Halloween Gaming

  • Ok, so it's a bit if a novelty, but I personally love to deliberately delve into horror games at this time of year.

    2017 brings me back to a game I have fond memories of from about 25 years ago - Zombies from the Crypt on the Atari ST. I never beat it, but I hope to change that over the next two days.

    Are any other allies celebrating Halloween with games? Let us know.

  • I have two games I always play for Halloween. The first I play in the days leading Halloween, to get me in the spooky mood, Earthbound. It's a whole big production for my yearly EB playthrough, I go all in. I wear one of my many Mother Series T-Shirts or Hats. I bust out my Earthboud guide by Fangamer. I pick up a burger and fries. Get some milk. And lastly, make a whole sheet of fudge which I slowly consume through the playthrough. There's nothing really tying fudge to Earthbound, but the first time I played it my mom had given me some fudge as a present beforehand and I ate it while I was playing, so now I associate fudge with Earthbound.

    My other Halloween game of choice is a more recent tradition. It wasn't all that long ago that I was still a trick or treater, but now that I'm older I just sit outside my house and give out candy to the kids on my block. That can be a bit boring as trick or treating in my neighborhood starts at 5pm and ends around Midnight. Since I have so much time on my hands and desperately want to avoid having to talk with my neighbors who are all in their 70's and want to know when I plan on getting married while suggesting I date their various nephews who are all like 15 years older than me. To make it clear that I am not in to mood for conversation I usually bust out my 3DS and play something to keep the wolves at bay. 4 years ago it was my first year handing out candy and I had just recently got in to the Ace Attorney Series. After beating the original Trilogy and Apollo Justice, it was time to play what was at the time the most recent game, Dual Destinies. I was playing it while chatting with my mom when I hit a spot in a trial where I wasn't sure what to do. My mom asked why I looked frustrated so I told her about the case and about the quandary I was in so she asked to take a look. Something most people don't know about my family, is that we're all obsessed with Crime Drama. I was raised on Walker Texas Ranger and Law and Order from the age of 3, which is probably why I have a knack for morbid things. In any case, out of anyone in my family, my mom loves Crime Drama the most, to the point that she studied forensics in college. She took one look at the 3DS screen and immediately knew what piece of evidence I needed to present. Ever since it's the only console game my mom will ever play (but she plays puzzle games online compulsively). Ever since then, every Halloween I bust out my DS or 3DS and load a tough case from the Ace Attorney series and have my mom help me with the investigation and trial. It's one of those rare times that my mom gets really excited about me studying game design because she wants me to make a murder mystery game once I graduate. This year we're going to play Justice For All case 3. I remember it being tough and my mom says she wants a real challenge this year.

  • I usually replay an old Castlevania game on halloween.

    This year is different though, I alread played through Castlevania IV recently (when the SNES mini came out) and Resident Evil VII has been sitting in my backlog for so long now it's the perfect time to start playing that :)

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    I wanted to play some spooky game. I remember a few years ago I played through Silent Hill 3 on halloween and it was a GREAT experience. This year however Im just playing Horizon Zero dawn as Im absolutely loving it.

  • This is probably the first year, where I wont do my usual Silent Hill 2-3 Marathon, Nothing like like playing 2 great horror experiences back to back, over about 9-10ish hours (normally play about from 6-7pm to 4am)

  • I do the same for this month - as i'd like to call Spooktober. Technically it's November 1st right now. Late post but this month I finally played through Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1, Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den and The Last of Us: Left Behind DLCs. Also continued my playthrough of Hollow Knight and started Demon's Souls.