Anyone else binged on old games recently?

  • My roommates and I are slowly going through the Resident Evil series. We started on ReMake Remastered and are now nearly done RE2. These games do not age much at all (except for the maps and voices) so I'd recommend anybody to go through them.

    Not necessarily a binge. We haven't even beat two games in more than 3 months, but we're having fun playing old games.

  • Sorta! I keep my backlog/wanna play list organized by year, so I kinda alternate between stuff that I have around or what's convenient and then I'll dip back into that backlog.

    Right now I'm mostly finished with 1993 (waiting for a decent sale on Romancing SaGa II), and last week I played Donkey Kong '94 for the first time and really dug it.

  • Just got a retropie and have been going nuts on DKC1-3 and Final Fantasy III(6). Good times.

  • I'm always playing old games alongside new games cause frankly they're cheaper and there's so many good ones, but lately I guess hitting up half of my SNES Classic counts as bingeing

  • Yep, since I got a New 3DS I've been binging on some SNES games. (DKC series, Super Mario World, do wish SMRPG was on the New 3DS's VC though, would like to play it on the go legally)

  • @Mbun Well... they're cheaper unless the publisher didn't manufacture enough copies!

    A new copy of Way of the Samurai 2 was going for about $140. I managed to find a used copy in good condition for about $30. I was surprised that the second game cost so much more than the first considering the first was published by BAM! and the second was published by Capcom. Maybe they made TOO many copies of the first game so there are still a lot of them floating around out there? I can't imagine the second game sold much better though. Maybe Capcom were just more careful about making more than they needed to at the time.

  • @Light Hey! Me, too. I fell out with the series a long time ago but I found Combat Horizon on Steam about 3 months ago and played through it. It was surprisingly fun. I heard the series had taken a turn for the worse but I had good time with it. Maybe it's because I came into it with tempered expectations. But it has made me pumped for Skies Unknown.

  • @Caleb_Aranda The new one definitely seems like it could be a return to form. I don't have VR but hopefully it's still a lot of fun without it!

  • I just bought Diablo 3 on pc after playing it years ago on PS4. Getting into that this week before Mario. Does that count?

  • In the last three years I have played almost exclusively JRPGs from the SNES/Genesis to PS2/Gamecube eras. Some of them I had played before but never completed, quite a few I hadn't even played at all. It really brought back my love for gaming in a BIG way.

  • Yeah I've been playing Breath of Fire III lately. I love the aesthetic or mixing 3D polygon environments wrapped in pixelated sprite-like textures. I remember disliking that look at the time, but it has aged really well to my mind. It allows for a lot of detail, and mixes well with actual sprite work. I find myself hoping for the indie scene to use it as an alternative to 16-bit or full 3D. Then I remember that Octopath Traveler is doing just that.

  • Playing through Half Life 2 would you believe it; Having endless fun chopping heads off Zombies in Ravenholm.

    Also Call of Juarez:Gunslinger is a surpisingly good little cowboy game with a little frontier history thrown in for good measure.

  • Hell yes. I've got an arcade emulator on my phone which works well for those long subway rides. I'm currently trying to get through Willow. Man, that's one tough game.