DnD Characters

  • Hey everybody, I recently found a Dungeons and Dragons group at my college and asked to join. They told me I was free to start playing with them as soon as they finished their current story arc that they though would end in about 2 weeks (they meet twice a week). I'm in the process of building my character right now and wanted to know what characters you guys had made. I thought hearing what you guys did for your playthroughs might give me some inspiration. I'm also just curious about everyone's play styles.

  • I've been all over the place honestly, although I do really enjoy playing Halflings and despise Elves. The longest running campaign I've been in wasn't even for DnD, was instead for WFRP, a system where you jump from class to class when you meet requirements, where I started as a humble human Shepard of a small flock of sheep and worked all the way up to basically a General. My first time playing DnD I played a crazy class called a Binder. It was a mess. I honestly recommend you look at what their party plans to bring and start with something more simple that they need. Use your backstory and and character personality to add flavor to your character the first time and let them naturally evolve into their own as the campaign progresses. Don't straight up minmax your character, but don't ignore what's effective either. Your party will appreciate you more if you're not useless. Race be whatever resonates with you and what you wanna do with your character.

    It all basically depends on what you wanna do, but some of the classes I've had the most fun playing were Bards, Swashbucklers, and any magic class, although I remember traditional Wizards used to be a pain to keep track of everything you needed to for, not sure if new editions fixed that or not. If you're just looking through raw classes, Paladin is going to seem really appealing, but your party will hate you if you show up as one, because the way that class is balanced is that it's super OP in every way, except you're forced to play the most obnoxious alignment in the game, one that will continually ruin every situation your party finds themselves in if you roleplay it properly and be the ultimate stick in the mud your party has to drag along and outright trick through situations any other alignment would recognize naturally that it's best to just go with the party's decision on. Only play that class if it gels with your entire party. Likewise, be careful with classes with evil alignments if you're not joining an evil oriented party so no Necromancer or such. That's not to say you can't make a character that's secretly evil and does evil things when the party isn't looking, just nothing that openly shows it and will expose you quickly like creating undead.

    Sorry if this wasn't helpful at all and you just wanted specific cool examples of characters people have done, but it's really the kinda thing that for better or worse you should pin down yourself and hope whatever you land on is as original and interesting as you feel it is. Starting with your backstory and tweaking it as you go for the kinda character you're making can help in that department since most generic characters are just class/race archetypes with a phoned in backstory that suits their generic combination. Luckily, even if you get passionate about a character and it ends up boring, you can always tweak them through their personal growth and actions. It's a learning experience.

    If you want to go above and beyond, you can also make multiple characters to bring and find out which one people like best, then have the others in the wing in case of an unfortunate level one player death, so your DM can work you right back into the story during the same session at the next opportunity that makes sense.