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  • In a confusing turn of events LG, who seem to have some of the nicest affordable Ultra Wide gaming monitors @ 1440p / 144Hz +, have added yet another confusingly named monitor available for pre-purchase.

    So I was originally looking at the definitely not confusingly named LG 34GN850-B which currently retails for $1,529.99 CAD at the ONLY online retailer I can find supplying it (Staples).

    • 34" Ultra Wide
    • G-Sync / Adaptative Sync @ 160Hz
    • 1440p HDR
    • 1ms response

    So this one is essentially bells and whistles over the extremely similar but also confusingly named older LG monitor titled LG 34GK950F-B (how is 950 older than 850, I don't know). The only differences I can seem to find online is that the 950 doesn't have G-Sync and there isn't an adaptative refresh rate to go beyond 144Hz (meh). This one retails for $1,41799 CAD.

    Now onto the NEW model for pre order:

    LG UltraGear 34GP83A-B retailing for $1099.99 CAD!
    Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/LG-UltraGear-34GP83A-B-Adaptive-Sync-Compatible/dp/B08DWD38VX/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=34GN850-B&qid=1600891234&sr=8-2

    The features are the exact same as the first 850 moniotr yet it's hundreds of dollars cheaper. I'm so lost at this point...

    • 34" Ultra Wide
    • G-Sync / Adaptative Sync @ 160Hz
    • 1440p HDR
    • 1ms response

    What could possibly be the difference between this and the 850? It looks the exact same, has the same product description, yet, is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

    I wonder if I should bite or wait for reviews. Maybe the pricing of these other monitors went up due to scarcity? Either way, LG model names are sooooooo obtuse, especially because they are such similar products.


    People on Reddit are suggesting the new model for pre-order uses sRGB instead of DCI-P3 wide color gamut which everybody on Reddit seems to hate and turn off anyways...



    Might as well save the money AND save myself from over saturation. Seems like this is already sold out in the US so I might hop on it.

    Still weird that I can pre-order this product but can't find any info about it on the official LG website.

  • RE: The 950F-B and the 850-B

    I have the 950F-B but I would have gotten the 850-B had it been available when I bought it. The 850 has higher refresh rate, and slightly better color.
    The 950F is Freesync compatible, and the 850-B is Freesync/G-sync compatible.
    The main difference is that the 950F has a few more modes such as black frame insertion to reduce motion blur. They are similar panels, but the 950F being the older one, there is more backlight leakage and a slightly inconsistent black level throughout the screen. It is fine for gaming, though.

    the 850B is the higher rated of the two panels

  • Here's the Rtings breakdown between the 950/850

    To me, this is the most crucial difference between the two panels that made me want the 850 over the 950:

    But when the 850 wasn't available - I got the 950 at a steep discount and overall am pretty happy with it. The light bleed seen in the picture is probably the worst case scenario, my panel isn't quite that bad, and is only really apparent in a dark room when the screen is totally black but the backlights (side lights?) are on. I haven't been playing a lot of games with completely black screens, so it hasn't really been an issue. But yeah, the 850 seems to have significantly less light bleed.

  • I did see that RTings breakdown between the 850 and 950 and I'd probably agree with you that the light bleeding isn't a deal breaker for me. My Samsung TV has a decent amount of light bleed in a dark room but how often is the screen mostly black? Rarely in my experience.

    I'm more curious about the difference between 850-B and the new 83A-B is, especially considering it has a $430 price difference. People are saying it's the colour gamut, but why would a higher colour gamut on a gaming monitor bring the price up so much? Especially considering professionals who need the colour range don't buy gaming computers.

  • @dipset Yeah, that's something we won't really know until the monitors come out and people can test them. Doesn't seem like anybody's even seen a production model yet.

  • So according to this article (https://www.gizmochina.com/2020/09/27/lg-34gp83-a-ultragear-gaming-monitor-with-144hz-refresh-rate-launched/) the 83A-B is literally the exact same spec wise as the 850-B for less money.

    Rumour about gamut was wrong, this is the exact same DCI-P3 "wide gamut". LG's website has both models up now but the comparison feature is a bit wonky but they look the same on paper. I might just grab it tomorrow when I get paid.

  • @dipset said in PC GAMING GEAR THREAD:

    the 83A-B is literally the exact same spec wise as the 850-B for less money.

    Different panels. Less curve radius. 850 is a 1900R and the 83A seems like it's a 3800R.
    Less curve might be better for light bleed, and viewing angles. Might not.
    You can pull the trigger if you've got a hankering for one right now, but might be prudent to wait for review. Seems like it's a good one though.

  • @tokyoslim

    I can't seem to find any info about differences on the LG website. It essentially shows a dash (-) when I compare the two monitors.

    I guess I'm worried about it selling out like the other ones have.

  • So good thing I didn't buy the LG 83-A. People on Reddit are saying they purchased it, but Amazon isn't giving any delivery date and are claiming there isn't even any stock. Somebody who managed to get one says there are no noticeable differences between the 83-A and the 850-B and his computer recognizes the 83-A as an 850-B.

    Soooooo strange. Either way, it's unavailable so I'm back to the waiting for sales game. LG needs to sort out their product descriptions and their stock. Nobody online can figure out what the difference is and their lack of stock has people speculating this new model is just replacing the older one which hasn't been re-stocked.

  • LG 34GP83A-B Review and Comparison vs LG 34GN850

    Youtube Video

    Ugh, it turns out those monitors were the exact same after all. I should've pre-ordered but then again, I think they back ordered despite people pre-paying. Still can't figure out why it's $430 cheaper.

  • After closely following the “common sense” financial advice of fellow forum-mate Yoshi, I managed to crawl out of poverty and save up enough money for the LG 34GP83A-B Ultrawide monitor.

    Holy fuck do I love it, but my god was it expensive. You can feel how much better a good monitor is but I definitely feel a bit nuts to have purchased something more than twice the cost of a PS5.

    Silver lining is that I’m gonna file it as a home office expense due to me needing a better monitor for work anyways.

    Plus I can play Halo 3 while watching football and gambling sooooo....




  • I paid the scalper price just so I could stop losing sleep trying to jump on 3am webstore dropsalt text

  • @tokyoslim Those RTX 3070/3080 cards went out of stock instantly and I haven't seen them in stock since. I'll just wait until next year.

  • @shoulderguy They go in and out of stock momentarily as retailers get shipments in - a box or ten.
    I've been following a discord server with bots that notifies everybody when something drops.
    Missed out on like 40 different cards over the past several weeks.

    There's gonna be new SKUs (supers) that drop soon, same thing is gonna happen. Ditto for the AMD 6000's. I just decided not to keep waking up every time the discord pinged me to try and jump on a card. Was worth the extra $ to me.

  • This thing is stupid fast.

  • Random question but where do you get your wallpapers from or what is your wallpaper?

    I used to use wallbase.cc waaaaay back when but lately I just use solid colours, then recently switched to my own photography. The latter is starting to just make me wish I was a better photographer and I can't stare at that crap anymore.

    I feel like it's impossible to find high res wallpaper that isn't surrounded by big boobed asian women, or the butts of white girls in workout gear. Does wallpaper other than that exist...?

  • If you zoom way in on the butts, u can see the center of the galaxy!

    Most of the desktops I use are photos of Tokyo at night. Currently, the one I have is from wallup.net

  • Check out Wallpaper Engine on Steam.

    Also, I assume reddit.com/r/wallpaper might have some good ones.

  • I grabbed a few cityscapes off of Reddit.

    I think I just don't even know what I like anymore and that's part of the problem. But I can safely say, not having to sift through infinite BGs of "babes" is nice. My DSLR is really good, I should maybe see about taking some good photos around the city and upload them for people to use. I kinda just take photos for fun and rarely share them.