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  • Does anyone have a game that they go to lately? Sports games are probably mine along with Destiny 2 this fall. What are your games that you play when you don't have anything new or exciting to play?

  • @The_Andredal I spent an ungodly amount of time with the original Splatoon, lol. Haven't even had time to pick up 2 this year though. :(

  • Funnily enough to follow up the first reply of this topic with, Splatoon 2. Since Salmon Run and Splatfests both happen in periods, it's always great to flip on and do some Salmon Run shifts and just when I get a craving for Turf War another Splatfest rolls around to give me an excuse to play for a couple hours. Before that it was probably Slime Rancher, which I still need to see some of the newer content in since it's been awhile now. Before that it was Darkest Dungeon. Before that it was FTL. Before that it was Portal 2. Before that... beats me, honestly I'm surprised I remember this far back.

  • I play more FIFA 17 than I care to admit, it's just a really good game to play while listening to podcasts and watching series, and I got it pretty cheap as well, I'm definitively not one to buy it on a yearly basis

  • I pop on Melee and practice movement and tech when I don't have much to do. I also kill time with Minesweeper and a couple of arcade shmups.

  • I've been hopping between A Hat in Time and Persona 3 Portable as my pick up and play games. My main game right now is Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

  • Right now it's FortNite Batte royal. It's free, matches are quick and easy to jump into and it's fun.

  • Not really, my backlog is gigantic, I always have something new to play.

  • Since it got released, it's been Tekken 7.

  • League of Legends ARAM and rotating modes, it's just fun and easy to dump time into those. I'll also jump into Titanfall 2 now and again.

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    As of late, it's been overwatch, I only picked it up a month ago and I can see why so many people like it

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    Rainbow Dix when pals are around, Overwatch when they aren't.
    Been working my way through a few games lately. Just beat Wolf TNO for the second time, and I just beat Yhorm on my first playthrough of DS3.
    Going to pick up Gran Turismo Sport today so that may be my goto for racins.
    Also have the Horizon DLC coming up so that will be dope to hop back into that amazing game.

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    I keep having Titanfall 2 out so when I feel like it I can just pop it in and play a few games. Same with Tekken 7, if I just want to play some games for a while without taking it too serious or worry about story etc, I just enjoy some multiplayer

  • No. It's all about something new or a game I haven't played through for quite some time.

  • Wouldn't say I have a specific one but at any given time I'll have a "backup" game when I'm not in the mood for something else or I just wanna play something while catching up on podcasts or whatever. Right now it's finding the moons I missed in my main playthrough of Super Mario Odyssey but before that it was just messing around and making up dumb storylines in WWE 2K17.

    I guess I do have Rocket League and 100% Orange Juice on standby if I'm ever in the mood for an online multiplayer game.

  • @El-Shmiablo Keep it clean

  • i should also have mentioned PES 2017 btw

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    @FutureCorpse I was so confused about what you meant by that, then reread my post and saw the typo. Lol

  • Realistically it's Overwatch but there was a period of time and every once in a while I'd throw on either Resogun or Downwell. In particular Resogun. Just love it.

  • Since the rerelease on PS4 it's vanilla Skyrim, I have a vampire illusionist and conjured bow user, a laser great sword user who conjures fire wyrms, a dwarven-styled crossbow user, and an orcish warhammer user who uses a wind shout to speed up his swings to an absurd extent.