series which I still play to this day.

    Thanks to a friend I also gave Mass Effect a try. He knew I really enjoyed story based games etc. He kept poking me about playing them and I always kinda just dismissed it and went "yeah sure I'll look into it later on". One day he had enough and came home to me with a cop of mass effect 1 and 2 which he installed on my PC. I could never have believed the deph of story and characters. As I also love star wars this went right up my alley. I ended up playing them more or less back to back. Or I finished ME1 during half a week, then my same friend was with me when I started ME2 the friday after. I can't really remember anytime before that which made my jaw drop as hard from the intro. Also this game made my mum utter the now famous phrase "what movie is that which you keep seeing?" I spent 42 hours playing friday until sunday evening. Memory of a lifetime.

    I might remember more at a later stage and add in. These are however the main ones that stood out right now.

  • My 3 Favorite series are

    Final Fantasy Growing up in the 90's my first console was a N64 so i never got the play Final Fantasy during its golden years. My cousin who is just 11 days older then me however grew up with a playstation and id watch him and his older brother play these very different looking games then what i was used to they also came in a big "book or CD's "as i called the multi-disc ps1 games. years later in my early teens got a ps2 and i bought the ps1 era Final Fantasys starting with 7 (even though x-2 was the first in the series i owned) and its been my favorite series ever since.

    Souls during the mid to late 00's i had just started High School and while i had a ps3 nothing that interested me had come to the system until oblivion came out and i poured weeks into that game. one day while posting on the GT forums i think in the JRPG faction someone had posted Screenshots of this new RPG coming to the ps3 i looked at the hud and it reminded me of Oblivion so i was imminently interested but i lost track of the game until i seen it in a bargain bin at my local walmart i bought Demon's souls for 20 bucks and ive bought and completed every game in the series since.

    Legend of Zelda my cousin bought me Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask at a thrift store and gave them to me. Oot being the first game i ever 100% completed and would play over and over again.