Hot grinding sesh stories

  • I remember playing Gran Turismo 3 on the ps2 back in 3rd grade or so, and I remember having to try and retry the License tests in order to get to the next level of racing. So many of those were frustrating. The worst were the water driving tests. They would give you a zonda(very fast excelleration btw) and you have to go around this very small circle while trying not to spin out on the water when the car accelerates super fast, and you can't go off the track or you restart the test. OMG it was death.

    Then there were the Endurance races. Don't even get me started on those. They could last from 3 hours to 6 hours. And about halfway through the race, a couple hours in, you'd screw up BAD. Now, sometimes you could recover if you drove excellent the rest of the race and did some really good cornering and stuff to catch up to other drivers or make up for lost time, but USUALLY you pretty much might as well of just started over when you make a small mistake cause you were PUNISHED SO HARD. I loved that about the game, but urggg I loathed it with a passion at the same time. Good memories.

  • I got one from last night actually.

    I'm currently trying to finish Xenoblade Chronicles X, I'm at chapter 9 and getting my butt kicked by the bosses (the tiger guy and the cat lady). Never had much trouble up until that point, so I figured I needed a few more levels.

    I hadn't even used my Skell yet, I was too overwhelmed by all the options, but I decided to read up on them a bit, and ended up coughing up a pretty big sum on the most powerful Skell available for my level. And promptly realised I could destroy some higher-level enemies with it now.

    Fast-forward a bit, I stumbled upon a cave crammed with level 40 enemies, when my party was only level 29-31. Proceeded to massacre them with my Skell over and over again for about an hour. I'm now around level 36, and tonight, that tiger dude is gonna feel my wrath! (I hope :/ )

  • Funny enough I'm doing the same thing in KH1 HD. So fuuuun :(

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    Those who have walked the road towards a platinum trophy in Demon's Souls know the stuggles and suffering related to attempting to acquire a nice piece of Pure Bladestone.

    For hours... days even I farmed a single set of black katana skeletons braving all the enemies in between for a chance, a sliver of a chance at getting it.

    I eventually did, and with the collected souls my character became much stronger for it.

    But some unlucky warriors have never had it drop for them despite trying even harder.

    Let us pray for their poor hollowed souls.


  • I played FFVII, pumping out level after level, catching Chocobo, breeding a Gold and getting a second Knights of the Round before fighting Sephiroth during one of the hottest summers as a kid in Montana. Super hot.

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    Level 1-60 in FFXIV ARR was basically me just smoking a lot and hitting up the duty roulette.

    Also have 8 70s in both PC and PS4 versions of Diablo 3. Similar situation.

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    Dino forest was my grind in Final Fantasy 6! I'm probably the reason they're extinct.

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    Dino forest was my grind in Final Fantasy 6! I'm probably the reason they're extinct.

    That grind was the beeeeeeest.

  • Grinding the insane amount of money needed to buy 4 of the 6 weapons needed for the plat in FF13.
    It was so mindless I brought a 10 inch CTR tv to my friends place and watched them co-op through halo 1 2 3 and ODST on hard. over the span of quite a few weekends. My friends questioned my sanity.

    Farther back I grinded to rank 10 in wow pvp. Did it solo and I'm quite average of a player. it practically ruined my life for a couple of months.

    Currently I'm grinding for the last trophy in a JRPG that requires me to slay 20,000 monsters. Considering each 1 min fight could have anywhere between 1-5 monsters and I was at 10k by the time i finished everything else.

    Grinding is so much better now a days. with so many youtube videos and streams to half watch.

  • There is a point in Final Fantasy X; where the Tonberry glitch does not save you time.. and becomes the second job of your life; that is the platinum trophy for that game.