The early days of being an Anime fan

  • @Inustar said:

    I sometimes find myself acting like an old person, missing the good old days of anime fandom when it seemed special to me. Sounds odd, but it's just everywhere now and I can pretty much watch whatever I want, so now I don't really want to watch much anymore.

    Noooooo, don't let yourself become a hipster!

    Now though I find I don't watch much anime anymore. It might be due to ingesting soooooooo much of it over like 15 years
    Or maybe it's analysis paralysis and there's just too much choice. Back then I was forced into a lot of my fave series.

    Well you don't have to force yourself to watch alot now that alot is ready available like I do, but you shouldn't get overwhelmed by all the choice and should just always pick up new stuff that looks interesting to you if you still have the freetime for anime in your life.

  • @Mbun Ha! Yeah I might be becoming an anime hipster... though I think mainly back then it wasn't that it was"cooler", but it just felt special. Not surprising considering how hard we had to work to watch anything. Getting to see a new anime was an event.

    I do though keep to just watching anime I'm interested in. It's obviously just harder to do as an adult, and with so many other shows to watch.

  • @Mbun At the time there wasn't a valid option. Those who didn't know how to get it directly via news groups or torrents simply paid sites that would host the files and let you download. They weren't being brought over or translated officially so where should the money go but to those that would host it and get you access to it? Outside of a few small companies it wasn't a thing yet. Then free sites happened and streaming happened. The site I used had 1000's of episodes and years and years of older stuff so even if I downloaded all the hours that my family wasn't wasn't using the phone I couldn't keep up. It was what was a decent option at the time. Then the internet got better and those sites mostly went away.

  • @descendfromgrace Yeah back then lots of subs stuck disclaimers at the beginning of each episode blatantly warning people it was supposed to be a free fansub and not sold or profited off of in any way. It's sad people fell victim to that stuff regardless. I'm glad eventually that scummy market got taken out.

  • My first anime was both Akira and Ghost in the Shell, and I actually wasn't very impressed.

    I later went on to play FFVII, and fell in love. It was then I seemed to appreciate what the likes of Akira was all about.

    Aside from wanting every JRPG from then on, I also went on to try and grab all UK anime I found. Back then, this was pathetic. The EU wouldn't see decent anime releases until at least 2009. I did however grab full series of NGE, Rahxephon, . Hack. Elfen Lied, Noir and Gits.

    It was NGE, Rahxephon and games like Xenosaga that made me realise how shallow most western games are though.

  • Banned

    My first animes were stuff like Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, Galaxy Express 999, and whatever else they showed on the Science channel. Once I found out my local video rental place had an anime section, I discovered stuff like Akira and Ninja Scroll. Mind you this is back in like 92.
    I've had a pretty long love affair with anime since. I still remember the first time I watched the entire series of Evangelion in one sitting on a shitty WinAmp stream with desynced audio. It blew my fragile little mind.

  • my first exposure to anime was ronin warriors and voltron. i remember watching vampire hunter d and akira on the science channel with my mom on saturdays. not to mention the art from mega man which i was obsessed with. i grew older and dove headfirst into 'japanimation' as it was commonly known. i saved up all my money to buy dragon ball z vhs tapes from the local suncoast video in the mall...they were usually $40 or so for a tape with 2-3 episodes on it. i also bought a handful at random (armitage the third movie, battle angel alita movie, perfect blue movie, record of lodoss war series). i had a friend who was also into anime and his older brother had a bunch of good vhs tapes too (evangelion, ghost in the shell, others i can't remember). just sort of built from there. once toonami/adult swim came along i got heavy into trigun and cowboy bebop (still my favorite series).