My year with Titanfall 2

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    I just wanted to share my thoughts and love for Titanfall 2. This is a game which I love so much and still think its one of the best shooters in a long time. Also for you that might not know, today i's exactly 1 year since the release which was on October 28 2016.

    This is a game I have gone back to time and time again, just to relax or to have a fun evening with some friends. I didnt play much of the first game as it was on PC only and at the time I only had a rubbish PC which stuggled with minesweaper. I love the idea of mechs ( my avatar hint hint) as well as the whole idea of running and jumping on walls. When the first game was released it broke new boundries which then other games have tried to replicate with varied result. Titanfall 2 feels so light, fast and agile compared to others sluggish wallruning games.

    I preordered Titanfall 2 and that evening was one of the first times I really rushed to get home for a games sake. To start with I was completely rubbish, I don't really play much FPS games and my brain had a hard time to remember to run on walls and stay mobile. Previous FPS games its easy to hide behind cover, sneak around and point and shoot. Titanfall 2 pushes you to stay mobile, move as fast as you possible can and shoot everything that moves.

    This game have also come a long way since launch. With all its DLC being released for free to the playerbase, almost one a month, which have helped to keep everyone together and let everyone play with the titans, maps and weapons. Later on Respawn released "prime titans" as well as "camo packs" where you could buy cosmetics and new looks for your titans for real money. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea of spending money, Im different from Jones and I dont enjoy microtransactions. That said I fell into the hole and ended up buying a couple of prime titans with cool colours and skills. In a way I felt that I had to support the developers, especially as it had its release window in the worst possible slot. Between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty. This made it loose out on a lot of sales, which is such a shame, it is such a solid shooter and you can tell that there are so much love and passion that has gone in to this game. Will we see a Titanfall 3? I hope but to be honest I cant say for sure.

    I have gone on about the multiplayer (which is really really good if you didnt pick that up) but matter in fact they also put in a singleplayer part. I played this through mainly in order to get used to the feel for the game and expected something half arsed in order to keep the singleplayer people happy. Oh my was I wrong! This is a short but sweet campaign. Sure the main character, Jack Cooper, might be one of the blandest people in the world, but his relationship with BT7274 was so fun to follow. You could select things to say to BT and even if it didnt really effect the story it made at least me feel more connected to BT. The leveldesign are aboslutely fantastic and each level presents a new mechanic and carries the story forward just long enough to not get boring. You fight different enemies and each level have some kind of boss you have to overcome. These might not be the hardest of bosses and to be prefectly honest a lot of them can just be cheesed. However, that Viper guy is so terrible annoying and I still hate him one year later.

    Also want to take a chance to show the uber cute youtube series "TitanToons" which are short animations created by Moy, one of the animators which actually worked on a game. They are really fun to watch and can be found HERE

    Last but not least I want to hear what your thoughts on this game is? have you played it? did you like it or wasnt it your cup of tea? Do you have ideas for future improvements for the series?

    Also today I finally hit G10.49 which was the original max level before they increased it to G100. Each G or Gen works like a prestige level in other games where you hit max level and can "start over". To make it a little easier it is possible to spend ingame credits to unlock weapons and titans you already have unlocked so you dont have to be back on square 1. This is a great solution as I had my favourite weapons which I didnt want to loose each gen.

    Needless to say that if you havent played this its still worth to give it a go! I can say so much about it but I think that a person really have to play it in order to fully understand its greatness!

    6-4 are family!

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