What Games Do You Think Should Be Remade?

  • Drakengard 3. To me the game had vey intresting story and characters. The combat honestly was even better than original NieR but biggest problem with Drakengard 3 was the piss poor performance and level design.

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  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg!! This game was so jolly and fun, I think it would do well in this space at the moment with games like yooka-laylee and a hat in time.

  • The SNES (best) version of Shadowrun needs a remake bad. I can't believe how many times I've been c*ckteased throughout the years by all of the concurrent shadowrun titles yet the only shadowrun title that comes close to capturing the magic of this gem is the Genesis version.

    When I first played Deus Ex on ps2 waaaaaaay back in the day, I considered it a sprititual successor to the SNES classic with it's noire feel and cyberpunk themes. So far, that's the closest to getting what I've been craving. I WANT A PROPER REMAKE DAMMIT!!! Not an fps! Not a turn based tactical RPG! I want an isometric real time action RPG/adventure game like this right here!

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  • @ZombieProof I agree. And considering that the new Shadowrun games proved that there is interest in the world of Shadowrun, so the SNES game is just begging for being remade.

  • I'll say the same game I've been saying since I was in 7th grade over 20 years ago: Final Fantasy 6.

  • My picks are games that are already good-great but which could be polished up in some aspects or explored differently.

    Gravity Rush: This one's pretty simple; fix the platforming, combat mechanics, and add a bunch of more dynamic gravity storms and rift planes by giving the team an AAA budget and staff. Add 3D cutscenes and voice acting for people who want it with the old gibberish voices as an option. The graphics in 2 are pretty good already, the best anime-looking-like game in my opinion. The way the blue lighting curves around the edges of Kat's deep red shifting form is beautiful. There are just a few ugly nagging corners that need a little bit more attention paid like Breath of the Wild and most every game of that style, and of course the faces could be animated better just like Persona's.

    This might be a sequel, but I don't care. I want Gravity Rush: Odyssey. The gravity shifting mechanic is too interesting to not be revisited and Sony has nothing to put up against Nintendo's stable of jumping IPs currently. GR2 was great but it's not the mechanical step up I want to see for the series. It started out as a Vita game after all.

    What I mean by 'fix the platforming' is make Kat feel more stable when walking on a wall, it's far too easy to trip over a ledge and plummet fast when you didn't mean to. It should be snappy and fun to land on a flying car, while in the current two games it is nigh on impossible and harder still to maintain a foothold. Gravity Rush 1 and 2's wall walking and general changing which direction meant 'down' were so interesting but were rarely if ever called upon in the games' missions. I'd like more gravity storms like the tutorial at the very start of the first game where chunks of gravity-sheared pavement are floating all around the air at odd angles. The games barely ever touch upon gravity storms after that, but black holes forming in the sky and pulling chunks of the city out into the void to serve as floating platforms would be awesome. Make platforming levels with buildings and shards of the street spinning and rotating and moving back and forth, then limit the gravity shifting gauge to be short enough that you have to leap from surface to surface. Instead of picking a direction and then falling shifting could feel like super spacey parkour and complex platforming.

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    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: I just kinda want a cool scifi story about the Luminoth and Ing. Intrigue plots are one of my favorite things and I think it would be cool if Dark Samus played both sides, pitting the species against one another with Samus chasing after her, always a few steps behind. The Ing would of course have to be preexisting and more intelligent/cultured than shadow monsters, but that wouldn't be impossible for a good studio. That could also make for more considered enemy designs for Dark Aether.

    And naturally things would go wrong quickly and the two sides would commit atrocities against one another on a grand enough scale to turn an inhabited world into a traditional hostile alien-infested Metroid setting like the one in Echoes for the later portion of the game. The reason I thought of this at all is the view from the Sanctuary Fortress that shows a highly advanced alien city sprawling out to the horizon, every one of its surviving residents in stasis. It would be super cool to see a before and after in actual gameplay

    Obviously this isn't likely considering Nintendo's propensity to kill anything even resembling a good plot with fire, but I can still hope for Another Another 'Metroid 2' Remake.

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  • The day I saw the MGS3 pachislot images, I've wanted a remake of MGS3 with those visuals. It doesn't necessarily need a remake, but It's may favorite MGS/game. Add some of the gameplay mechanics from MGSV and it'll be perfection.

    I've always thought a remake of MG and MG2: Solid Snake should of happened with Kojima at the helm. That feeling intensified after finishing MGSV. Both games could've really benefited from a remake considering how The Phantom Pain ended. They're even more important now when it comes to the Solid Snake and Big Boss mythology. Expanding on the those stories and experiences is something I wished happened. Both games have some great moments, which would be awesome to see translated into 3D.

  • @DIPSET I'll second Socom. Any Socom. Well not Socom 4. But any other Socom. Please Sony.

  • @FutureCorpse said in What Games Do You Think Should Be Remade?:

    I'd love for Panzer Dragoon Saga to be remade a game that to few many people played (since it was released on the Saturn towards the end of its life and not that many copies were made) I still have my original copy. I love the world and lore and with today's technology it could be greatly expanded. I think that Sega owns
    enough talented studios Atlus, relic & creative assembly) to give it a shot. Its sadly one of the dormant franchise's that Sega are sitting on.

    I wrote a gushing post about this game in the blog section of this forum...it's my all time favorite game and I'd love for there to be a re-release, even if it's only possible via an embedded emulator or something. To me it's already perfect as it is. I don't even care that the value of my copy would tank.

  • @DeweyDTruman
    Hell yes to Burning Rangers.

    I'd love to see Sega make the original PSO available on modern platforms, not only adding a few modern online function, but adding the split-screen from the gamecube version as well, in all seriousness though id kill for PSO Episode 1,2 and 4 on PS4 or Switch

    I have a feeling a Ico remake is coming (Probaly to be announced just before the Shotc remake comes out)

  • @Danjin44
    With Nier Automata being a smashing success for Taro and Platinum, I'm willing to bet we will see a remake from them sooner or later.

  • @Danjin44 Drakengard 3 is the best game that I've played that I would recommend to almost no one because it is so bad that I stopped after the first ending and couldn't muster the strength to keep going.

    The gameplay sucks, the design is boring, awful performance, but by god was it a wild ride.

  • Final Fantasy VII is coming so I'm good. Will it take another few years of development? Most likely! As long as I get to play it before I die, I care not. Now, remasters on the other hand, I can only think of one franchise:

    Spyro the Dragon (ONLY the first three developed originally by Insomniac)

    The series just fell off a cliff after they stopped working on it.

  • The original Deus Ex could use a facelift.

    The first 3 Splinter Cell games remastered in a trilogy pack would also make me very happy!

    Final Fantasy VI in the same visual style as Octopath Traveler would be insanely sexy.

  • @Axel I'm guessing you're not counting the last-gen Splinter Cell 'remaster' pack. Wouldn't mind, at least, a PC remaster of the first 2 that does away with the shadow related issues they have on modern GPUs.

    Also, maybe a remake of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault? (so long as regen health isn't added of course)

  • @ChaosBahamut Ah I didn't know about that one! But yeah I'd like to see those games elevated to current-gen visuals ideally.

  • @bard91 Honestly the actual melee combat in Drakengard 3 was better than original NieR but performance was so bad it almost made the game unplayable but I liked story and characters enough to get all the endings and beat true final boss fight.

    SE barely give Yoko Taro any budget for Drakengard 3 and it was super rushed. We saw with NieR Automata what happens when SE gives decent budget to Yoko Taro.

  • @Light said in What Games Do You Think Should Be Remade?:

    @DIPSET I'll second Socom. Any Socom. Well not Socom 4. But any other Socom. Please Sony.

    I thought we were a minority. Bless you <3

  • My personal pick would be a remake duology of Croc and Croc 2, but that's super unlikely unless Jez San decides he wants to license the IP to someone for it, since I think he currently holds the IP. Croc 2 was honestly one of my favorite games as a kid and I still think it's miles ahead of the Crash trilogy.

  • I'd love to see an Eternal Darkness remake. I loved the concept of screwing with the player in order to generate feelings of paranoia. With all the advancements in technology since then, particularly with consoles, I'd love to see what new things they could do.

    And, for the sake of Huber, I'll throw Onimusha in this list as well.