Your Dream Dev Team

  • Let's pretend game design is like the show Produce 101. For those who didn't watch Produce 101 or don't know what it is (which I assume is most of you), Produce 101 was an elimination style reality show where like 30 different companies sent all or most of their trainees to the show where they competed in challenges and were slowly whittled down to a top 20. Of those top 20, 11 trainees were selected to be a part of a project group for a year. (This is a music show BTW if that wasn't clear.)

    Now let's modify PD101's set up for gaming. All the top (and some Indie) companies have sent their best people to compete to be a part of a dev team to make 1 game. You have to whittle the contestants down to 11 people who will be on the dev team of a game of your choosing.

    Who are your top 11 (you can pick fewer than 11 if you prefer) people to be on this project dev team? What game do they make?

    Here's My Dev Team:

    -Satoru Iwata (Nintendo)- Producer
    -Shigesato Itoi (Mother Series)- Director/Writer
    -Yuichiro Tanaka (Atlus/Persona Series)- Writer
    -Shoji Meguro (Atlus/Persona Series)-Composer
    -Shigenori Soejima (Atlus/Persona Series)- Character Art
    -Naoki Katakai (Okami)- Background Designer
    -Masayoshi Sutoh (Atlus/Persona Series)- Interface Designer
    -Eijiro Nishimura (Clover/Okami/Platinum/Bayonetta)- Animation
    -Minoru Narita (Nintendo/Twilight Princess/Link Between Worlds)- Level Planner
    -Toshiyuki Niida (Atlus/Persona Series)- Battle Planner
    -Clyde Mandelin(Mother Series/Funimation/Legends of Localization)- English Localization
    Game They Are Making: Ok, for this team I would love to see a Zelda/Okami style dungeon based 3D adventure game, but with turn based battles (not random), based in the modern day but with fantasy elements. I want the story to have a quirky, upbeat feeling with some dark undertones. I think the music should be funky and atmoshperic. Overall I want the game's main drawing point to be it's style.
    Why I Picked Who I Picked: Story, Art, and Music are what's most important to me in a game so I had to pick the people I think do those things best. As for the actual gameplay, I can't think of dungeon design better than what's found in Twilight Princess/A Link Between Worlds, and I can't think of a battle system I like more than the ones found in the Persona series. Since the whole dev team is made up entirely of Japanese developers and artists and I do no speak Japanese, I'll need a good localizer, and in my eyes there's none better than Clyde Mandelin. His Mother 3 fan translation is so good Nintendo should just buy it off of him, and in terms of games that are difficult to localize the Mother series is up there. I'm sure whatever script came from the dev team would be masterfully translated by Mandelin.