2017 EZA Paris Games Week Betting Special/Results

  • I any final bet ever happens, you know they'll never recover from the shock.

  • @TheHashtag0nist
    You can't waste a double jump on a low key special.

  • I think the problem with #doublejump is adding variety to the bet.

  • Just updated the topic to include the results!

    Youtube Video

  • @Maiar you mean like in 2015? AKA the E3 of dreams...

    I mean, it's debatable whether Huber is "recovered" from that, I guess. Bosman barely missed being right because he got one step too greedy.

  • I'm hyped for PSX betting special already :D

    Jones is going to win, I can feel it, though Ian won't give a easy win.

  • Global Moderator

    @jipostus I am so hyped too!!

    Even thought as much as I like Jones I would like to see Ian win because it would be ultima (evil) Brad VS Happy kind rainyday Ian! like good VS bad, the ultimate battle, third time lucky.

  • So far, basically it's been the most cynical people who don't believe things will be shown who've won. Even though Rainy Day Ian is a happy Ian, I feel like regular Ian is way more skeptical that things will be revealed than regular Jones.

    If there's a lot of "reveal" or "release date" bets... I think Ian may have an advantage. Less so if there's like "number of times you see X during the opening ceremony"

    Tough match to call. But I think I'm favoring Ian by half a point.

  • Is Bloodworth enjoying his Dark Souls bet punishment at all? I feel like that wasn't a very good idea in the first place from Brad, so I'm hoping we'll eventually see something different in the future from these betting specials. I mean there's already 15 long parts of Blood streaming his playthrough, and I just can't help but think of all the other games and streams he could have made during all that time he's spent with DS now. But sure, if the game was on his To Do list anyway, then it's somewhat a different story, but yeah. I'm just still pretty bumped about the stakes from E3.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I think they've realised this based on the light-hearted nature of the most recent Betting Special forfeits. Can't wait for the raps tomorrow!