What is your opinion on Battlefield 1

  • Well it seems to be getting a lot of positive press by gaming media outlets who have been playing the multiplayer. I am very curious to how it will be received, and how it plays. Knowing how limited a WWI era game presents to developers. And it looks like the scopes of the guns will take some adjusting to get use to.

    But without further to do. What do my fellow EA's think of BF1.

  • Well it certainly looks pretty.

    My better half is actually interested in it, and it's the first campaign FPS he's wanted to play since Medal of Honor. So take that for what it's worth.

    I want to see more about the story personally.

  • My interest in the series has diminished a bit after BF4 but BF1 definitely looks like a step in the right direction. I'm getting a lot of Bad Company 2 vibes from all the gameplay clips I've seen and I hope the game adopts a lot of the philosophies behind the Bad Company series. BF4 and to a lesser extent BF3 were extremely bloated games. The classes were not nearly as special as they were in the Bad Company games and all the gadgets and weapons really muddled the experience.

    Map design is also a big problem with the newer games in the series. The maps in Bad Company were designed around Rush and they were simply fantastic to play on that mode. A lot of the maps in BF3 were obviously designed for Conquest and they felt great in that mode. In BF4, they made the maps visually fantastic but also attempted to design them to compensate for each game mode. All that resulted in were maps that didn't really feel that great on ANY modes. There were exceptions of course but for the most part the maps were just nice looking vacation spots with no substance or consideration for how they actually played.

    So... I'm tentatively excited for BF1.

  • Just like with CoD, I don't really care about Battlefield, and even less do I care about the WW1 scenario, sure it's not used often but I find these archaic weapons highly uninteresting and unfun to play.
    Well, E3's Cod gameplay actually made me interested cause I love that stargate like sci fi feel it had, but I fear it's only the 1st level that would give me that feel and the rest is the typical CoD bore I'm sick off since CoD4.

  • Its second most stale franchise after COD.

  • I'm not that much into modern or sci-fi personal warfare, so I'm glad that they went back into the past with it. I think it's much needed change to go back to historical shooters. Multiplayer seems fun, I just hope that they nail the campaign. Either way I definetly intend to play decent ammount of the new Battlefield

  • @Light Bad Company 2 undoubtedly had an excellent multiplayer (loved the campaign too). So much, I didn't mind playing by myself. And it seemed easier to get classes to a competitive point than BF4. So I have to say your right with how well designed those BC2 maps were for rush.

  • I have a lot of mixed feelings about BF1. On one hand I'm really excited to finally have a game like this set in WW1, though I think a lot of the cool gameplay possibilities this could offer will not be taken advantage of in an attempt to cater to people who are used to modern warfare games. I'm not expecting a 100% accurate recreation but I hope that playing this game will feel different from the past ones.

    Also (as someone with a huge interest in history and military history) I'm worried that they'll take the "cool" "badass" approach to what was really just a super shitty war. While I'm not expecting it to be way too serious I hope they handle the material with just a bit of reverence.. I don't know, maybe I just hate the ad campaign.

  • I hate its complete dismissal of the French and Russian forces, it's honestly insulting to the millions that gave their lives that the game would claim to represent as much of the war as possible while leaving out the two biggest players of the Triple Entente.

    The fact that you get to play as an American soldier over a French, Russian, Belgian, or even Serbian one is simply absurd.

    Oh, and DICE going in damage control mode and announcing that the French would be made playable in MP as paid DLC was simply salt on the wound.

    EDIT: I think I'll stick to Verdun for my WWI itch.

  • Looks like alot of fun,looking forward to playing it with friends. 50$ day 1 is a very good price for it too.