Backlog Chopping Block

  • I had a google doc on my backlog. List of games I need to play before I pack my ps3 away. I deleted most of them and the only ps3 game on it is Yakuza 5. I'm almost finished with it. People just need to learn to skip it.

  • @RayneSol

    The Minish Cap's like my 5th favourite Zelda, so if you're not feeling it now, I recommend you at least give it a chance some other time. I really love Bowser's Inside Story, too. I hope you can find the time to give it another shot as well.

    Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are both pretty skippable, but if you're interested, I'd recommend playing ST first. ST does chronologically happen after PH, but I'm not even sure they bring up the events of PH at all in ST, so skipping PH shouldn't be a problem. If you like ST a lot, then go ahead and play PH, too.

    The games aren't very different, but I do think that ST is the slightly better of the two, the biggest positive being not needing to repeat the any parts in the central dungeon, like you do in PH. I also think that Spirit Tracks has a good story, while PH's story is just kinda there.

    It does have the worse overworld though; driving a train can get tiresome, especially at least if you wanna do everything in the game. In comparison, I don't think I ever got tired of the boat in PH, and PH has the best Zelda character, Linebeck, in a prominent role.

  • @Kneefoil Thanks for the great response. I'll definitely take it to heart. I'll give Spirit Tracks a try. From what I've seen from Damiani's PH stream I might just skip it altogether.

  • @ib0show If only it were that easy. Sometimes it is, sometimes not.

  • I got a huge backlog, I say just play what you want to play and don't worry about it. Since I started going back to college via night classes, I've just changed my status to "collector" since I just keep buying games as opposed to really making progress finishing them.

    I have been playing FFXII Zodiac Age, I beat it this weekend, but I'm working towards the platinum now, though I should of probably done more schoolwork...

  • I kinda want to abolish the idea of a backlog because it prevents me from enjoying what I'm currently playing in a sense... But right now I've got:

    NG+ playthroughs for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Horizon: Zero Dawn
    DLC for Dark Souls III
    NG+ for Persona 5

    I also want to get back and do another Bloodborne playthrough at some point.

  • @Pandacon Haha i like that. Changing status to collector is an alternative way to handle the hobby.

  • @DeltaCanuckian Getting rid of the notion would be great all together. But it's a double edged sword for me. It can help to just note games I want to play or still have to play to keep track of. So you started that P5 NG+ already? I might go for the plat sometime next year, if i'm still up for it.

  • I use Backloggery to keep track of my games. I don't put too much pressure on myself to play all the games I've bought over the years, but it's nice to take a look at what I've got once in a while and realize I can wait a few more months before I buy new games because I've already more than enough to play.

  • @Kneefoil I'm in the final stretch of Minish Cap myself and can happily say it's quite a pleasant game! There's a few things I wish I knew about the Kinstones earlier on in my run, but it just gives me another playthrough opportunity one day. I wish I had the chance to play through the DS Zelda games before it died, I feel as if I shouldn't start BotW until I play Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. Zelda is one of my favorites, so I'm willing to play even the worst games in the series.

  • it's probably Batman Arkham City on the PS4, Watch Dogs 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale

  • @RayneSol Oh god no. I have no idea when I'll get to P5 NG+, man. Someone posted a code for The Stick of Truth on OpenCritic last night and I managed to grab it, so I've got that added to the list now too.

  • @The_Andredal I vote to keep Arkham City alive! I can't speak for the rest of the games though, chop away.

  • @Axel Yeah that helps for sure. I'm slowly getting into just not bothering with it and playing what I want to now.

  • @Jmac I hear ya but definitely play BotW no matter what.