ResetEra Is Now Open

  • @Axass said in ResetEra Is Now Open:

    We have an EZA |OT| there, we welcome all the allies who'd want to hang out with us.

    I may well end up sharing my forum time between here and there when registration opens up again :)

  • @Xliskin It's not invitation-based as the discords were as far as I know. I joined with free registration when it was open. I think they'll re-open registrations soon though, they just don't want too many people flocking to the site at once. I mean, they got 7000 members in like 5 hours.

    BTW - I also encourage people to keep posting here on the official forum, not trying to convince anybody to leave this place, just wanted to tell everybody to pass by if they feel so. ;)

  • @Axass Good to know I'll keep an eye on them , will keep posting here no worries thanks

  • How do I register? In the discord group they told me to wait for registration to open.

  • @LordBaztion it's in the link I posted in the OP. But long story short they aren't allowing public registrations yet due to security reasons. They're migrating validated ppl over first to get the community running. However you can still read through the posts and such. Hope that helps.

    It seems that ppl who can be validated from the dudcird are getting in so you might have better info.

  • I have an active link to invite people into a discord group: PM me asap if you want to join. Next invite will be soon (afaik)

    Once in the discord group head over to GAF and PM skittzo0413 your discord name and number again. This is needed for verification.
    if you are banned:
    -Hit forgot password when logging into GAF to reset your password
    -PM skittzo0413 with your Discord name and id# in addition to your GAF username and password

    If you're verified, this will be your last chance to guarantee full member status (non-junior) and to use gmail or any regular email to sign up. To register, go to and click to sign up. You will need the code that will be posted in the #verified channel to complete the capcha.
    : Once the code goes live, it will be live for 10 MINUTES. When it's over, IT'S OVER. If you miss it, you will have to wait for open registration with paid email.

    I'm waiting for private messages.

    edit: And I'm out. Good night.

  • I'm just gonna wait for open reg. I deleted discord a while ago. Cheers and good luck!

  • Funny thing is I used it go days without posting, just browsing with a odd post here and there. Now that Reset has opened and I see all those user names I recogise happily posting away and I can't yet, it's like an itch I can't scratch and I feel totally left out.

    Understand this is not a go at the admins or anything, and they have done a great job getting it up and running at such short notice.

    Anyway that's enough moaning from me.

  • thank you guys. It's so complicated. I will look for it later.

  • @Axass I would love to if I could make an account! :p

  • @ISee So currently invite codes are only for former neogaf users? Or is it possible to register without a gaf account?

  • @Edd currently only former GAF users. sorry... But open registration should be available sooner then later.

  • @ISee I wonder if EvilLore will join...

    I'm actually legit curious about this. I doubt it though.

  • @CGamor7 the reactions sure would be interesting though.

  • @Tregard said in ResetEra Is Now Open:

    @Axass said in ResetEra Is Now Open:

    We have an EZA |OT| there, we welcome all the allies who'd want to hang out with us.

    I may well end up sharing my forum time between here and there when registration opens up again :)

    Me too, I'm going to try to keep posting here directly on the EZA forums as well. :)

  • I don't plan on making an account, I'm happy to just lurk. I'm so glad a viable alternative is up and running so quickly, it was muscle memory at this point to check the gaming news on GAF whenever I opened my phone.

  • Seems like allies forum has now slowed down again since reset era has finished with their migrations lol.

    I was told public sign ups should be up tonight. But when it comes to this stuff that can turn into a few days.

  • I wonder, will this be as... "progressive" as NeoGAF was? While I have never been a part of that community, I have heard quite a few horror stories about unfair GAF bans. One such that I remember with clarity was shortly after The Last of Us was released. There was a conversation about how "Ellie may be a lesbian" theory. There was a member who posted, "thought it is a cool theory, but I don't see how her sexuality factors into the story being told here. It really doesn't affect her character in these scenes, nor how she interacts with joel. She seems to just be a young teenager." They were banned for "promoting homophobia".

  • @Claus-Grimhildyr well... there are some changes that will hopefully curb that. As far as I can tell the new team was aware of the over moderation issue from the little bits they say.

    On their forum they say they have guidelines and procedure that each mod as to follow for banning. Also they said they would like to be transparent by linking the reason why the player was banned so ppl can see it.

    The admin team is made up of different ppl and I think they've given it a lot of thought. So here is hoping for positive changes. I think it will be a healthier place.

  • Looks like you wont be called a junior when you sign up. The mod team is trying to avoid division. However you'll still have posting restrictions until full member.