What Games Do You Think Should Be Remade?

  • @Gaming_Groove I checked out your review didn't see it at the time. I have to say I feel pretty much the same about the game. Its a lost masterpiece. If it was released on Ps1 of N64 at the time the game would revered by millions.

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    Streets of Rage 1-3
    Literally every Treasure game ever made

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    Good question. There have already been some good remakes/remasters this gen and I am soo happy that Zone of the Enders 2 also now get a PS4/VR update! <3

    I was thinking about which games I would like to play again the other day. One game that really came to my mind was Burnout 3. This is one of my favourite arcade racing games which I put a lot of time into on the PS2 and the games after havent really been of same standard. I mean they could give us updated graphics, increase the viewing distance and clearer idea of the horizon. Add in some more songs of similar style, maybe a car or two more and they would be good to go.

    Was gonna say FF 9, but now they have ported the PC version. I mean its cool but its not fully what I wanted, since they updated the character models they should of done the same with the backgrounds.

  • Panzer Dragoon Saga - everyone needs to be able to play this one and I would love a sequel story wise

    Shining Force 3 - need all 3 scenarios translated and released in English!

    Persona 2 - IS is a great story, wasn't easy to go back and play due to contact system, and EP continues this story, but the story is back heavy and needs to be reworked

  • @El-Shmiablo said in What Games Do You Think Should Be Remade?:

    Streets of Rage 1-3
    Literally every Treasure game ever made

    Check out the unofficial fan-made Streets of Rage remake - it's exactly this and it's amazing.

  • I would love a MotorStorm Trilogy HD Remaster.

    1080p / 60fps + 4k / 60fps on Pro.

    With lots of realistic racing games around these days, a fun arcade racer would be welcome and the MotorStorm games were great fun, especially Apocalypse, with it's crazy destruction and courses that change with each lap.

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    I would love if Nintendo remade Mother 3 in the vision of the original N64 version. Itoi would have to come back on board to oversee. Everything is there though. - Lucas, Claus, Flint, Boney, Dragos, etc. Exploring that world in 3D space would be magical.

    Plus we might even get it in America this time!

  • If we're talking full on remake, then Suikoden II. I've already spoken about how I didn't really like the game, but the story is undeniably great. I think updating it with modern mechanics (and a better translation) would do wonders for the game.

  • Not a remake but a remaster of Demon Souls would be nice.

    Also wouldn't mind seeing certain dragon quest games get remade since I never had the chance to play them.

    An MGS remake would also be sweet but not necessary. Honestly lots of ps 1 games.

  • @CGamor7 I know it will never happen and I'm port begging, but I wish it would come out on PC...

    Edit: I mean Demon's Souls

  • @Gaming_Groove isn't there an HD emulation of the game on PC? I know that doesn't count lol. Their sitting on money with this one. Not sure why they havnt remastered it. Sony should just let it be put on PC.

  • @CGamor7 Yeah it is available through emulation. I haven't tried it, but I saw a video of it running with a worse frame rate than it has on ps3. May have been the PC it was running on, but I wasn't impressed lol.

  • I want a remake of the Final Bosman...

  • Again, SOCOM II HD SONY!!

    But besides that, I could really go for another reimagining of Spyro in the same vein as the original PS1 trilogy. Tom Kenny as Spyro, the composer from Spyro 2 does the music, a greatest hits of the best levels, more platforming mechanics to make the gameplay more complex than just jump, glide, sprint, fire.

    BUUUUUUT at the same time, Spyro graphically, audio-wise, and control-wise is still pretty damn spot on in 2017.

  • Dragonball Z Budokai 3 and the original Battlefront 2

  • I guess it is a question at what point does a remake become a vastly different game? A complete remake like FFVII most likely every aspect will be altered. Maybe the overall story will be the same and the characters will look similar. What made FFVII something worthy to be experienced in the first place? Some things are products of the time as are the memories of the people who played it on release.

    Any remake that is done will certainly have people who hate it since they have a strong emotional attachment to the time and memory of the original. Best we can hope for is a remake be a good game regardless of the original game it was based on.

    Resident Evil Remake is the perfect remake of an older game. It retains the core elements of the original but improves and introduces new mechanics and sections. Not the same game but a great experience. I love both versions of Resident Evil, one for nostalgia and the other for how good it is on its own merits.

    A game I would like to get remade is the original Deus Ex PC game. However that is probably never going to happen since Deus Ex: MD flopped and Edios is on to other things. I could see a Deus Ex as an equivalent of Breath of the Wild in terms of free form physics gameplay. Deus ex could be helped with modern cutscene composition akin to The Witcher or Deus Ex: MD or Human Revolution.