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    Thanks Kristen! I was at Best Buy a few weekends ago and they have officially become a wasteland. There wasn't one piece of useful gaming equipment in sight. Well - any equipment for that matter. You know those mice and keyboards that are in plastic packaging and hang off a clip? That's what they had tons of. Barely any movies, barely any games. LOTS of appliances like washing machines. I hadn't been there in YEARS and it was very different from what I remembered.

    With that said, this weekend I might try a specialty shop called Canada Computers. I know what to look out for now. I believe they have TONS of options so I needed a good starting place. THANKS!

  • UPDATE - I got the Razer Ornata. I think it felt the best out of everything at the store including some of the more expensive ones. I love it for gaming, but for typing a lot its not the best. Regardless, I didn't realize how badly I needed to update until I got this new keyboard. The built in wrist rest is a game changer.

    Back with another question. I think I want to upgrade my chair now. I currently have a Serta computer chair which you'd think is quite comfortable because they are a general furniture company, but the half back on it really makes me wish I had somewhere to rest my neck. I want to use my PC for gaming waaaaay more than I currently do hence the upgrades to kb/m but now I think to make it all worthwhile, its time for a chair.

    I'm thinking about $250-300 MAX. Does anybody have experience with any of these:

    https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=1333_1334&item_id=086607 --> I sat on this one in-store and really liked it but I think they only have the display left.
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    ^^ $100 off. Seems to be a popular one too.

    Thanks for any and all help! What chair do you use?

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    Do not buy gaming chairs. You are literally paying an extra 100-200 bux for some stripes and a logo.
    I use some shit I got from Staples for 80 bux 5 years ago and it's still kickin'.

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    Gaming chairs are the only ones I seem to find have the full back though.

  • Anyone gonna be shelling out potentially $1500+ for a 30 series GPU next week? Are you waiting for Big Navi2 to maybe possibly drive some of the lower end card pricing down? (I don't think AMD has anything to compete with the rumored 3090, but maybe they have a 3080 competitor?) Would be nice for Nvidia to have ANY competition on the mid/high end so they can't just be like... "it costs 20 percent more this year because"

    Currently the leaks/rumors have the 3080 at $800 and the 3090 at $1400 for the Founders Edition cards. The AIB cards from MSI and EVGA and etc will likely be more $ based on the cooling solutions and overclocking.

    I'm probably aiming to shoot for a 3080. The 3090's 24GB of onboard GDDR6 RAM are nice and all, but if the card is drawing 400+ watts, my PSU is probably gonna need an upgrade. (and I just bought it!) I proooobably have the overhead for the card at stock voltages, but I'd rather not push it.

  • @tokyoslim I'm looking to upgrade from my GTX 1070. I'll probably go with the RTX 3080 or 3070. Either one would be a nice upgrade for me. My goal is to have a new GPU before Cyberpunk 2077 and AC Valhalla release.

  • @shoulderguy said in PC GAMING GEAR THREAD:

    My goal is to have a new GPU before Cyberpunk 2077

    alt text

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    I only know enough about PCs to get by so I implore you to research further, but it seems like 850W PSU is recommended. WIll need a new PSU if you want to avoid using the adapter. Unclear how much power this will draw at any given moment.

    Nvidia confirms 12-pin 'included adapter' for the Ampere Founders Edition cards


    Youtube Video – [28:00..]

    Looks like a next gen upgrade won't be as easy.

  • We don't actually know specs yet, but the Seasonic adaptor box that got sent out says it's recommended 850w That doesn't really mean much. PSU manufacturers overestimate this kind of thing all the time. It depends on what you've got now, what the TDP /power draw of the individual card you're getting is, and what you're current power overhead is. The 3090 Founders Edition is RUMORED to draw 350w at stock. The new 12 pin adapter is just 2x8 pin connectors with a different terminus on the GPU side. 2x8 pin 12v power is 300 watts and you can draw about 75 watts from the board. So there's a maximum draw of 375w with the power adapter.

    alt text

    So 850w might be recommended to leave you plenty of overhead (to avoid power throttling) It's probably not REQUIRED for non-OC cards, depending on what you've got in your PC right now. I have a brand new 750 and I think I'll probably be fine. The rest of my system uses like <250w so even with a maxed out 375w card, I'm still at around 625w max, leaving about 125w overhead.

    The AIB cards with highly overclocked chips and ram, etc. might be another story, but those aren't going to use that 12 pin, they will prob use 3x8 pin.

  • 9am PST tomorrow, we find out how big the dent in my credit card is gonna be.

  • Price and release dates for the new Nvidia GPU's

    RTX 3090 - $1499 - Sept 24
    RTX 3080 - $699 - Sept 17
    RTX 3070 - $499 - October

  • @shoulderguy Can't wait for PS6/Xbox Macarena (?)!

  • 3090 power draw/rec PSU 750w:



  • The price on the 3070/3080 is actually... good?*
    I'm pleased.

    *compared to 2000 series cards

  • I think I bought a 750W in 2016 cause I thought 1000W was overkill but damn pushing the edge just a few years later.

  • I mean, for most things 1000w is overkill. For this card 1000w is overkill. 750w is recommended, but depending on your setup, not entirely necessary. Like I said earlier, I've still likely got somewhere in the neighborhood of 125-150w overhead with my system with a 750w card. And I've got a 3900x with 32GB of ram, an AIO, and RGB fans/keyboard/mouse being powered. I'm barely cracking 250w at peak with all that nonsense.

    The cards are actually more efficient than the 2000 series, being on the smaller die, they just have twice the number of cores. I can't believe the 3090 has over 10k on die, that's nuts!

  • Digital Foundry got a 3080 and tested it in a limited fashion.
    Youtube Video

  • I'm considering upgrading my monitor. I currently have the ASUS VA32AQ which is a 32" 1440p, 60Hz monitor. I love the size and I don't think I could return to anything other than 28-32" ever again. It's just TOO practical for both work and recreational gaming. But my god the colours suck on this monitor.

    I currently have a ASUS GTX 1080 from 2016 and I can't justify upgrading this when I haven't even pushed it to it's full potential yet. It's capable of 4K gaming and I have it overperforming with this bad monitor.

    Does anybody recommend a really nice gaming display? 4K @ 144Hz kinda thing? I'll take good colours over 1ms response time and stuff like that. I'm pretty sure my computer can handle the bump just fine and I want to maximize my Cyberpunk experience in November.

  • I guess the question is why? 4k 60hz in like a 27 or 32 inch gaming monitor? Prioritizing color accuracy over framerate? This is kind of opposite of the market. You CAN get 4k60fps monitors, sure - but they offer little to no value over a 1440 high refresh rate monitor.

    At desktop size, ultrawide 1440 is really the way to go IMO. (which is why i did)
    If you really want to do 4k 60fps gaming, you're probably better off looking at good gaming TVs like the Vizio P Series Quantum X or LG CX OLED. But then you're talking like 48-65 inches, which will likely not fit most desks.

    If you're really dead set on a monitor sized 4k experience, something like this is probably what I'd go with.


    It's got good color accuracy, a decent local dimming array, decent peak nit brightness for HDR, good refresh and response time, and all the typical bells and whistles. I still think it's a waste of money, but hey - you do you. :p

  • @tokyoslim

    Thanks man. I think I need to re-evaluate what I want then. I assumed 4K gaming became more popular over the past few years but clearly it’s still niche to a degree considering the prices of monitors that have 4K resolution AND a high refresh rate. I thought maybe BestBuy.ca was lacking cause of Covid but it seems like maybe there aren’t that many of these types of monitors out there?

    Mainly, I currently have a monitor that’s good for everything except gaming and photo editing. I’ll edit a photo in Lightroom then view it on my Mac, iPhone, or work PC and it’s like a completely different photo. That’s why I’m placing so much emphasis on colour.

    Maybe I’ll look into a 1440p monitor with 144Hz refresh and some serious colour accolades. You’re probably right, it’s a waste to get a jack of all trades monitor...