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  • I have a question for all of you. Say, you find yourself transported in to the universe of a game of your choosing. In order to make it back home you need to defeat the entity who put you there, maybe you just want to go off in search of adventure, or maybe you just want to defend yourself from the enemies in this world, your motivations aren't particularly important here. You can join up with one party from a game of your choosing, who do you ally yourself with? Why do you form an alliance with the party that you choose? Is it because they're strong, because you think you would get along with them, or some other reason?

    Here are the Guidelines:

    • You have to specify the version of the party you pick if they appear in multiple games. For example the main party from Kingdom Hearts.

    • You don't have to choose between party members if there's more total than can be played at once, but you have to stick to permanent party members/ones who didn't leave the party of their own volition. No party members who are only playable for one dungeon and then bow out to go on their own quest or who end up betraying the party.

    • You can choose a party from any genre of game that has them, but for the purpose of this thread, a party is defined as a group of playable characters/support characters who impact the game play and story, while working towards a common goal.

    • You can pick a large party but I would advise against picking a whole army or something, like all of the characters from a Fire Emblem game. Technically Fire Emblem casts do count as parties according to the rules but I would suggest selecting only the characters that had a significant impact on you as the members of your party. For example, rather than having all the characters in FE Fates: Conquest as my party I would only list the Nohrian siblings, the retainers, Azura, and Shura as my party because they were the characters I interacted with and used the most in battle.

    • You can also trim down your party. If there are characters you don't like in the party go ahead and kick them out.

    For me, there is one party that is closest to my heart, one that I would trust with my life, and that's the party from Persona 3 Portable (Fem Protag Route). My explanation on why I chose P3P is a little long, so I'm going to post it separately.

  • Ok, here's my reasoning for picking Persona 3 Portable's party.

    Specific Game: Persona 3 Portable Female Protagonist Route
    Party Members: Yukari, Junpei, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Fuuka, Ken, Aigis, Koromaru, and Shinjiro.
    Party Members Expanded: (Some spoilers.)

    SpoilerYukari: To be honest I'm the least attached to her of any of the party members but she's not a bad character or anything. Plus she coined "Stupei Iori: Ace Defective" which is worth something in my book.
    Junpei: My dude! A lot of people who only played the male protag route in the original P3 or FES, and therefore never got to experience his social link, wouldn't understand this, but during the fem protag route he's actually one of the best characters in P3. His growth as a character through his relationship with Chidori and overcoming his insecurities about his place in SEES that's present in both protag routes is reason enough for Junpei to be considered one of the best characters in the Persona series. But as like literally the only male character in the game you can't date as the fem protag, his social link really emphasizes how much he cares for and respects his friends and how much in his life he has had to overcome.
    Mitsuru: I've never played Mitsuru's social link with the male protag but her social link with the fem protag makes me wish I did so that I could have dated her. Honestly she's such an amazing and surprisingly relatable character. She grows so much in terms of her identity as a woman and a the leader of the Kirijo group. Best girl in all of Persona hands down.
    Akihiko: I always tell myself when I replay P3P to date someone else, and yet about half of the time I still end up with him. Another character who's social link is exclusive to the fem protag route and is greatly improved by it. I feel like I'd be spoiling things if I went in to too much detail but his social link really explores how he's dealt (or not dealt with) grief and his own weakness. His ending really rips me up even more so than any of the other endings.
    Fuuka: My favorite navigator in the series. I love Rise and Futaba but Fuuka is just so earnest. In both versions of the game she's shown to be someone who hides a great deal of inner strength and maturity behind a timid exterior. Overall, great character.
    Ken: I will admit that Ken is not my favorite character. He did some pretty messed up stuff that I still think the rest of the party shouldn't have forgiven as easily as they did. But again, with his fem protag exclusive social link I have come to appreciate him a bit more than I initially did. I think what you have to consider with Ken is that he's faced some seriously traumatizing events in his life and that when he joins SEES he's only 10 years old. It's a lot for a person of that age to handle and it's somewhat understandable that he snapped when he did. I think he does make a valiant effort to redeem himself though and in that regard I think he's still a valuable member of my favorite party.
    Aigis: Another great character. I think the game puts a little more emphasis on the players relationship with her than is probably necessary but I do think she's a wonderful addition to SEES who improves the narrative of the game overall. Her slow transition from pure robot to somewhat human is really interesting and her devotion to the protagonist is admirable.
    Koromaru: I'm absolutely shocked that the best dog in video game history has his social link only included in the fem protag's route. I honestly feel this way about all the fem protag exclusive social links since they're probably the best in P3, but Koromaru just seems like he would be the obvious choice for a social link common to both routes. You obviously can't talk to Koromaru, at least not without Aigis present to translate, but his social link does flesh out his character and his perception of the members of SEES. Overall he's just an extremely good, extremely loyal, and extremely cute dog.
    Shinjiro: I'm talking about Shinjiro last because I've been discussing the party members in order of their appearance in the game but also because you always save the best for last. That's right, in my eyes Shinjiro is the best character to come out of Persona 3 and one of the best characters in the whole SMT/Persona franchise. His social link is exclusive to the fem protag, but even without playing it you should already know his gruff personality is a mask to try and deal with the pain and guilt he feels for his past and that he greatly cares for those close to him. You should also know how far he's willing to go to protect those that he cares about. That is a solid foundation but his social link elevates him to a level above the rest. Through the social link you learn that he is a genuinely warm person who just has a hard time expressing his feelings, that he's actually quite the homebody, and that he's even more of a badass than you initially thought. If you were upset by Shinjiro's story in the male protag's route, do yourself a favor and play through the fem protag's route. If you max his social link, which you'll want to do anyway since its so well written, and you know where to find a key item, Shinjiro's story isn't quite as sad. (BTW his romance is probably the best in the game just saying.)

    Benefits to Joining This Party: First of all, I just desperately want to meet all of them. Secondly though, they are insanely strong and have very diverse fighting styles that would be useful in a variety of situations.

    Honorable Mentions:

    SpoilerPersona 2: Innocent Sin
    Favorite Party Members:
    Tatsuya, Ekichi, Ginko, Jun, Maya.
    Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
    Favorite Party Members:
    Maya, Katsuya, Baofu.
    Persona 4
    Favorite Party Members:
    Chie, Kanji, Naoto.
    Persona 5
    Favorite Party Members:
    Ryuji, Yusuke, Futaba, Makoto.
    Mother 3:
    Favorite Party Members:
    Duster, Kumatora.

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    I approve SO hard of this thread! :D

    I mean really its which characters you think would be awesome to hang out and fight with!

    For me it would be

    Specific Game: Final Fantasy IX
    Party Members: Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, Freya, Garnet/Dagger, Amarant, Eiko, Quina
    I just think that I would fit in so well and really resonate with these characters. I love the game, the world and the idea of riding a chocobo makes me increadible excited!

    Benefit to join this party: It would be a time beyond epic, I would learn a lot from these people and I think their wide set of skills would be very useful in which ever situation we would end up in.

    Honorable Mentions
    BT7274 and Jack cooper - Titanfall 2: The idea of fighting running on walls and ride my own titan makes me drool.
    Blue Team - Halo: Being protected by 4 spartans? Its hard to imagine any other place I would feel much safer than this.

  • Simply, the entire party of Final Fantasy VII, for being a diverse cast of personalities and abilities. That and the fact the world is fascinating to me.

    Honorable Mention: The crew of the Normandy from Mass Effect 2 for basically the same reasons with more development and relatability

  • To be honest my first answer was "Pokemon I caught while being a Pokemon trainer in the world of Pokemon - because duh". But that's too easy so I'll try to pick something more worthwhile considering the thought gone into the previous posts.

    My first thoughts would be Neku Sakuraba or Joshua from The World Ends with you. Neku because he's all round powerful and cool looking, and something I didn't really pick up on while playing the game years ago, but he's really smart and good at problem-solving which is a big plus in my mind when playing the game in The World Ends with You. However, I feel like his teen angst might grate on me now that I'm 21 and past that stage in my life. So just to makes things easier I'm gonna say this alliance takes place after the events of The World Ends with You. I'd pick Joshua because:

    hes pretty much a god, and being the composer of the game he could just bend the rules to make sure we win, but hes also a bit of a trickster so that might mess me up in the long run

    I'm trying to think of other teams I'd love to join with but at the moment I'm drawing a blank.

  • Mass Effect.
    Easiest question for me.
    My party members in these games are among my fave characters of all time, and they're good at their jobs. Now choosing is the hard part.

    Probably would be between Kaidan, Garrus, Tali or Wrex

  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    Morrigan, Leiliana, Sten, Zevran, Oghren, Wynne, Shale, and Alistair, I guess. If I have to. Also Dog, obviously.

    These guys are just too much fun. I enjoy Ferelden, I spent so much time with this party, I am extremely attached to them. We would be able to handle damn near anything as a team, we have a powerful arcane mage, a bard, a Qunari warrior, an elvish assassin, a Dwarf, a circle mage/healer, an animated dwarven war golem, the heir to the throne/templar knight, and a good pupper! SUCH A GOOD PUPPER! We may not always get along, and we may not always see eye to eye - but we always get the job done.

  • @TokyoSlim I would love a party of characters from both Origins and Inquisition. Mainly due to my love of the Iron Bull.
    I adore Alistair as well, but that might be because I'm female and he was my chosen romance 😇

  • @Inustar Iron Bull would be great. Sten was my OG bro though.

  • I won't name the series I always do, just to do something different, but all of them. Aside from that one I often forget and I shouldn't the Tokyo Mirage Sessions cast, my god I love those goofballs

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    @Inustar ooh I should of put that into my list as well! I had Garrus with me through all 3 games. I think he is such a well written and interesting character, also his sniper skills are mad! Not sure who I would put in second though.

  • @Inustar I just started playing Mass Effect and I'm really excited to meet a lot of the characters. Especially Garrus. There's a lot of hype around him.

  • @michemagius Garrus is pretty amazing. He quickly became my space best friend. I think ME2 might have made me love him the most though.