Weeb Games (Japanese Games Appreciation Thread)

  • Muso get banned?

  • @dmcmaster Nope. Looks like they deleted their account.

  • PersonaQ2 announced, will have cast of 3,4,5 and FemMC from P3Portable
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster Was the first PersonaQ any good/do you think I'd enjoy this one if I've only played P4Golden? I don't have a TV (no home consoles for me atm) but I like the vibes of this trailer.

  • Well one PQ was on 3DS, and two it's more of a dungeon crawler more like old school FPS RPGS (like the first Phantsy Star)

  • @naltmank It is a fun game if you go into it with tempered expectations, it is very much a game for fans and most of the enjoyment from it comes from seeing the interactions between the characters.

    Gameplay wise I thought it was fun, but dungeon crawling may get somewhat tiring for some, I'd say just don't go with too high expectations and don't take things too seriously and you should enjoy the game if you like the characters.

  • @dmcmaster said in Weeb Games (Japanese Games Appreciation Thread):

    Muso get banned?

    While it's a great shame, I can understand him abandoning this forum.

    • Studio Saizensen is still working on the game
    • Toshinobu Kondo is still handling character design,
    • the "rubber engine" from the previous titles is being used
    • no longer uses a traditional stage structure, and instead opts for an interconnected metroidvania-style map
    • will include a quest system
    • less skilled players can take the regular routes, while 'hardcore' players can take shortcuts meant for speedrunning

  • Dusk Diver. A unique game that takes place in Taiwan. It's obvious they're going for a RWBY look (ironic). The main character name is called Yang and her hair lights up similar to the older sister in the show. Looks to be like a cross between DMC and Dynasty Warriors.

    Taipei-set anime-style action game Dusk Diver announced for Switch & PC.

    Dusk Diver English Website

    Youtube Video

  • is it ok to expand the definition to other asian countries, like korea or china?

    I recently started playing a chinese f2p game called Azur Lane, which recently had its global launch. It is somewhat "inspired" by the japanese f2p browser game Kantai Collection but it has now surpassed its popularity. Like Kantai Collection there is lot of stuff around the game (merchandise, figures, manga, collaborations and even an anime series in production...)

    quote (wikipedia): "The game mainly features collecting and controlling moe personifications of warships from major participants of World War II, in a side-scrolling shooter gameplay with mechanics akin to those of Touhou Project, largely differing from previous works of similar concepts. Other gameplay elements, such as customization of an interactive backyard and marrying in-game characters are also present. First launched on a Chinese server in May 2017, the game has made major success in its popularity, especially in Japan, where the number of players reached 5 million within four months after its Japanese release in September 2017. The game scored within Japanese region's top five in user voted section of Google Play's Best Game of 2017, and has made collaborations with other prominent video game titles and media franchises, such as Hyperdimension Neptunia and World of Warships."

    In short: it is a waifu collector with bullet hell shooter combat, visual novel style scenes and lots of rpg mechanics .

    Trailer for the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3M-1wMd0h8
    Trailer for the anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtA8OuSJj4E

    I quite like it. The artstyle is great (and has a lot of fanservice), the combat is fun (especially when played with a controller on an android emulator), the (fully voiced) dialogue lines have a lot of personality and the rpg mechanics give a great sense of depth and progression. It is also fun to experiment with different fleet combinations, to enhance your gear, to decorate the dorm for your ships, to build relationships with them and even to marry your favourite waifus.

    It is the most f2p friendly game, I ever played, if you can resist the allure of the (just cosmetic) skins in the shop.

    I couldn't... here my german heavy cruiser "KMS Prinz Eugen" in her summer skin:

    KMS Prinz Eugen

    But you can play (and compete in pvp) without spending money. It is similar fair in that regard to something like warframe...

    And here a mission map (Mission 2-1 "Battle of Coral Sea") with 2 of my fleets (the chibi characters) and lots of enemy fleets:

    Battle of Coral Sea

  • @guthwulf I see why not. It would definitely spice up the thread a little. Nothing against the games on the thread, but many of them are fading in the background for me.

  • Even Japanese releases are getting censored now.

    There's other examples on that guy's twitter but they're pretty NSFW and I'm not kicking that hornet's nest, just fair warning on what you're gonna see.

    I know it's easy to write it off as "but it's some eroge VN why are you surprised" but for one thing the Switch version isn't getting hit like this and for another, going off their tweets there's a Vita version that came out last year that's also not hit like this which just lends credence to this being a new direction Sony's picked up on lately.

    I've got no dog in this fight, not my kinda game in the slightest, but I'm not a fan of this trend in general. It reminds me of how trigger happy Nintendo was with removing anything they deemed offensive back in the NES days and honestly I thought this industry matured past that mindset by now.

    (Posting this here instead of the news topic since I know very few people are gonna care besides me and it's probably more fitting in here anyway.)

  • Banned

    I am personally of the mindset that this kind of shit is completely inconsequential and more just a business strategy as they are currently the dominant force in the videogame industry by a large margin.
    I hear a lot of people argue that this is "censorship" or an "attack on free speech", but that is really a pretty bullshit argument. Sony is a company with obligations to its shareholders and as such has rules and regulations that they must follow to appease those shareholders. If you want to release your product on their console, you must abide by those rules. If you don't, as has been pointed out, there are other versions of the game on other consoles that feature the content.
    My point of contention stems from when a consumer will outright say "welp, guess I'm not buying this game" because of censorship. If some beams of light covering an anime grills bubbies is all it takes to dissuade you from buying a game, I would argue that the game isn't very good in the first place.

  • Most people will counter that point with it's the principle that drives them to boycott.

  • It's pretty much all about principle. Besides, sometimes certain rules and regulations are rediculous and I'm sure plenty of people wish not to reinforce any kind of acceptance of them..

  • I think the problem with saying it's the principle is that it's hard to convince others that the principle is worth denying purchase of a game due to a minor alteration or being so better toward a company for the change.

  • I can't say I have much desire to convince others, I also see most people speaking only for themselves. I don't look at each individual case on its own though, there's always a bigger picture at play, that's what might make it convincing. Identifying each minor case helps build that picture.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Weeb Games (Japanese Games Appreciation Thread):

    My point of contention stems from when a consumer will outright say "welp, guess I'm not buying this game" because of censorship. If some beams of light covering an anime grills bubbies is all it takes to dissuade you from buying a game, I would argue that the game isn't very good in the first place.

    In this particular case the game in question is an Eroge VN so the "anime grills bubbies" is quite literally the selling point. It's already having content changed or cut for the sake of not putting a literal porn game on consoles (this is nothing new, all-ages versions of these kinds of things have been on consoles for decades now) but if you're going to cover everything up in beams of light then why even bother putting it out? I know you said that if a game is ruined by removing that content then it wasn't a good game to begin with but there's clearly an audience for it and frankly, I think the pervs should be allowed to enjoy their pervy game if it isn't breaking any CERO/PEGI/ESRB guidelines and it's the same thing Sony allowed on the Vita just a year ago anyway.

    My problem isn't with the game itself but the trend that Sony's showing lately. I was already weary of getting the Catherine port/remaster/whatever because I know there's no way they're getting Laura Bailey and Troy Baker back for VA on it but now I'm mostly curious about what's going to be changed in its western release at this point. The puzzles will still be there, but I'm starting to think it's likely that some of the raunchier content in the game's story will be changed or removed to get past Sony's apparent new guidelines and that'll have an adverse affect on the game as a whole. I also wonder what all will end up getting changed or cut when Senran Kagura 7EVEN finally comes out. Even for someone like me that just enjoys a mindless beat em up and isn't in it for the fanservice, I can't help but dislike how they're removing content that is clearly a selling point for a lot of people. These are niche games that live and die by that fanbase that does care about the removed features or modes. I honestly worry for XSeed after what happened to ReNewal and especially for PQube and Omega Labyrinth Z since they outright canned that release when it was already almost complete, probably putting them in a really bad place financially.

  • @hanabi is there a particular reason why you think they won't get Laura Bailey and Troy Baker for Catherine? afaik there's been nothing said related to this

  • @bard91 mostly that they've just gotten too big for games like this anymore, I mean for example Troy didn't come back for Persona 4 Golden or any of the spinoffs and Laura was gone for Dancing All Night.