Pokemon Go threatens to make me go outside.

  • I've had this game for two nights now, and every bar in a 5 block radius that's a PokeStop has had nonstop lures on it both nights til the bars close at 4 AM. This was on a Sunday and Monday night! It's threatening to force me into the nightlife once again. I thought my 20s were behind me.

    A funny little tidbit:
    I live in Buffalo, NY, right down the street from a place called The Buffalo Club. It's pretty much one of those exclusive, private, invitation-only clubs. It was founded by President Fillmore, and its members tend to be partners at the city's biggest law firms...

    ...it's also a PokeStop, and has been lured for 2 days straight. I can only imagine the scruffy hipsters wandering from their bars to one of the most prestigious places in the city and hanging outside near the valet. It sends me into conniptions. I can't wait to go down there in a ratty t-shirt and my scruffy beard to capture all the pocket monsters.

  • We've had a few interesting encounters since my wife and I started playing, mostly friendly.

    And one creepy dude hassling me for something to smoke at like 2am, but it's gotten us walking nearly 4 miles a day. which is outstanding. The more the game updates, the more we'll probably play, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm making myself healthier and having fun at the same time.

    Plus the moonlight strolls with the wife is a bonus.

    Our city park which is almost never used outside of local sports tournaments is now crowded with tons of adults all playing this game, and it has 3 gyms with 5 pokestops. And now that more people have caught on there's always an active lure or two. It's probably the best summer of my adult life.....which is sad, and awesome lol.

  • I genuinely want to play Go...it's just unfortunate my phone kinda sucks right now with memory and stuff lol

    But, I'm just liking how it is so far making people getting exercise (dem sore legs) and meeting new friends. That's honestly pretty dope if ya ask me.

  • I saw a Rhyhorn within 3 step icons distance from my house. I was in bed at the time, but I was very tempted to go out and get it xD

  • The social aspect of this game is so cool to me.

    Yesterday was my first day actively going to nearby towns and stuff, checking out landmarks with friends. We wen't to a mall and a couple parks and met a few other groups of people battling gyms,and then bumped into a couple of other people while we were all hunting for the same Pikachu. That alone was cool to me, but then we went to a downtown area around 9 PM, and it was so crowded by all of these PokeStops, and there were a lot of people doing laps to each gym as well.

    Like, as if trying to catch them all wasn't cool enough, the communal aspect of this is insane.

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    I saw that this has now been released in UK for real, I am about to start and cant wait to see what adventures lies ahead!

    Edit I have now played day 1! so far I have seen and caught 15 pokemon! a few duplicates which has become stardust for me! I really want to find a Growlith and Nidoran, but Im not sure where and when to look! Earlier today I dashed around in the local shopping area and could see that I got some funny looks, but so worth it! I just feel that I might need a battery pack to my phone now!

    What starters did you guys go for and what gym have you teamed with? I just reached lvl 5 and cant decide on red or blue!

  • Team Valor reporting in! Enjoying the game a lot so far, it's got me walking 3-4 miles a day when normally I'd be sitting so that's a good thing. The one thing that rubs me wrong is that, like Pokemon Shuffle, the early Pokemon you get seem to be worthless, including your starter.

  • Unfortunately, I have to work and have been unable to play as much as I want. I tend to work around 60 hours a week which means not much time to catch the Poke Mans unless I take a break.

    I'm Team Instinct, but that's because every Asian person I know (myself included) decided to be meme-tastic and embrace Team Yellow.