What Are Your Halloween Plans?

  • @Lotias There's nothing boring about playing games and eating sweets. I have a tradition that I always do but never really think about where around Halloween I'll play Earthbound and eat fudge. EB because it's got that kind of spooky vibe I enjoy, and fudge because they only sell fudge mix around the holidays and for some reason it just seems like the perfect snack to have with EB. I haven't started my yearly playthrough yet, I might do it on the 29th to kick off the Halloween festivities.

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    @michemagius Haha no its quite chill, but people who are all about it with going out etc might find me boring like that :D I just go with what ever I have home, which could be anything really! I do love my jelly sweets though

  • @Lotias Yeah I hear that, I went to parties a lot when I was younger but none of my friends or I want to go through the trouble of throwing one ourselves. We've promised to do a proper big Halloween Party with me on crafts (since I own about 30 Halloween Craft Books) and my friends on food and movies, once we all move in together after college (we're all planning on moving to LA since all of out perspective career fields are prominent there, but go to school in different states now). And jellies are rad. I signed up for Japanese Amazon Prime 2 weeks ago and bought some Japanese Halloween Candy (for only 750 yen or so which is a real steal considering how much I ordered), including some of my favorite Jelly Candies (Kasugai). I'm planning on just sharing the bounty with my family but I think I might hand out a pack to the kid who's costume I like the most. Last year I gave some of my expensive Puntini to some kids who were dressed up as Jigen and Goemon, apparently their parents were Lupin and Fujiko. I very much approved. I wonder what that family will dress up as this year.

  • My friends are throwing a party this weekend, so I'll be going to that! I'm dressing up as Bee from "Bee and Puppycat" We don't get Trick or Treaters since my partner and I live in an apartment but maybe I can convince him to drive over to one of the churches in the area that does "Trunk or Treat" to hand out candy on Sunday.

    I'll probably be sitting in on Monday to watch the EZA stream and Halloween night will probably end up being just like any other night but maybe I'll watch some spooky movies or just play Yomawari: Midnight Shadows all night, if I can tear myself away from Mario!

  • I think I'm going to a friend's party on Saturday, but regardless I bought an Umbreon onesie that I'll at the very least be wearing to my work's Halloween event next week.

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    Absolutely nothing.

    I won't even pass out candy. Candy is for good little boys and girls. Daddy hasn't seen one of those in quite some time.

  • Either play Mario Odyssey or watch World Series Game 6 (if it gets that far)

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    Daddy hasn't seen one of those in quite some time.

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  • I'll be going to a Halloween party on Friday. Some friends and I bought a bunch of those inflatable, puffy costumes (think the sumo wrester etc.) I'm going as a human that's being half-devoured by an alien. The costumes seem pretty cheap, so they probably won't last the night.

    If I had a Switch, I'd probably play sick, and just stay in, and play Mario.

  • Dress up in my Riddler costume and sit in my apartment. Maybe I’ll have some candy to spice things up.

  • Write a grant proposal and maybe have a nice beer... My friend's coming into town so I have to get ahead on work. If I have time I might try to hit up waikiki or chinatown just to say I did it, but in general I don't love Halloween because of all the people getting belligerently drunk. Freaks me out too much.

  • Cousins apartment happens to be at a 4 way stop with storm drains big enough to get in, and stand in. One person will be Curry Pennywise, the other the Skarsgard, then one person will be Ledger Joker, and finally the last will be Jack Nicholson, not his version of the Joker just straight up regular Jack.
    That or Ronald McDonald, we still haven't decided yet tbh.

  • Drinking beer and watching Westerns with friends seems to be the plan so far, might end up party-hopping, though I'm not really not in the mood for that these last couple of weeks.

    Dunno what my costume would be should I need to find one.