Funniest Characters

  • I know people's senses of humor vary a lot, so I wanted to get a sampling of what some of the allies think are funny.

    What characters (from any medium) are the funniest to you?

    My Picks Have To Be:

    Gina (From Brooklyn 99)

    Captain Holt (From Brooklyn 99)

    Emerson Cod (From Pushing Daisies)

  • Hashtagonist is pretty good.

  • One of my coworkers and I.

    We run a fictional smooth jazz radio station at work. It's pretty funny at 5am when you've only gotten 4-5 hours of sleep. :p

  • Ace Ventura tops that list

  • @The_Andredal I've been meaning to watch Ace Ventura. I was never much of a movie person but this year I've been making an effort to see a lot of the classics. Ace Ventura is one of the movies on my list.

  • @michemagius you should watch both of them. A lot of people think the second one is worse, but i like it the most

  • I don't know if Harpo is my favorite Marx brother (most of the larger gags and all of the wordplay serve Chico and Groucho better), but his ability to just show up and do something unexpected or wild and anarchic make him so much fun to watch. He's almost certainly the most physically talented of the three as well.

  • @michemagius Man, Captain Holt is the best. The marshmallow scene, of everyone guessing his reaction to trying them for the first time, cemented him as one of my favourite comedic characters. Andre Braugher is absolutely amazing.

    Otherwise I adore Nathan Lane and Hank Azaria in The Birdcage and I love Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda. John Cleese is pretty amazing in Fawlty Towers, and I love Sean and Gus in Psych.

  • David Mitchell as Mark Corrigan is pretty much my definition of a funny character in fiction.

    alt text

    Repulsive, yet infinitely relatable.

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