PS4 games on PSNow

  • Just noticed PS4 Games are on psnow finally. How long has this been a thing?

    Noticed a few cool games and bunch of Indies. Still seems way overpriced especially compared to Xbox gamepass.

    So would more ps4 games make any of you jump in to psnow?

  • @DemonSwordsman It has been a while. I think they need to offer ps1 and ps2 games in psnow. I don't or haven't tried PSNOW because it's not out in Australia.

  • For a while now, some of them are even being streamed at 60 fps like the God of War 3 remaster. At least it felt very close to 60 fps.

    Would more PS4 games make me jump in to PSnow? No, I already got a PS4 system hooked to my TV and (more importantly) I already bought most of the games that I want to play. The next "no" reason is the image quality. Don't get me wrong, PSnow games look ok and they are very playable, but there are still mayor differences in how a game looks that has been rendered on your system vs streamed to your TV. But I truly believe that cloud computing and game streaming will be normal, at one day in the future.

  • Wait the PS4 games are still streamed??? Wow. Why wouldn't they let you download it since the system can actually run the game. That's pretty lame.

    I really want PS1 and PS2 bc on PS4. Only reason I still have my PS3. Don't really dropped the ball there

  • @DemonSwordsman

    I mean, I agree that PSNow is kinda a dumb thing, and its usefulness isn't exactly apparent, but the whole point of it was originally that you didn't need to even own a ps console. Even though they discontinued functionality on bluray players and Samsung and Bravia tv's, you still can use a Windows pc.

  • @DemonSwordsman Oh, because PSNow also works on PCs and on some Samsung Smart TVs. No PlayStation needed to access that service anymore. And yes this means PC only players can now play The Last of US (PS3) for example.