Anyone else binged on old games recently?

  • Brad's recent stream of "Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven" got me looking into buying some of my favorite games growing up. Some of them were surprisingly cheap while others were even more surprisingly expensive. I found someone selling an unopened copy of the original "Way of the Samurai" for around $25. That game was EVERYTHING to me as a kid. When the third game in that series came out I went to four different GameStops to find a copy. I couldn't believe an unopened copy even existed at this point.

    When I got the game I played it for days on end. Got every single ending and ranking in the game. While I was playing it a sad realization came over me. Some of these old games might literally be impossible to play in the future. PS2 discs are pretty easy to scratch and PS2s/first gen PS3s won't last forever. There's always emulation but that's not always perfect assuming the game has even been emulated at all. Anyway, I decided to get a few more games that I regretted getting rid of. The only way for me to get new games as a kid was to trade in my old ones. If I could go back in time there are certain games I would tell myself, "Don't do it... these won't get HD remasters".

    I went on a bit of a spending spree and I got "Way of the Samurai 2" as well as Wrath of Heaven since that's the game that inspired me to look into these old games in the first place. The graphics certainly haven't aged well on HDTVs but man are these games still fun. I got the latter two games used which I was really weary about because unlike blu ray discs... it's always a risk getting used PS2 games. Luckily they were in good condition.

    I feel like I'm having a mid-life crisis of sorts (at 25...) because I just couldn't pass up getting a brand new copy of "Tenchu: Fatal Shadows" today for a decent price. Has anyone else had this kind of experience before? Revisiting your past? What games from your past do you wish you still had or want to get again?

  • I've done this recently as well. There's always some wonderful about replaying a game from the past. Even if I've never played it during my childhood, seeing the quirks of the era again is neat

  • @Galaxy40k Yeah, quirks like... the horizontal axis of the camera control being "normal" while the vertical control is "inverted" with no way of changing them. That took a while to get used to in these games! Funnily enough, both Tenchu and Way of the Samurai had this same quirk so I actually got used to it by the time I got to Way of the Samurai 2!

  • Somewhat, after getting into the series with Yakuza Zero and playing Kiwami as well I decided that I want to play 2-5 before 6 comes out here in March, 2 on PS2 I have finished and am now in chapter 6 of Yakuza 3 on PS3. Only sucks that 5 is digital only here. If I beat 1 Yakuza every 2 months at max I can do it.

    And the same could be said about Ace Combat, I want to play through the series till 7 comes out (only the ones that play in the fictional world though, not Assault Horizon and Joint Assault as they have no relevance to the overal plot and imo should ahve been a different series and not Ace Combat), I abandoned the series after how they messed up AC3 in the west. But after 7 was shown on E3 I bought a copy of Air Combat for nostalgia reasons and was amazed how fun it still is, so I started buying the others, 2,6,4,5,0. (probably gonna skip 3 though unless I find it super cheap, like, not more than 5€ incl. shipping, CiB of course) For the sake of other games I have stopped in the middle of 2 right now but I still should be able to do that.

    EDIT: I forgot I also have Ace Combat X on PSP.

  • @Torigasa-Reta I completely forgot about Ace Combat! Ace Combat 4 was one of my favorite games when I was younger! I never did play five but I picked up zero which had an interesting vibe & soundtrack from what I can recall.

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    Yeah I have been considering getting plastic pockets for my PS2 disks to keep them more safe and out of harms way.

    As you say I think its sad that we in the future wont be able to play these old games. I still got my PS2 at my parents house but its wonky at best of times. I am so happy that we got a HD remake of the Zone of the Enders games and some PS classics to play on my Vita.

    I still do miss Burnout 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 and so on. "lucky" for us this gen have given us a whole bunch of good remasters etc. But I in a way want to preserve the old games for the future generations etc.

  • @Lotias My old launch PS3 is still up and running but I dread the day that it dies. I can't imagine that the PS3 models with working backward compatibility are cheap and buying second hand PS2s seems like a big risk given all the horror stories I've heard. Granted... most of those were from craigslist so maybe there's still a decent way to get a working PS2.

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    @Light yeah we can hope so! my internet connection on my PS3 gave up a while back. I have been thinking about buying a new one, found some for around £80 quid. I contacted Sony and they said that they are willing to repair it for the cost of spareparts, which would be the same or even slightly more than buying a new PS3 off of Amazon.

    I think with old consoles you need to be really careful as they are so fragile when getting old. sometimes maybe its worth to pay a little extra.

  • I actualy had to "repair" my PS2 before playing Yakuza 2, had to adjust the laser's angle little by little till I was satisfied (that means pull the plugs, open it up, adjust only a tiny bit, put it together, plug it in, rinse and repeat many times), there were still some sound hick ups when entering a save room in Y2 but else it worked fine.

  • Oldest game I'm currently working on is TES IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360). Been on and off of it since 2008. My single save file is well over the 200 hour mark now, and I haven't even done the Fighter's Guild or any major DLC.

    I'd like to get back to unlocking the cheats in Perfect Dark (N64), but I've got newer backlog in the way.

  • I recently finished re-playing through all of Half Life 2 and both episodes (Jones read my September community comment about it, was excited to see him read it lol). The whole Mark Laidlaw story where he posted his vision of Episode 3 made me want to do it again since I hadn't really played through them since they were originally released. If you're in the same boat as me and haven't played them in many many years, I'd recommend it as they definitely still hold up imo. Such good level design and interesting encounters both story and combat wise.

  • I'm playing Skyrim again and I'm incredibly captivated by the game, again.
    I'm going to play Sands of Time when OXB BC goes live.

  • I can't say I really think if it that way. I mean one day ill be on a PS4 title, and then the very next day ill be on my Master System. I have just about everything set up, and all my consoles are luckily working perfectly.

    Getting some play out of my new Snes Mini aside, I can't say I binge on anything. Just like picking a movie, when I comes to choosing what to play next, I don't really think about when it was made.

  • Not super recently but within the past few months I've been replaying sections of older games that I own. I physically own copies of all the Persona games but I'm not able to play all of them because I don't own a PS1 or PSP and a few of the copies are in Japanese, but there are two that I can play and haven't beaten, Persona 3 and 4. I beat Golden and P3P on Vita so I bought the originals for my PS2 just for posterity. P3 FES specifically so I could play through the Answer. However in both cases I found it hard to find enough time when I was alone at home and therefore was able to use the TV to play them. Now that my school/work schedule has shifted off from my family's, I have more time to commit to playing games that I can only play on a TV which for me has been PS2 games.

    Outside of Persona I've been playing some Stretch Panic from time to time. It emotionally scarred me as a child as the music and a few of the fights were the scariest things I had ever seen. Now that I'm 20 they don't really scare me anymore but the game is still the freakiest and most eerie experience I've ever had with a game. It's easy to pick up and play for like 30-45 minutes because it's a boss rush and doesn't require a huge time commitment (at least when you're used to the controls, otherwise it will take you a lot longer).

    Another game that is easy to pick up and play for a little while is We Love Katamari. It's probably my favorite Katamari game and the only one I physically own for PS2. The others I all have on Vita or PS3 digitally. It doesn't have my favorite music of all the Katamari games (though I adore "Heaven's Rain", it brings me so much peace whenever I hear it), that honor belongs to the original Katamari Damacy or Katamari Forever. WLK however, had the most unique and memorable levels in all of the Katamari games.

    I've also played a few more hours of the original Okami. It was one of the games I loved but never got very far in to as child because I unknowingly lacked the very important element of a memory card. Since I finally figured out what was wrong and bought a memory card when I pulled my PS2 out of a closet 2 years ago, I've been trying to slowly beat the original so that I have some sense of closure on the whole thing.

    The first game I ever owned for my first console (which was the PS2) was Spyro: A Hero's Tail (or Tale maybe? I can't remember) and it too was inhibited by my lack of a memory card. My cousins blamed my lack of progress in the game on my being 7 years old at the time and being a girl, but looking back on it they probably knew I was missing a memory card. Anyway as a result I could recite to you every line of dialogue from the first 2 hours of the game because I heard them so many times growing up. I never played any other Spyro games and I've heard good things about the series so I feel like I should play one. But I think I should beat Hero's Tail (Tale?) first, seeing as it was the first game I ever owned that wasn't a part of the Math Blaster series.

    In terms of games I want to buy for the PS2 I've always been very intrigued by Chulip. I've only seen a few minutes of gameplay so I don't fully understand the concept, but I love the way that it looks. After hearing the Allies praise these games I've really wanted to pick up: Sly Cooper, Shadow of the Colossus, and Dragon Quest: VIII. In Dragon Quest's case I'm kind of torn as to which platform I should buy for it for, I love the way it looks on PS2 compared to how it looks on 3DS, but I really hate random battles (part of why I can never put Bravely Default or Persona 2: IS in my top 5 JRPG's despite loving everything else about those games). I don't want my opinion of the game to be dragged down by my aversion to random battles. I also know that I have a higher chance of beating it if I get it on 3DS since I'm on the go a lot. But I just can't get over how much better it looks on PS2.

    In any case, that's where I stand with retro gaming.

  • @Lotias My backwards compatible 80gb died about a year ago and I am still not over it. I tried to open it to reflow the solder but had no success. It could have been worse as I had JUST finished a playthrough of Ni No Kuni but I still miss my baby. Plus, I have like 40 games I have never beaten (or even played, in some cases) for it. It's tough because even if you buy another instead of repairing, there's no telling how long that one will last.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern That sucks man, the only time I've ever had a console straight up stop working on me was my WiiU and that happened about 3 months after I bought it. Luckily I was able to contact Nintendo's customer service and once they determined it was a manufacturing error that caused it to die they sent me a new WiiU which has lasted me this long. I'm kind of surprised none of my other consoles have had any big issues. Especially my PS2 that's 13 years old and spent about 7 years of that time under a bunch of junk in a dusty closet.

  • My roommates and I are slowly going through the Resident Evil series. We started on ReMake Remastered and are now nearly done RE2. These games do not age much at all (except for the maps and voices) so I'd recommend anybody to go through them.

    Not necessarily a binge. We haven't even beat two games in more than 3 months, but we're having fun playing old games.

  • Sorta! I keep my backlog/wanna play list organized by year, so I kinda alternate between stuff that I have around or what's convenient and then I'll dip back into that backlog.

    Right now I'm mostly finished with 1993 (waiting for a decent sale on Romancing SaGa II), and last week I played Donkey Kong '94 for the first time and really dug it.

  • Just got a retropie and have been going nuts on DKC1-3 and Final Fantasy III(6). Good times.

  • I'm always playing old games alongside new games cause frankly they're cheaper and there's so many good ones, but lately I guess hitting up half of my SNES Classic counts as bingeing