Weeb Games (Japanese Games Appreciation Thread)

  • @Torigasa-Reta Welp, there go my plans for father of the year.

  • Every day at around 6-7PM I check out all the gaming sites on my bookmarks so you can expect me to post some news at that time (I will provide links to different sites with the same news if mor than one are reporting on it so you can choose which one you want to read, except to Lewd Gamer since that contains porn) if there is something worth mentioning.

    An imo bad news, Dragonball FighterZ will get an $35 season pass for 8 more fighters (not announced yet who) that won't be in the main game, therefore I have decided to not buy it and wait for a full release insted. This really sucks, I was excited for a fighting game the 1st time since Mortal Kombat 9, but I can't support this Capcom levels of DLC fuckery.

  • Don't think I've played a current gen Japanese game. Perhaps Persona 5 will be my first for this gen.

  • @Torigasa-Reta said in Weeb Games (Japanese Games Appreciation Thread):

    @bard91 Sweet, here is the teaser alone
    Youtube Video

    Well then, I guess I'm buying Switch.

  • Amazing AAA Japanese games are back and it's good. P5, Nier, Yakuza all getting heavy notoriety in the west is a very good sign.

  • plat'd Senran Kagura estival versus, but haven't picked up Peach Beach Splash yet. it's on the back burner to Persona 5, Mario, Neir...sigh so many games to get through.

  • Senran Kagura is always fun. Platinum'd PBS.

    And can never forget about Yakuza. What a tall drink of water Kiryu is.

  • That Million Arthur game looks great, definitely importing whenever a console release happens. Also I was expecting DBZF to come out after Japan by like 3 weeks, not before.

  • If NIS published it I'm probably gonna love it, I think I'll purchase every Disgaea game no matter how many times they get released just because I wanna support them. Also Danganronpa has become my new weeb love there's just a certain mesh of weirdness that only radiates from japan

  • I'm deep in that weeb life. I'll play almost any anime game or straight up anime tie-in game. My favorite anime style game series is of course Persona, but I'm also partial to the Ace Attorney series, the Danganronpa Series, the recent Fire Emblem games, and Ni No Kuni. My favorite anime tie-in games are the Lupin III games, not because they're necessarily great games or anything, just because I love Lupin. And I have been know to partake in the Naruto fighting games, mainly because I'll take any excuse to play as the Sand Siblings. Then there are also games that are just very Japanese but not really styled like anime that I adore like the Katamari Series and Okami.

  • Kamen Rider games are mediocre and yet I buy them all the time. Can't wait for Climax Fighters to come out in a month or so. It's even getting an English release this time.

  • I love games from Japan but I'm certain not on the W--- level.

    I probably cannot bring myself to play that Senran Peach Beach game. It is a little too suspect for me. I'm here to just stay updated on the thread if anybody posts trailers and such.

  • Final Fantasy X is a masterpiece and the best Final Fantasy game. YEAH I SAID IT! Come at me bruh! :3

  • @The_Andredal You are absolutely right or at least your opinion is certainly a valid one.

  • I'm playing all the old Tenchu and Way of the Samurai games right now.

    Also playing Trails of Cold Steel 1 and I'll be picking up the second game when I finish the first for sure.

    ALSO... I've been eyeing Ys VIII, Toukiden 2, & the Danganronpa games.

    AND I beat Persona 5 this year. One of the few games I managed to actually finish.

  • @RayneSol Yeah japan is extremely strong this year, I have a hard time to decide for a GotY.

    @Jak P5 was great, strong GotY contender for me.

    @RuinerPrime Yeah my backlog has been quite increased this year.

    @DIPSET That's fine, japan has something for almost everyone.

    @The_Andredal I still think it's VII.

    @Light I never got into those 2 series tbh but I adore Trails of Cold Steel 1&2. I'd wait with playing Ys VIII till NISA has released the translation patch next month, they messed this one up pretty bad. I mean they even mistranslated things that already were written in english, 1st picture is from JP, 2nd from US
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Torigasa-Reta Umm... that translation is PERFECT.

    alt text


  • @Torigasa-Reta I can't really speak for the quality of Ys 8 translation since I haven't played it (although I'm very interested) but I do have to say that the whole "Big Hole" thing to me seems to be greatly exaggerated.

    To begin with, crevice is clearly a more specific and elegant word that Big Hole, however from the context I have from the game (people marooned in an uninhabited/lightly inhabited island), it would seem to me like describing something as a Big Hole would be a perfectly valid way of describing a place based on its geographical features, especially if it is named by regular people and not a geologist or paleontologist. I'm not saying that it is the most appropriate translation (especially since it already had an english name), but it at least would seem to have context for that name within the story.

    That said I have seen a few examples which are far worse offenders in Ys 8 translation so yeah this is just a quick thought I had for this specifically, I'm hoping to pick this up sometime soon, though I probably won't be able to play it after the patch comes out in any case.

  • Also thinking Xenoblade 2, may make me get a Switch at some point. As I haven't played the previous two games yet.

  • NISA sale on Playstation Store...in Canada, at least.