Destiny 2 PC Clan Recruiting from a huge EZA fan. (18+) Shadows That Move [STM] Why you should join.

  • I've seen every Easy Allies Podcast. I am a huge fan!

    I'm a long time MMO player, played Destiny 1 a good amount, and played CS:GO and Diablo 3 often.

    I know you can hop from established clan to clan all day and get what you want.

    We are built on a foundation of family and longtime friendships. The current admins consist of my brother, and two of my closest friends.

    People like seeing familiar faces in a clan, and you'll see us on often. While I'm not at home playing I'm managing the clan from work online or through the app.

    I am often browsing the web and watching streamers for the latest and greatest information about the game, to provide for my friends and clan mates.

    Required: Voice Chat (only required for raids)

    Recommended: History in CS:GO, MMOs, ARPGs.

    Please go to our page and request an invite! You will be approved.

    We will grow.

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    Hey @NinjaGuerra, probably better off posting that in the Clan topic - Destiny 2 EZA Clan.

    Just going to lock the topic so you can copy/paste your post over. Unfortunately not able to do that when the post is the OP. Thanks.

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