Paris Games Week Sony Press Conference 2017 HYPE FEST STARTS

  • Yes, I can take a couple hours' break from Odyssey. This could end up as my favorite show in a long time if both Monster Hunter and WiLD get a trailer. Although both of those are in question for various reasons.

    But overall it's probably just Sony overextending themselves. They can't fill four press conferences each year to peoples' satisfaction, or even three really. Every show they've held this year has made people say 'they're saving stuff for PSX' and I have no reason to believe Paris Games Week will be any different.

  • I hope they show off Dreams for PSVR, it's been a long time since MM has shown the game but apparently it's not cancelled, so I'm hoping the delay was to work PSVR support into the game, instead of patching the game for VR later, because the game is a perfect fit for VR.

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    This is something Im really looking forward to for the first time ever I think. It would be really cool to get some more from The Last of us II. Maybe also more from the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC.

    Also as I didnt get any Darksiders 3 from E3 I hope and beg for more gameplay/info during sonys press!

  • Expecting a Dreams blowout, honestly, it's due now.

    I'd also adore a new Buzz! game, especially given the introduction of PlayLink and the popularity of Jackbox Games as of late. Knowledge Is Power is a pale imitation, unfortunately.

  • This means an EZA Coast Division betting special is coming.

  • @TokyoSlim Don will be competing! It's finally time! :o

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    @Lotias Horizon DLC is out in 9 days so I kinda doubt they will show much on it.

  • @Tregard said in Paris Games Week Sony Press Conference 2017 HYPE FEST STARTS:

    @TokyoSlim Don will be competing! It's finally time! :o

    Wat. Best news all day.

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    @El-Shmiablo yeah maybe, but at the same time they might be like "yeah remember this awesome game? go and play the DLC now!" to kinda remind people. Just think it would be fun to see more of it really.

  • Expecting just Wild and Dreams. With PSX right around the corner, I think this will end up being a fairly muted show otherwise.

  • I'm always excited to see a new Playstation Press Conference but I'm keeping my expectations in check. I think Sony does an amazing job of putting on a fun to watch show but I have a feeling, like TGS, that not a ton of mega bombs will be dropped. Honestly the only thing I'm kinda holding out for is more info on Wild.

    That being said I'm just excited to see it and see the betting special, EZA reactions and the results show. Honestly these pressers are so fun themselves but all the EZA add ons are what really get me most excited. I'm sure, like others, I don't have close friends who are as into this stuff as I am so it's nice to see a group of enthusiast like myself geek out and get hyped.

    Wish I took the day off for it : /

  • I could definitely see a release date for Detroit being announced, with Quantic Dream being a french developer and all!

  • I just realised the European press conferences are generally used to showcase indies. I wonder if there will be a big surprise indy game.

  • Will RockSteady finally reveal their new game?

  • Seeing as last year there wasn't a presser, i'm cautiously optimistic. It means they have enough to show here and at PSX, otherwise we wouldn't have both this year. They have precedent of not doing a press event when there's little to announce, so thuis could be good! Hoping for soms surprises!

  • Maybe somee Suckerpunch, somee From Software perhaps.

  • "The year is winding to a close, but PlayStation is just getting started. This Monday, October 30, PlayStation’s Paris Games Week Media Showcase will begin at 9:00am Pacific Time.

    But plan to tune in early at 8:00am! We’ll begin with an introductory livestream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR. You won’t want to miss it.

    Then at 9:00am, our Media Showcase will give you an exclusive new look at the next wave of huge PlayStation titles."

    So the 7 new games and 21 game updates are for the preshow.

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    So the 7 new games and 21 game updates are for the preshow.

    Definitely worth paying attention to that. They announced Hidden Agenda during the Preshow at E3.

    Also, I believe it's the Playstation Access guys, Hollie and Rob, who are doing the Preshow. They're pretty fun guys so it should be a fun little pre-show.

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  • EZA stream is live for preshow.

    Hoping to see some more details on WiLD. I want to hurry up and play that giant snake goddess.