Backlog Chopping Block

  • I got a huge backlog, I say just play what you want to play and don't worry about it. Since I started going back to college via night classes, I've just changed my status to "collector" since I just keep buying games as opposed to really making progress finishing them.

    I have been playing FFXII Zodiac Age, I beat it this weekend, but I'm working towards the platinum now, though I should of probably done more schoolwork...

  • I kinda want to abolish the idea of a backlog because it prevents me from enjoying what I'm currently playing in a sense... But right now I've got:

    NG+ playthroughs for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Horizon: Zero Dawn
    DLC for Dark Souls III
    NG+ for Persona 5

    I also want to get back and do another Bloodborne playthrough at some point.

  • @Pandacon Haha i like that. Changing status to collector is an alternative way to handle the hobby.

  • @DeltaCanuckian Getting rid of the notion would be great all together. But it's a double edged sword for me. It can help to just note games I want to play or still have to play to keep track of. So you started that P5 NG+ already? I might go for the plat sometime next year, if i'm still up for it.

  • I use Backloggery to keep track of my games. I don't put too much pressure on myself to play all the games I've bought over the years, but it's nice to take a look at what I've got once in a while and realize I can wait a few more months before I buy new games because I've already more than enough to play.

  • @Kneefoil I'm in the final stretch of Minish Cap myself and can happily say it's quite a pleasant game! There's a few things I wish I knew about the Kinstones earlier on in my run, but it just gives me another playthrough opportunity one day. I wish I had the chance to play through the DS Zelda games before it died, I feel as if I shouldn't start BotW until I play Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. Zelda is one of my favorites, so I'm willing to play even the worst games in the series.

  • it's probably Batman Arkham City on the PS4, Watch Dogs 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale

  • @RayneSol Oh god no. I have no idea when I'll get to P5 NG+, man. Someone posted a code for The Stick of Truth on OpenCritic last night and I managed to grab it, so I've got that added to the list now too.

  • @The_Andredal I vote to keep Arkham City alive! I can't speak for the rest of the games though, chop away.

  • @Axel Yeah that helps for sure. I'm slowly getting into just not bothering with it and playing what I want to now.

  • @Jmac I hear ya but definitely play BotW no matter what.