Anyone planning to play something else alongside Odyssey?

  • Pretty sure it's going to take all of my attention and gaming time until I'm done with it.

  • @apfelbaum Your phrasing makes me think that you sold your Switch because you finished Breath of the Wild. Did you buy it just to play BotW? Or was there a different reason you sold it?

    I'm still pretty hot and heavy with Stardew Valley, so Odyssey's just going to be keeping me from the farm. I can imagine that Odyssey is not going to be the most "chill out and get ready for bed" game in the world, so I don't think it would be a terrible idea to have something on the back burner while you're going through it.

  • Well my plan was to finish up Evil Within 1, then dive into Mario... But Mario is now shipping tomorrow, so guess I'll be playing that alongside it!

  • @Hasney the good thing about The Evil Within is that it can be knocked out with a few decent sized gaming sessions.

  • I am going to take two weeks off mostly for Mario but I hope I can also finish Zelda BotW. Also Splatoon 2 from time to time but maybe only the Salmon Runs for quick cash.

  • Gt sport. The perfect game as its just pick up and play and is amazing to boot.

    But really i dare say Mario is going be be pretty much all i play haha

  • @Inflorescence It's a classic buyer's remorse. I bought the Switch on impulse because of Zelda. I finished it and there wasn't really anything of interest for me until Xenoblade 2 which I thought would be delayed and release in 2018 :-D

  • Going to try and play AC origins, and me and my brother are planning to stream Wolf 2 Sunday night.

  • No Switch here, So I will settle into the Egyptian desert.

  • I'm fairly certain Mario is gonna come in and Goomba-stomp every other game I own or want to finish, along with most other aspects of my life.

  • I’m still chugging away at Persona 5. Hope to finish that soon.

  • I'm hoping that when Odyssey comes out, I'll have something that isn't FF XIV to occupy most of my playing time. Save me from Stormblood, Mario!

  • I was switching between Sonic Mania, and BotW. I'm sure I will be switching CODWWII and Odyssey. If I have any money left from my check this thursday.

  • Unfortunately, I gotta unplug my new SNES Classic that Amazon finally delivered the other day when Odyssey gets here to plug my Switch back in cause not enough power outlets and HDMI ports on my tv for both at once, so I won't be playing that while I play Odyssey. I will probably play some Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure that I started last year, because it's got that jolly Halloween spirit and I'd like some of that for the season and I still need to finish A Hat in Time, which also won't be a problem for me to play while the Switch is plugged in. So those are the games I'm most likely to play alongside it.

    Also mobile crap like Fire Emblem Heroes I'm sure.

  • @Mbun Since I own many consoles I'm constantly switching them, is your set up that difficult to plug in and out systems?

  • @Torigasa-Reta I'm just worried about breaking the HDMI port on the back of my tv from switching too much. My tv isn't super expensive, but it's expensive enough that it'd really hurt if I broke it. I should invest in a new surge protector with more outlets and one of those receiver things for more HMDI ports when I can but wallet is tight right now for the holidays. My tv is also sitting inside an entertainment center, so it is a little difficult to see what I'm doing back there. Gotta use a flashlight.

  • @Mbun I see, ever thought of getting a HDMI switch?
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  • Yeah I will be. Really close to the end of persona 5 (by close I mean about 20 hours lol) really want to start Nier: Auto before goty talk from EZA . So much stuff to finish.

  • @Torigasa-Reta I think that's the kinda thing I was talking about considering purchasing above, but wallet right now is too tight.

  • I don't own a Switch, so to answer you, no I won't be playing anything alongside Osyssey.

    BUT - Back in 2013 or 2014 I played South Park: The Stick of Truth alongside Dark Souls II and it was a summer of very pleasant gaming memories. I can see Mario getting difficult eventually (like Dark Souls II did), so there is nothing better to cool down than South Park. It's so fun to be in that world.