Japanese & Hawaiian snacks for the Allies (Crisp Moist Chocolate, etc)

  • Aloha Allies,
    I saw, while watching the archived Twitch stream, that someone was interested in the chocolates I sent to the Allies. So I checked online for some of the stuff I buy locally, as I assume most people don't have specialty Japanese or Hawaiian stores in the neighborhood.

    Crisp Moist Chocolate
    Yuzu Gummy Candies
    Super Mario Gummies Just saw those recently. Haven't tried them yet.
    Hurricane Mix I absolutely love this stuff. You throw it on popcorn. You have to like Nori though, I'm assuming most people can eat Arare since they are basically Japanese crackers.
    Strawberry Guava Pancake Mix
    Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pancake Mix
    Passion Fruit Pancake Mix
    Toffee Macs I didn't find the Kona Caramacs that I like to send (has coffee infused caramel), I'm sure you can find those elsewhere as well. These are good too.
    There are also different Chocolate covered Macadamias, like Milk, Dark, or White. Mele Macs are good as well. You can see them under the Hawaiian Foods tab on the website. There is also Kona Coffee but its only 10% Kona so I wouldn't buy it.
    Feel free to look around, Yuzu Lemon drinks are especially good, but shipping might be high since its liquid weight. Hope you find something you like and enjoy snacking.

  • @Namzor Thanks for the list, I was really curious about a lot of this stuff.